On The Prowl – Gonoe Sushi


We’d like to think of ourselves as sushi pros – so in other words, we LOVE sushi to no end – and we haven’t ever had bad sushi, but this place must be checked out. And we mean – MUST. We went to the Gonoe sushi location on Don Mills just south of Ellesmere, but they have 2 other locations (Markham and Midtown).


From the time you walked into the door, you got a cozy laid back feeling. It is on the smaller side; very quaint and thankfully very clean. There are tables are off to the side that are sectioned off and closed in by drapes for privacy – this is where we sat just because we can!  They are ideal for a date or a business meeting… or very loud people like us.


The staff is very pleasant and welcoming; we were immediately taken care of and never went a moment without wondering where our server was. If our server wasn’t available, we noticed another came to ensure that we had everything we needed.  They answered any questions we had with patience (some may have been repeats) and even offered suggestions.


Their menu is has a lot of variety and you can easily get confused because of all the choices! If you love sashimi, they have some of the freshest we’ve ever tried. It practically melted as it touched your tongue.  Chris ordered the Sushi & Sashimi Dinner and substituted California rolls (boring!) with Dynamite rolls. Ash had the same and substituted the white rice for brown rice. We also ordered their “Special roll” (deep fried roll of salmon, tuna, white fish, crab meat, unagi, avocado, cucumber) with teriyaki sauce to dip. Although it was a little strange to dip in teriyaki sauce, Chris took on the role of guinea pig and tried it but wasn’t turned off when a piece dipped in it. The pieces were big since they were so stuffed with yummy goodness, but that meant they fell apart when you bit into one!

Gonoe sushi and sashimi


The prices are comparable to other sushi restaurants, but even if some items may have seemed higher you were paying for better quality fish. It by no means breaks the bank and if you’re prepared to eat sushi, you already know it’s going to be on the “costly” side. So there were no real surprises when looking at the menu to decide what to order. Chris only paid $1 extra for the Dynamite rolls upgrade, and Ash only paid $2 for the brown rice substitute.

Overall Experience

This restaurant offered everything and more to give you the ideal sushi experience and we will definitely be going again. Well… actually… since you ASKED….  Chris and her coworkers ordered take out from them a few days later because she raved about them so much. They are located right beside another pretty popular and much bigger sushi restaurant (Tako sushi), and this is where we normally appeased our sushi cravings, but that has since been replaced with Gonoe sushi – located at 1310 Don Mills Rd in North York (416) 386-0801.

 Gonoe sushi  Gonoesushi

9 thoughts on “On The Prowl – Gonoe Sushi

  1. i lovee sushi!! i say we have a fro-yo field trip and a sushi field trip (but not on the same day because that is just too much!!)

  2. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve walked past Gonoe Sushi on my way to Island Foods and didn’t realize it was so amazing – and also because Tako Sushi was my go-to and is also nearby. I will definitely try it, especially since I love sashimi. Thank you so much for the recommendation and for the report and pics! Now I’m hungry!

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