A Very Special Smoothie


Let me paint the picture of an early morning debacle …..

I assembled the blender, dumped my lovely fruits and veggies etc in and revved it up only for it to make a funny noise. Hmm strange. I tried again. Funny noise again. Interesting. Then I noticed gaping hole in the lid. Hey, where’s the plastic cap thingy eh? *looks around like a mad woman who has zero time for this crap*. Maybe that’s the funny noise? Nahhhh. Try again; who needs the cap anyway? There’s the noise again!

blender blunder

Sigh. Okay fine let’s do this. Empty contents into a bowl. Oh. Wouldja looka that! There it is. Caught in the blade. Lovely! I retrieved the cap thingy and made a mess of everything in the process. Of course. Man was it wedged in there! I put contents back into the blender and take 4. Perfect it still works!

So finally at work it’s time to enjoy my smoothie. Take a sip and mmm mmm mmmm. But… Wait…. Did I just feel a tiny shard of plastic in my mouth? What the…? OH right. I added a special ingredient this morning. Maybe it was just one tiny piece… Let’s take another sip…. Nope there are some more shards….

F. M. L. Dump the smoothie.

Whose story was this, Chris or Ash? We’re equally awkward and love making smoothies so it could be either! Yep, that means there will be more awkward moments to follow! So whatcha waiting for? Leave your guesses below!

– Update – it was Chris alright. There’s never a dull moment in TNL-land!

22 thoughts on “A Very Special Smoothie

  1. I’m gonna guess ASH…since she’s my FML partner in crime…lol..Ash should write a book…chapter 1:how to run over your blackberry with your car on your driveway…chapter 2: how to drive your car to work, and walk home, and have your car sitting at the mall overnight…lol….you bring so much laughter to my life!

    1. LOL Carebear those are some pretty epic moments indeed hahah. Epic FML moments that you can only laugh at afterwards. Just like this blender blunder. Ash gets another vote – thanks for your feedback! 🙂 -C&A

  2. If I remember correctly, the phone was still working and the alarm was still ringing at the pre-set time on your driveway, half-smashed lol…that’s one durable phone!

    1. Ermmm…actully that was two different instances. I accidentally ran over the phone I had before my first bb. Another time, I dropped my bb in the driveway and left for over an hour. I came back and heard my phone alarm going off in the snow.

  3. For all of you who guessed Ash you were…. WRONG! This gem of a story was all me. I do not recommend shard-filled smoothies. Like. Ever. Hahahaha! Thanks everyone for participating! Oh. And there’ll be more of these stories from us. Clearly Ash has a few lol

    1. A year ago? I wish I could recall this occurence, but there are far too many to keep track. Or you’re making stuff up! Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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