Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs – New and Improved Packaging!

As the weather starts (very slowly) to get warmer, it is time to shed the layers and start thinking about spring and summer dresses. I love the coolness and comfort of dresses in warm weather and one of my very favourite products for this time of year is Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs.

Airbrush Legs spray
Airbrush Legs spray

I have also heard of it referred to as leg makeup or spray panty hose. I love this stuff.

It makes my legs look bronzed for the summer months. I’m a sucker for a tan and this is definitely healthier and quicker than baking in the sun.

The product makes my legs about a shade darker and has a subtle shimmer in the sun. It minimizes any bumps or bruises on your legs and gives them a smooth finish.  It is also transfer proof so it does not stain your clothing or wash away if you get caught in the rain. It washes away easily in the shower with a loofah, so you don’t have to worry about stained sheets.

It comes in four shades: light, medium, tan and deep. I use the deep shade. The difference is subtle, you don’t look or feel like you have a heavy product on your legs. In fact, the difference is so subtle that it was incredibly difficult to capture on camera.

Can you spot the difference?

Left leg with product Right leg without product
Left with product
Right without product

Although I love this product , I was on the fence about sharing it with my dear TNLers because until recently,  it had one huge flaw. The spray bottle it comes in always ALWAYS clogs about 1/3 of the way through the bottle.


You can remedy this a few times by running the nozzle under very hot water, but after a while it will not unclog and stops spraying permanently.

Now because I love the product, I continued to use it. I purchase a bottle of Airbrush Legs at Wal-Mart and then use it until it will no longer spray. Then I exchange it for a new bottle at Wal-Mart with my receipt. I knew I couldn’t possibly go on this way forever, so I contacted Coty International, the makers of Sally Hansen products.

An interesting fact that I learned during this process, was that there is no actual Sally Hansen.

See:Exhibit A.

But, that is a mystery for later, back to the quandary at hand…

A representative from Coty e-mailed me back and said that they would be happy to send me a replacement bottle of Airbrush Legs if I could just ship mine to them. I wrote back and said that the problem I have with that would be that I then have to pay shipping costs in addition to the cost of the product. I would be better off continuing to return to the store of purchase as I would lose less money. Also, this is an ongoing problem. It’s not like I received a faulty can. No response from Coty.

I was prepared to give up on this stuff. But, it was a shame that faulty packaging would be the setback for what I think is an otherwise stellar product.

Imagine my joy, when on a shopping trip to Buffalo last week I came across this at Target…

Airbrush Legs squeeze bottle
Airbrush Legs squeeze bottle

They changed the packaging, woohoo!

I am so pleased to see that Sally Hansen must have considered feedback about this product and redeveloped the container. I still saw the spray bottles in Target but I am hoping that they are eventually going to phase them out altogether.

To apply the product in its original packaging, you have to spray it into your hand first before applying, so there really is no necessity for a spray can.

I picked my bottle up at Target for $11.99. A little of this goes a long way, so I have no doubt that this will take me through the whole summer and maybe more.

Unfortunately, I have yet to see this product in Canada. The States often gets beauty products about a month ahead of us, so hope that we will be seeing it in our drug stores in the weeks to come.

Have you ever tried Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs?

16 thoughts on “Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs – New and Improved Packaging!

  1. I have to say that I have tried it and hate it. I used it a long time ago when it did not have the shimmer. I think the shimmer is just a bit much. I bought it last year to go on vacation and after trying it out in my hotel room I washed it off and took a chance without pantyhose or the product. I rather have uneven legs.

    1. Hi Ana. I love reading blog comments because its nice to get everyone’s two cents. Beauty products and tastes are so subjective and products can be so different on different people. The shimmer isnt that obvious on my skin tone, unless its in sunlight.I actually love when it shows up. Thanks for reading and commenting!

      1. I totally agree. I used to live the product a very very long time ago. I guess that as one gets older or old as it is my case 😉 shimmer is not what we’re looking for. Thanks for understanding b

  2. My legs are so pale that one time while doing a high school play, a girl thought that I had replaced my beige pantyhose with white ones when in truth I had removed them all together. (Now those are some white legs!). I’ve always been reluctant to try “spray on pantyhose” but maybe I’ll give this new product a chance based on your rave reviews!

  3. How has no one addressed the no Sally Hansen bit?! Who do I thank for the great products? WHO?! That’s some genius marketing.

  4. Its so fishy. The weirdest part is this is what it says on Sally Hansen’s Twitter, “Beauty that Works. My business, my brand, my products are my passion. I am motivated by the fact that what I make is a part of so many women’s lives.” Ummm, who are you?

  5. I don’t use any tanning products myself, but I wanted to say how nice I think it looks on you. I definitely notice the difference in the pic you posted. You own natural skin colour is already lovely, but the product adds a bit of sun-kissed warmth to your tone. I’m a big fan of shimmer too!

    1. Thanks Seph! In the Summer I find I tan everywhere but my legs. This is a nice way to even it all out and shine ’em up a bit!

    1. After finishing my bottle of cream , I defiitely prefer the spray. The cream seems to be a flatter formula too. I like the golden shimmer in the spray. Thanks for reading and commenting Lea!

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