Product Review – Mascara Log – L’Oreal Double Extend with False Lashes

Ladies! Please grab some popcorn, take a seat and prepare yourself for our first mascara log starring my Unruly Curly crew.

As we mentioned before in our introductory piece The Mascara Logs, we like to double up on the mascara products we use, sometimes even triple up and mayyyyybe I get daring and even quadruple up (say whaaaaat? Dem TNL gals be trippiiinnnnn). It really all depends on the day/night/occasion/the degree of sexy we’re bringing back.

So in this Act, I present to you the blank canvas – the before pic, if you will:


Cue my L’Oreal favourites right now… aaaaand ACTION! *snaps action board*

In Scene I, I present Double Extend Lash Boosting Mascara  in blackest black – as the name implies, it has two sides: a primer (the white side) and a top coat (the black side). It boasts of lengthening your lashes to the, like, nth degree or something… Okay their words were “80% longer, clump free fringe”.

double extend


After I apply a couple of coats, I feel like we’re getting somewhere but  it’s not enough for my soldiers. They are starting to look great and organized, but we need more… always More.


So what oh what should I top it off with? *throws hand to forehead for dramatic effect*.

In Scene II, I present Voluminous False Fiber Lashes also in blackest black – it has rayon fibers used to make false lashes. So you know what that means – they’re supposed to make your lashes look kinda huge and kinda sexy. The formula is definitely a lot thicker than other mascaras I’ve used, so I’m inclined to believe there is indeed some special supa dupa rayon in there.

false lashes


With the combo of these two I find myself saying Woah woah woah…. Slow down girls! Mama needs to catch up! They look so full and individual. And long! I can’t lie; I stare at them a lot when I use this combo. Don’t judge me.


And Scene.

It is by far my favourite combo right now because it really makes them POP in my opinion (not pop but POP). By favourite I mean “go-to” combo for day-to-day use when I’m running out the door – after applying a full face of makeup of course. Let’s not get carried away here. The combo also doesn’t get clumpy throughout the day, and I only use waterproof mascaras so that’s pretty impressive. No tarantula eyes for me (phew). What surprises the most is the brush types are usually the kind I steer clear of. I usually like the comb-style brushes because they separate (a feat with curly lashes), volumize and especially lengthen my lashes better; L’Oreal is definitely onto something with the formulas they use.

So if you’re trying to achieve longer, fuller looking lashes, I would suggest you try either one of these two – and together they achieve great results. That’s saying a lot because my lashes need a lot to even look like I’ve put anything on.


These mascaras are available at the usual drugstore locations, but I keep an eye out at Shopper’s Drug Mart because they go on sale every few weeks for almost half the regular hefty price tag of $13.99. But really, I love them so much that I’d pay the full price.

There are other combos that are also superb, but that’s why we started a log in the first place. There are tons of options to appeal to everyone’s preferences. There are times I get torn as to which combo to use, and then I reassure myself there’s always tomorrow. Another day, another log entry.

Have you used either of these mascaras? Do you have a preference? Have you combined them together, or each with other mascaras? Come on girls, leave your comments below, especially if you have a similar lash type!

Your pal,


(This post has been sponsored by my baggy undereyes).

13 thoughts on “Product Review – Mascara Log – L’Oreal Double Extend with False Lashes

  1. Oh the post I have been craving for! I have to try the False Lashes one!!!! Honestly who does NOT like to cocktail their mascaras… it’s the only way to live. Quote by VLC. xo

  2. Thanks for the review and the great pics! I also tend to steer clear of the brushes pictured with the products (in favour of a super fluffy brush) but if they are this good then I’m going to give them a try.

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