Hosiery problems solved with We Love Colors

I really hate panty hose. Leggings, I live in. But,footed hosiery is usually my nemesis. Before I share my new discovery, let me give you a little explanation of why my hate burns so deep.

Hosiery is not a tall girl’s friend. Not. At. All.

Think about the sizing guide on the back of a pair of panty hose or footed tights. Let’s look at one together, shall we?

Hosiery Size Chart

This is a size chart from Sears Canada that is pretty indicative of what you’ll find on most panty hose packaging. Disregard the weights, let’s just focus on the height ranges listed on the package: 4’10”- 5’4”, 5’2″-5’7″, 5’5″-5’11”, and 5’4″, 5’11”.


When paired with the weights, don’t these numbers assume that short people weights are lower than tall people’s weight? Not always the case.

Why is the minimum height for size D SHORTER than it is for size C?

Why is there an as much as a 7 inch difference in the height range of these sizes??

This does not seem accurate to me. I understand that hosiery has some stretch. But it is ridiculous to think that anything for someone 5’4″ would properly fit a woman of 5’11”, least of all something that is fit for their legs.

The tallest of the queen sizes is for 5’6″ plus. What does this mean? Would it work for WNBA players? Methinks not. These sizes seem to be geared towards higher weights, but not height.

Thus, I find hosiery is always extremely uncomfortable for tall girls such as me. I have always been on the hunt for a line that has a taller range. I have been on the hunt for a pair of super opaque tights. Almost like my favorite leggings, with feet.

After scrutinizing the back of many a pair of tights, I hit the internet. Companies such as Banana Republic and Long Tall Sally offered opaque tall sized tights, but they were very expensive and even more to ship to Canada.

After some dead end internet sleuthing, I wondered where male ballet dancers would go to get their dance tights. Many of them are quite tall, and they would have to be wearing somewhat comfortable tights to be dancing and jumping around as they do on stage.

So, I started to research dancewear tights. While the height range on these was much better, they can be incredibly pricey. Toronto dancewear stores charge up to $60 for dance tights. Finally, I found myself on a site called We Love Colors.

We Love Colors are an online retailer specializing in tights, fishnets and hosiery in the perfect selection of colors to match any outfit or occasion. We Love Colors also offers leotards, unitards and other dancewear. They offer tights in children’s, women’s, men’s and plus sizes. Readers not looking for tall tights? I think you’ll love this site too. The colour range is unbelievable.

I was thrilled to see that tights were available in a “tall” size that covers up to 6’0″. I ordered 3 pairs and waited at my mailbox. The tights were only $8.00 a pair. It cost $12.00 to ship to Canada, so I was looking at a $36.00 total. This was still less than a single pair of the dance tights that I had found, so I was fine with this.

When the tights arrived a little over three weeks later, I was pleased to find that there were no customs fees. I hate when I order something from another country and get stuck with border fees in addition to sky high shipping.

The tights looked incredible long when I opened the packaging. They looked like they could, in fact, be too long.

We Love Colors tights

However when I put them on the length was perfect, and they were comfortable! They are perfectly opaque, exactly what I wanted for dresses in winter.They are made of a soft nylon that I worried may run easily, but they have held up through a few wears already.

I purchases two pairs in black because I knew that would we the color I reached for most often.


I also order one pair in maroon, which is a beautiful deep ox blood hue.


I know my choices arent exactly wild, but they are right up my alley. Even though I tend to gravitate towards basic darks, I appreciate knowing that We Love Colors features a staggering 51 colour choices!! Tall, short and in between ladies will love the rainbow selection. The site is especially popular around Halloween when people find themselves looking for that perfect colored pair of tights to match their costume.

They even offer neon splatter tights. Are you listening, Chris?

I am very pleased to have found We Love Colors for my hosiery needs. I am looking forward to making use of my Winter dresses with these new goodies.

Have you ever purchased anything from We Love Colors? Check out the crazy selection here and let us know which tights colour you love most?

13 thoughts on “Hosiery problems solved with We Love Colors

  1. WOW! I just looked at the website for We Love Colors and I am so impressed by the colour selection! I also love that there is a close-up view of each one. Thank you so much for sharing that site! I love the maroon pair you showed – it’s a nice rich hue.

    1. It was so tricky to get a decent picture of them. They really are a lovely color and I love ox blood because it is a way of infusing some colour in to my wardrobe without leaving my comfort zone. Thanks for reading!

  2. Maybe we should all write to them and tell them they need to make a leopard print – in various colours – especially NEON!

  3. Amazing colours. I wonder if they do large sizes too…because just as taller doesn’t equal larger, shorter doesn’t always equal smaller!

  4. I’m listening! Neon… Splatter… Tights. Right up my alley! Great review that I as a fellow tallgirl appreciate. *off to We love colors I go*

  5. Growing up, I used to get my pantyhose at… don’t laugh… Shoppers Drug Mart. But they didn’t cut it when I wanted opaque non-shiny ones. Then I tried Dynamite, Urban Planet, etc and they all sucked and wouldn’t stay up. Pulling up your pantyhose in the middle of the office is not a good look, let me tell you. And then I met a pair of pantyhose that changed my life. Well, at least I didn’t have to do the wiggle dance every half hour in them. They are the Worthington pantyhose (sold at JC Penney) for … drumroll please……. $3.69!!!!! That’s the current sale price. I heart them.

    I love this post though. Finding a good pair of pantyhose is a serious issue for many women. Nevermind us tall ladies! I am definitely going to check out We Love Colours.. oops Colors for other non-black options. Maybe not neon splatter ones. I’ll leave those for Chris to rock! Thanks TNL 🙂

    1. Hi E, thanks so much for reading. The wiggle dance! I know it well. The next time Im across the border I will definitely check out the Worthington hose. The price is right! Thank you for sharing this.

  6. I think We Love Colors (and maybe Worthington too) will be my new pantyhose best friends! That maroon pair looks especially great! You said they took around 3 weeks to come–did they specify shipping times on the site? I browsed the site briefly and couldn’t find it..

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