The Power of Harriet T

Harriet Tubman.

We all know the story of this amazing woman who did what she did simply because it was “the right thing to do” – lead hundreds of slaves to freedom through the Underground Railroad. Young People’s Theatre is featuring a play about this life of great woman (titled The Power of Harriet T), as depicted by writer Michael Miller and it runs until February 22.

I had the pleasure of being treated to this outing through Big Brothers Big Sisters Toronto and a group of us took our “little sisters”. The play was geared towards kids between grades 4-8 and did a wonderful job holding their attention from beginning to end. At the same time, it was enjoyed by adults as we were able to watch a story we had always heard about unfold. You better understood how the the Underground Railroad worked and why it was successful.

YPT-The power of Harriet Tcourtesy of Young People’s Theatre

The play ran for 55 minutes in one act. There were only 5 characters who played several roles; this not only showed their talent but it also felt more intimate. Normally you have to keep track of who’s playing what, but with every scene change the actor’s body language changed and you knew they had put on a different hat (some scenes were literal with that). Even when they changed roles in the same scene you didn’t get lost. That took some true talent! The kids of course especially enjoyed hearing the names of cities they recognized once the slaves arrived in Canada – like Niagara Falls and St Catharine’s.

We had the pleasure of introducing the kids to a couple of the actors after the show, which was a treat for them since they enjoyed the play so much. If you’re looking for something to do or somewhere to take the kids for Black History Month, the play costs $15-$20 and ends on Friday February 22nd. So hurry!

Check out Young People’s Theatre at 165 Front St E 416-862-2222. If you can’t make it to see The Power of Harriet T, there are many other options throughout the year.

4 thoughts on “The Power of Harriet T

  1. That is so wonderful that you are a Big Sister! What an amazing and admirable thing to do. Thanks for telling us about the play, it’s such an important part of our history as Canadians.

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