How to follow The Neon Leopard

You have all shown us overwhelming support since our launch and we really can’t say THANK YOU enough. We have received a few requests to walk you guys how to Follow us (so sweet of you!). This would ensure that you get an email update and do not miss any of our new posts.

It’s very easy! There’s a “+Follow” option that hovers on the bottom right as you peruse the site (please see the pic below). Once you click “+Follow“, you just have to enter your email address and VOILA!


We also encourage you to comment on posts – be it feedback or requests, we want to hear it all! Don’t be shy, we love hearing from you guys! Comment, Comment, Comment!

One more thing….. You guys are amazing -C&A.

8 thoughts on “How to follow The Neon Leopard

    1. Cherryl! Thanks so much for checking out the site; I’m so glad you like it. Please spread the word and thanks for the follow :-). -C&A

  1. Oh thanks for posting this, it will make my life so much easier when it comes to me (yes I know I am being lazy not coming her daily) but when I do come there is so much exciiting content for me to read! Whoo Hoo! The NeonLeopard is coming to inbox near me!

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