NutriBullet Superfood Nutrition Extractor

NutriBullet, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

No really, I love my NutriBullet.

I purchased the NutriBullet Superfood Nutrition Extractor a couple of months ago and have been raving to all who will listen about how much I love it. A friend recently suggested that I write a blog post about it, so here we go.

I am sure that many of you are familiar with the Magic Bullet. I have a magic bullet that I used to use to make my smoothies. However, I was very limited with what I could put in them. I had to make sure and use softer ingredients like berries and yogurt. I have also used my Magic Bullet for soup and dips, but I was really looking for something that I could use to make a plethora of juices and smoothies, and the Magic Bullet wasn’t cutting it.

So, “Why not purchase a juicer, Ashley?”

Well, I pressed on with my Magic Bullet because I have seen what a  nightmare  cleaning a juicer can be. The Magic Bullet is easy and quick and there is no gunk to clean afterwards. But still, I longed to spread my smoothie wings and the Magic Bullet just would not cut it for the tough stuff. My sister even gave me a juicing attachment for the Magic Bullet. It was a mess, and it wasted about half the fruit of veggie that you used it with.

I had never heard of the NutriBullet until the amazing Jully Black ( LOVE her) tweeted about it. “I love my NutriBullet”, she said. The accompanying pic showed a before and after pic of green juice in the bullet.

I immediately hit the net and read up. I’m a librarian, it’s what I do. I found positive review after positive review.

The next day, I purchased the NutriBullet and I haven’t looked back!

The NutriBullet comes with the power base, 2 blades (one for extracting and another for milling), 1 tall cup, 2 short cups, lids and a user guide.

Base and Blades
NutriBullet base and blades

The motor of the NutriBullet is 600 watts and all of the components are bpa free.

The NutriBullet is called an extractor because it breaks down ingredients to their most absorptive and nutritious state. When using juicers, you know that gunk that you throw out afterwards? Well, there goes all of your healthy fiber. When you blend, you are almost always left with annoying chunks. The NutriBullet turns fruits, veggies and seeds into juice in their entirety. We’re talking nuts seeds and stems here. This thing is powerful.

I literally use my NutriBullet every day, usually more than once. I have read some complaints about units leaking, but if you follow the directions and are careful not to fill above the max line, you should not have any problems. I haven’t and I would say I use my NutriBullet heavily.

The unit is super easy to clean as you just rinse with soap and water after each use. There is nothing to take apart or reassemble.

It literally takes about 15 seconds to pulse most juices. So quick and easy.

The instructions for the NutriBullet suggest that users make their NutriBlast drinks with some leafy greens, fruit of choice and then nuts or seeds of choice. But, the possibilities really are endless.

I thought I would share two of my favourite go-to juices. They are tasty and packed with nutrients.


Kale, Spinach, Parsley, Cucumber, Ginger , Cayenne Pepper and spring water.

Green Juice
NutriBullet green juice


Beets, Apple, Kiwi (skin on), Pineapple, Spinach and coconut water.

NutriBullet Fruit Juice
NutriBullet Fruit Juice


Another thing that I love to do with my NutriBullet is to use the milling blade and blend pumpkin seeds, flax seeds and almonds. This makes an easy protein packed mix to add to juices and smoothes. I have even added nutritional yeast to this mixture and used to coat chicken.

Milled Protein Mix
NutriBullet milled protein mix

I love my NutriBullet and I could not be happier with it. I find that carrots, beets and frozen strawberries can be stubborn, but if you let zap them a little longer then you usually do with other juices, they pulverize, no problem.

I paid $120 for my NutriBullet at Showcase. They claimed that this was a $20 discount from regular price, but I have since seen it $20 less at both Wal-Mart and Canadian Tire.

I highly recommend the NutriBullet. I love mine and couldn’t live without it!

Have you tried the NutriBullet? Please share your favourite recipes below!

47 thoughts on “NutriBullet Superfood Nutrition Extractor

  1. MMMMM Make me a smoothie, please! I risk shards of plastic if I do it myself. THANKS! By the way – this is great review, you covered EVERYTHING (even the blades). Awesome.

    1. Anytime, I prefer my smoothies shard-free. 😛 Glad you enjoyed the review. I am so happy with my NutriBullet and excited to spread the word!

      1. I am getting shards of plastic too. I am pretty sure they are coming from the liner ring inside the blending blade.

  2. YAY! I’ve been on the fence about getting a juicer lately… I don’t like the thought of throwing away all the leftovers (all the fibre!) and do not have the patience/discipline to be making brownies and breads and all other baking suggestions people offer for the extras. However blenders don’t cut it – your mixtures often kinda “dough” up especially with thicker ingredients…

    So you’re saying… this contraption.. JUICES the whole shebang? skin, seeds, pulp… all become juice?!

    This is better than Cinderella’s fairy godmother.

    1. Honestly, it really is THAT good. Even when I put in my powder mix of ground flax, almond and pumpkin seeds I worried it would get all grainy and gross, but it doesn’t. I seriously love mine and I think it is worth every penny.

      Better than a fairy godmother for a hundred bucks. Now, THATS a deal!

  3. hey Ash, is drinking stuff actually healthier than eating is (as the infomercials suggest) or is this just better because its more convenient?

    could it handle things like, say, broccoli?

    1. Hi Swordfish! From what I understand, one of the reasons that juice cleanses are good for your body because they give your digestive system a bit of a rest as juices are easy for your body to process. However, most people will still be eating regular meals while drinking juices and smoothies , so that doesn’t really apply. For me, I definitely cram more fruits, veggies seed and nuts in a blast than I would ever eat in one sitting, so it is more beneficial to me. Plus I think they taste a lot better in smoothie or juice form.

      I haven’t tried broccoli yet but it is in many of the NutriBullet recipes online. So, people have tried it with success. I have used hard ingredients like beets, carrots and almonds so I’d bet it would be no problem. I recently read that broccoli has more vitamin C than an orange, so I will be trying it out! Thanks so much for reading and commenting! 🙂

  4. I totally agree on the use of a smoothie maker like the Nutribullet. People think that the have to get a Juicer or a Blender / Smoothie maker. This post proves that you don’t have to choose between them.

    1. So true, and some of those juicers can be really expensive. This is a great alternative that takes less counter space and less moola! Thanks for reading!

      1. My understanding is that a juicer may in fact not be a good thing since you’re getting rid of the fiber and just keeping the sugar’d water (I’m sure a bit more than that, but I’m not a doc/nutritionist). With a blender on the other hand you’re keeping everything, just changing the form. So I’d assume a blender is much better, though again I’m not educated on the process at all.

      2. I found my blender really messy and hard to clean. Smoothies also turned out really chunky/gloopy. That could just have been because I had a cheapo blender though!

    1. No problem , ask away. I am by no means an expert but I hope I can share my experiences to help!

      I have both the NutriBullet and the Magic Bullet. I found that I could only make smoothies using soft fruits in my Magic Bullet. Even frozen fruit was sometimes an issue. I even tried a juicing attachment for the magic bullet and that was just a mess. It seemed to be better at mixing than pulverizing.

  5. I recently jumped on the juice bandwagon myself and then I saw your great review. I tried using my immersion blender to make smoothies (BAD idea by the way) and I also have a Magic Bullet but totally agree that it’s better at things that are already peeled and soft. Thank you so much for the information and recipes! I feel healthier already just reading your review 🙂

    1. You are so welcome. Thanks for reading and commenting…and for the delicious smoothie recipe you sent me. I will be trying it out very soon!

  6. I will be trying one of your recipes soon!! Although I may have to throw an apple up in the green smoothie mix lol I need a little sweetness to force everything down #newbie

  7. Hi Ash, coincidentally I spoke w/ a friend yesterday and over the last few days he’s apparently really gotten into the idea of juicing. There was a demo on at Sears and he’s now thinking of the health benefits so it lead to a discussion.

    1/ do you know what’s better for health, a juicer or blender? i would’ve definitely thought blender but he seemed to be suggesting there’s no big difference. just that a juicer’s produce is lacking fiber.

    2/ from a taste perspective he said try blending celery it’ll be awful, while w/ a juicer its not bad (mixed w/ a fruit this was).

    3/ do you have a dollar figure yet, how much a glass of juice ends up costing at home? i kinda like the idea of spending a week cleansing myself but if a liquid meal ends up costing more than a solid one its a big minus.

    1. Im not sure about the health benefits of a juicer vs blender. I would guess that a blender would be the best way to keep the fiber. I’ve used celery many times and I find you don’t even taste it. I usually go to the chinese supermarket and just load up on all of my favourite fruits and veggies. It is usually about $20 but lasts me about two weeks. Hope this helps!

  8. bed bath and beyond or kohls carries the nutribullet for 99.99 use a 20 or 30 % off coupon with what i saved i ordered the carrying bag and extra blades and cups on the nutribullet site..i love it i buy cucumbers-blueberries-strawberry-fresh ginger-mangos-and green apples i slice and core then freeze them in daily use packets..i just have to add my organic baby green mix and a celery stalk and then what ever mix i decide on..sometimes i cook a lil oatmeal let it cool and add it and a banana with my greens also i thin slice up navel oranges and freeze that way i get the skin also

  9. Great review! I’ve been using my nutribullet for 2 weeks now (daily) and love it! I’d like to respond to a few of the questions that were asked so that people get a second view point and realize that this is a great buy!! And first also say that in just a few days of drinking green smoothies I improved my pain from multiple ovarian cysts by 75%! And after 2 weeks my blood pressure is down 10 points! Amazing! Okay now for all the juicing questions, just to be clear so people understand and if they buy a nutribullet don’t get upset that the product is thicker than juice. You add water so that makes a difference more water less thick. And don’t fill past the max fill line (you have to give it room to do its magic!) but ultimately it is more of a smoothie than a juice and I find it depends too on the types of fruit I use.
    To swordfish: I don’t have a cost per glass but I would estimate maybe $3 per glass = $21 per week total. I have replaced my breakfast with a green smoothie. Spinach plus a mix of any of the following: berries, banana, apple, pear, grapes, melons, pineapple, carrot, grape tomatoes… The list goes on. Raspberries are great for female health and add a great sweetness. I’ve mixed and matched and love having different flavor each morning.
    If you want variety I suggest the following shopping list:
    2 apple, 2 pear, a container junked pineapple (can would work but go fresh if you can), container blueberries, raspberries and or blackberries, small bundle grapes, 3 small banana, and a bag or bundle of spinach. This should last you a week plus for one person, one smoothie a day (even up to two). I fill half with spinach, then throw in half apple or banana, berries – mix n match. It will come out different each time.
    I hope this blog will help those of you wondering if the infomercial hype is true and if this is a good purchase. It’s wonderful and fast! I fit it into my morning routine without even having to get up earlier. It takes just 10 mins or less to make a smoothie to take to work with me! And simple clean up included in that time!

    1. Thank you so much for this Aliekat. A decrese in pain by 75% is incredible. I too hope this post helps people see that real people are loving and benefiting greatly from the NutriBullet. I think sometimes those cheese informercials actually work against a product because they always look too good to be true, and usually are.

  10. Thanks to Aliekat for that great post, and of course Ash for maintaining this site 🙂

    @ash fyi this site may be of *some* interest:

    @alie thanks for the breakdown. damn $3 is quite expensive for home made stuff. if its just once a day that’s not a big problem but i was hoping to do a trial by replacing meals entirely for a while to see how that works out. its actually worth it if i can use it to just replace breakfast, as i hate decision making first thing in the morning of what to ‘eat’. but do you still feel full after it? on the one hand i’d imagine you’d have to since you’re still ingesting the same stuff that you would otherwise, on the other hand i can’t imagine a liquid filling you up.

    btw why is it that you think this helped your pain, because you’re eating more good stuff, or because blending somehow improves the quality of what you’re having? i would assume the former but in the infomercial david wolfe said some stuff about blending helping to get to tne nucleus of the cell or some crap like that. but he’s a known name in the health industry so i prolly shouldn’t be so dismissive.

  11. @swordfish remember my $3 is an estimate, I have to purchase my fruits and veggies at a supermarket right now. Hoping that the farmers market prices will be much better. This week I am not sure the total amount I spent, but I bagged up individual smoothie contents into freezer baggies and ended up with 23 bags (5 of which were to be used in the smaller cup) I don’t eat anything else for breakfast and find that this satisfies me until lunch. Remember it is thicker than juice so more filling.
    I am not sure why it helped with the pain, that was a surprise to me. However, I know in my research I’ve read that vitamin K is very helpful for female health, cramps, hormones, etc…. so I think this may have something to do with it. Whatever it is, it’s working and I will drink a smoothie everyday for life now! After two whole weeks I have also noticed an increase in energy! Yay! I needed that.
    I’m on twitter if you want to follow me @Aliekat – I post quite a few pics for green smoothies.
    I definitely was skeptical of the infomercial but this product is awesome!

  12. Hi Ash,

    We love your review and was wondering if you could drop us a comment on your experiences with Nutribullet to share with our readers.

    I am sure many of readers will find your review very interesting.

    We are looking for more people like you to join our community to better inform people on the pros and cons on the Nutribullet.

    You can write a comment/review here for the: NutriBullet


  13. Hi Ash – so I’m back – WITH a NutriBullet! I absolutely love it, thank you for introducing us to this 🙂 I even raved about it so often that a co-worker got one and now she’s obsessed with it too.

    I had a couple questions that the manual didn’t seem to answer when I got it… are the cups and lids dishwasher safe? And how do you use the milling blade? Just for dry mixtures?


    1. Yaaaay! I’m glad you got a NutrBullet, I am so sure you and your co-worker will love it. Mine was worth every penny. I wash the cups, lids and blades in the dishwasher regularly and they have been fine. Also, it’s like you are reading my mind because I just so happen to be working on a post all about how I use the milling blade. It is for dry ingredients that you want to mill into powders. I found some good uses for it and I look forward to sharing them. Thank you so much for coming back to let me know you got yourself a NB. Please keep letting me know how you’re enjoying it and pass along your recipe ideas!

  14. I bought my Nutribullet a few months ago, and because I hate shopping for anything, including groceries, I don’t use it as much as I’d like (I’m working on this). I also hate cooking, and I’m not a foodie, so if it’s quick and easy, I’m in, if it’s also healthy, I’m singing to anyone that will listen. I’m on the go a lot, so I buy frozen fruits and freeze my veg as well, in portions so I can grab it, cram it in the nutribullet with water in the early am and go. Forget 5 hour energy or any of those other junky expensive energy doohickies, my blasts give me a TON of energy – I SO recommend adding Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar in with your blasts (2 tbs are sufficient). The Nutribullet blends my frozen stuff great, and it’s a super awesome consistency because everything is frozen already – no ice necessary. I’ve made them for my friends and they all love them, they also make me feel super fabulous after a workout to re-energize (I work out first thing in the morning).

    I saw it on an infomercial, and liked what I saw but was skeptical..I mean…I’m not a sucker for infomercials. I googled it and read all kinds of astounding reports of quality of life improvements for people who’d been gravely ill on up to those that were healthy but wanted to supplement with something they could do themselves. I ordered it and have not regretted it once. I found it to be reasonably priced when you consider the cost of not making an effort to be healthy-er.

    1. Thanks so much for your commment. I take a shot of Bragg’s every morning. but , I have never considered adding it to my blasts. That ought to help it go down a little easier! Blech!

  15. Has anyone had a problem with the motor burning out? We are on our 4th Nutribullet in 2 months. The last one I got on a Thursday after exchanging one the Monday before! I’ve told my boyfriend to try pulsing it instead of running it for minutes at a time. He loves how the anti-inflammatory one helps, but has to blend it a long time to get all the rind ground up.

  16. Been using my Nutribullet for a couple of months now, and really love it. I always freeze my overripe bananas (peel them first!), and use them to thicken to milkshake consistency. My usual breakfast “cocktail” is a large handful of baby spinach, a big dollop of greek yogurt, a frozen banana, whatever fruits and veggies I have in the fridge and either flax or chia seeds. Instead of using water, I use decaffienated green tea (I always have a big jar of sun tea brewing on the porch). Sometimes I add frozen berries to sweeten. Favorite fruits are mango, strawberries, blueberries, apple, peach and watermelon. Haven’t tried broccoli yet, but I have used zucchini, kale, beets, carrots and avocado. What I find is that I am eating a larger portion of nutritious food than I would have if it had been on a plate, and it’s much more enjoyable. I blast a shake in the large cup before I leave in the morning, divide it into two portions, and have one for breakfast, and one for mid-morning snack. I feel great, my digestion has improved 1000% and I am losing weight. Win!

    1. Hi Nancy, thanks so much for reading and commenting! Your breakfast blast sounds so yummy. Don’t you love how they taste like a treat?

  17. @Ash-Great Post!! I hated my juicer!! Waaaay too much work for a little glass of juice that you had to drink right away or it defeated the purpose the bulk of which went in the trash!! I just purchased my second bullet, really cheap at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Now I have one I keep at home and one I use at work. I sort and bag my fruits/veggies in individual baggies and take enough to work to last a week. I ❤ my NBullet.

    @Nancy, your breakfast sounds almost like mine(whatever I have on hand)!!LOL. I also add oatmeal, cranberries, my vitamins (that I have milled to powder). Sometimes, if I don't have any 'greens' I will add a scoop of superfood power, I got from GNC. B1G1 1/2 off(with a coupon).I use coconut or almond milk ( I use tea, green or herbal for my other smoothies). A tad of local honey and to top it off I add about a teaspoon of olive oil.

    @Kristin – My first unit burned out after 2 months. I got a warranty replacement, that was a year ago. But then I am the only one using it. Also note, you should only blend in increments of 60 seconds or less. Never minutes.

    1. Hi Cy!
      I think it is a great idea to have a second NB for work. I usually just make all my blasts in the morning, but it would be freat to have them fresh.

      Thank you so much for your fantastic comments and suggestions

  18. Hi I recently purchased the nutri bullet and I dont know if I let it go to long or what. But it turn real hot (juice ) how long should I juice my ingredients? Help please!!!

  19. Hi Ash, im just wondering if you can use this to make soup ? I know that it cant heat soup but I was wondering if you can mix the ingredients (if it is tough enough) and heat it separately afterwards ?:) Katie

    1. Hi Katie, Thanks so much for reading and commenting! I have used my NutriBullet to make soup and written about it HERE. Hope you find it helpful!

  20. I just got a notification from this blog today, I suppose because of the latest post. Had forgotten about it!

    I got my nutribullet about 2 years ago, probably at least partially influenced by here. But to be honest I haven’t cared much for it, only used it a couple times. Not necessarily a fault with the nutribullet itself, more with the nature of the beast. Let me be more specific and see if I can get any advice here.

    First, I found liquifying vegetables to be pretty unpleasant. In order to stomach, I think it was one cup of spinach, I had to add a lot of fruit to the mixture. Which just made it bearable, not enjoyable. Wouldn’t eating one cup of spinach be much easier? I haven’t actually experimented so really not sure.

    I think the bigger impediment was my assumption, perhaps wrong, that this level of sugar isn’t good for you. I realize fruit sugar is a different type, so I could be mistaken, but I believe there’s also a lot of similarities as well.

    Ultimately the acid test is how you’re feeling and if you guys are feeling good as a result of it then that’s undeniable. So I’d like to get back into it. I’ll start small, with breakfast. Can anyone recommend a decent breakfast smoothie, ideally one that’s the lowest on the ‘yuck’ factor?

    Keep up the good work ladies!

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