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The TNL gals are by far the hugest fans of the Big Brother series, and when it finally made it to Canada we couldn’t be more excited. Like, seriously. Ash was able to score tickets to attend one of the live evictions, and we were lucky enough to go on the night of the first double eviction. AAAAHHHHH! Two houseguests leaving!

When we arrived at the “secret location”, the excitement started from the moment we spotted  Arisa Cox’s parking spot!


We stood  in line for what seemed like forever in the snow but it was all worthwhile when we entered the studio. Cell phone use is strictly prohibited in the studio, so unfortunately we did not score any pictures. We were seated in the second row so we had a great view of all the drama that was about to unfold.

Although the Thursday night eviction episodes are live to tape, they are not live to air. So, they are actually filmed about 2 hours before airing at 10 pm EST.

When we were seated , a producer came out and let the audience know what we could expect during the taping. We were encouraged to clap and cheer and asked to please not spoil the show’s outcome for others before it aired. Understandable, we know we hate spoilers.

The set itself was not very big. Audience members sat in chairs right on the floor, as we did., and in bleacher style seats at either side of the stage. The Big Brother house itself was blocked by a curtain and the stage, with the house set and double doors that you see on tv sitting in front. There were also a few fake birch trees and the 2013 Chevrolet Trax ( this is one of the prizes that the Big Brother Canada winner will take home).

Shortly before the taping began , the host of the show , Arisa Cox came out. Not only was Arisa gorgeous, with the fiercest hair EVER, but she seemed so fun and down to Earth. Arisa chatted with the crowd about the comfort of her amazing pants ( ” they fit like leggings!”) , her sky-high studded heels, and whether or not she had lipstick on her teeth. This is a TNL kind of gal! She also seemed to genuinely love Big Brother and be as excited as we were about the drama in the house.

The show started with a recap of what had happened in the house that week. Then it was voting time. It was surreal to be sitting there while Arisa spoke to the houseguests one by one in the diary room. The pregnant pause that she takes before announcing who has been evicted seems even longer in person. Tom was evicted, hurrah! We thought he came off as a hothead and a bully in the house.. Now, the moment when Arisa tells Tom that he must leave the house and he emerges from the double doors is hard to describe. At that point you really realize that these houseguests you’ve been watching are literally standing just meters away from you, beyond that curtain. It is at this point that we’ll admit it…we got verklempt. It was NOT because Tom was voted out. It was just a big moment for hardcore Big Brother fans!

Because it was a double eviction night , things needed to move along quickly. Tom was briefly interviewed and then whisked away. He definitely looked great in person and he even stopped to hug Liza’s whole family before leaving.

On to HoH. The houseguests completed a competition that we’re sure you have seen on tv by now. Alec essentially handed this one to Andrew on a silver platter. At first we didn’t understand why he didn’t just throw the competition quietly. But by letting Andrew know that he let him win, he gained Andrew’s loyalty and therefore safety. Plus he is still able to compete in the next HoH. Well played, Alec.

Andrew puts Liza and Suzette on the block.

Kudos to the producers, set designers, and crew that is responsible for coordinating challenges. It can not be easy to completely transform the backyard from an HoH competition to a completely different veto one in minutes. A producer was telling us that the camera operators also have to navigate through narrow dark corridors to be able to follow the houseguests through the house. They film through 2 way mirrors. It can not be easy to make it look as seamless as we see it on television.

Emmett wins the silly bouncy ball, bubble gum veto comp, and choses the leave nominations the same.

Before the final eviction of the night, Trevor Boris came out and said a quick hello to the audience. One of the fantastic producers of Big Brother Canada, you may recognize Trevor as one of the hilarious comedians from Much Music’s Video on Trial. Trevor has also appeared on Conan! But, his starring role, if you ask us, was voicing Marsha the Moose on Big Brother Canada! Did you know that Marsha is on Twitter ( @MarshatheMoose ) ?

Another interesting thing about being present for the live taping, was that Liza’s family was all there, seated not too far from us. It added another dimension to watch their reactions as she avoided eviction only to be put right back on the block minutes later.

The houseguests voted again and before we knew it Liza was sitting in front of us with Arisa. She too, looks better in person. She was excited to see her family but she never went over to them before she was ushered off, which we though was odd. Who knows what happens behind the scenes, though.

Arisa wrapped up the show and the taping was complete. Wow! What an experience.

After the show, Arisa kindly posed for pictures with us and chatted a bit. She was incredibly nice and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to meet her.

Group with Arisa

Being on set for two Big Brother evictions was amazing. It was such a treat to see the inner workings of a show that we have been following for years. We are so impressed with the season so far and appreciate all of the work that has gone in to bringing our favourite show to Canada!

Our only disappointment was that we did not get to see much of our favourite houseguest , Gary. But that just means that he remains safe, so it’s a good thing.

Team Glitter!

Are you watching Big Brother Canada? Who are you rooting for?

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4 thoughts on “On The Prowl – Big Brother Canada

  1. I love you guys! This was a great post. Big thanks to Ashley for scoring tickets! This was once in a lifetime… to be repeated for the finale…. one can hope!!!! I had so much fun!!!!!!!!!

  2. So exciting that you guys went to an eviction! I watch BBcan religiously and am rooting for Peter I think because he always makes me laugh. And for Alec, by association. Tom WAS a bully. BOO him.
    and omg the moose is Travis? Amazing. And she has twitter??? Doubleamazing. But is it Marsha or Martha? #confused
    Thanks so much for writing about your experience! Loved hearing all the behind-the-scenes deets 🙂

    1. Haha good eye, E, it’s Marsha! We’re glad there are so many diehards out there who appreciated this post. Peter does play a very good game, we agree. Buttttt we shall remain team glitter! But really, glitter errr Gary is actually really good at the game as well and we hope he goes very far. Maybe even a People’s choice win?? Hmmmm…. Thanks for commenting 🙂 -C&A

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