Product Review – Mary Kay Cosmetics

Mary Kay, one of the largest privately owned cosmetics companies, has been in business for decades and sells directly to consumers. What is always appealing to Mary Kay is the personal touch that seems to accompany the pride they take in their products. For the longest time and seeing as it is a privately-owned US based company, I wasn’t aware until recently that it was available here in Canada.

Since I was curious about their products, I was so happy when my friend who is starting a venture as a new Mary Kay consultant invited a few of us to her first party. Now of course I couldn’t pass up a makeup party, right? That would be silly, I’m glad you agree. See, this is why you’re my peeps.

With the help of her friend who has been a Mary Kay consultant for over a decade to show her the ropes, we filled out a form that described our skin types and beauty needs. Then the small group of us gathered around the table and you could tell we were all a little skeptical to begin, but I suppose that just goes with the territory. I don’t know about anyone else, but I was not expecting that we’d be trying the products right then and there. Let the fun begin – I love trying skin care products.

As long as I don’t break out – of course.

And alas, this meant removing our makeup using the Oil Free Eye makeup remover. Gah! Bare faces! We were comforted when we found we’d be using mascara and lipsticks later on. PHEW! We were given small mirrors and trays that would hold our samples as the night progressed.

We started off with the Satin Hands Hand Softener that the consultant explains mimics the effects of a paraffin wax. While we had that on, we were instructed to apply the Satin Smoothie Hand scrub and work that in over the softener. So while we sat there with saturated hands, we were given a small sample of Satin Lips Lip Mask to work over our lips. Then the consultant gave us each a small sample of the TimeWise 3-in-1 Cleanser for our skin types (we were Combination-To-Oily, there is also Normal-To-Dry) which “cleanses, exfoliates and freshens in one-step”.

MK Satin Hands set

Off we went to wash the products off and I really liked how my hands felt. Note to self. After I used the 3-in-1 and my face also felt great and clean, but I already use a great products to wash my face (see post on that product here). But all in all I did like how my skin felt refreshed and silky.

When we returned to the table, we were given a sample of TimeWise Age-Fighting Moisturizer to work onto our faces, Satin Lips Lip Balm for our lips and Satin Hands Hand Cream for our hands. I gotta tell ya, I was feeling pretty brand new!

Okay, so….

Remember when I said I don’t use foundation here? K, well… See what had happened was….

The next step was to try the TimeWise Matte-Wear Liquid Foundation. Ok so … We just had to use a little bit of work all over our faces with our hands (since they were clean, this is just fine but this can also be done with a brush). The consultant gave me the Bronze #5 and I REALLY liked the matte finish and how well it blended/matched my skin tone.

MKTimeWise Matte-Wear Liquid Foundation Bronze#5

I looked around at everyone else and saw how great their skin also looked. One friend had to mix a couple to find her shade (part of the reason why I don’t like foundation) but once it was done her skin looked great. I. Was. Sold. I have found a foundation I might like! I’ve been using it for the last few days (applying with a beauty blender) and I love how well it blends and matches my skin tone. It looks so natural like I’m not wearing anything, but my skin is nicely evened out. It’s really light which great for people like me who don’t want their faces feeling too “overdone”.

Chris wearing MK TimeWise Matte-Wear Liquid Foundation.

It doesn’t hold up against the oily skin, but it does well until at least early afternoon.Ā  I think once I start using milk of magnesia underneath again (when the dry winter weather is gone) it’ll work and look just lovely all day.

We also sampled the waterproof mascara, but I try way too many to be sold on that item (remember this?). It may also be because I wasn’t provided enough to finish the proper mascara-application process, but it did the job to leave the premises. And then it was on to the lipsticks.

Sigh. I. Love. Lipstick.

There were some really great shades, and with each one we tried appreciated how moisturizing they were. From the True Dimensions Lipstick line we tried Firecracker (red), Sizzling Red, Mystic plum (berry),Ā Spice ‘n’ Nice (brown) and Wild about Pink to name a few. Like typical girly girls we were all over the different shades. It went something like this: Apply. Get compliments. Look at self. Agree. Ask what shade it is. Try to remember. Wipe off. Repeat with a new shade.

By the end of the evening, we were each ordering at least 2 of the products we’d tried. I ordered the Satin Hands Pampering Set (it consists of all 3 items for $51) and the TimeWise Matte-Wear Liquid Foundation ($23).

If you’re interested in trying Mary Kay products and have been in search of a consultant in the Toronto area, please let me know and I will provide my friend Elizabeth’s contact information!

Have you tried Mary Kay products before? If so, what did you use and did you like it/them? Leave your comments below!

6 thoughts on “Product Review – Mary Kay Cosmetics

  1. love it!! i was with you with no foundation…until I tried one one day and realized it was like a subtle photoshop job had been done to my face LOL it is definitely a great thing to add to your collection even if its not for every day! looks great girl!

    1. Thanks Charm! I actually miiiight try others (Ash you reading this??) But this one works well for now. I should call Ms Kay and thank her! And did this girl say “subtle photoshop job”?! Lol

      1. I sure am reading this. I am so proud. The foundation looks fantastic on you. The shade match is perfect. It just looks like your own skin kicked up a notch. Love!

      2. Woohoo yes I am totally loving it. And see I can thank Mary Kay bc she’s a real person. Unlike shmally shmansen!

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