Real Techniques Brushes- Now in Canada!

If you are a YouTube addict like we are at TNL, you must know Pixiwoo. Gorgeous sisters Samantha and Nicola Chapman are incredibly talented UK based makeup artists that have over five hundred videos!

Aside from being stunning, the sisters are incredibly talented, experienced and knowledgable about cosmetics and skin care. I often look to the Pixiwoo videos for product and tool ideas because these girls know their stuff, and it shows in the incredible looks that they have created.

So, when I heard that Sam from Pixiwoo was partnering with Paris Presents ( they also make Eco-Tools brushes) , I knew that they were going to be a great product. Having watched Pixiwoo videos over the years, it’s obvious that Sam and Nic take care in ensuring that they do not endorse a product that they wouldn’t stand behind completely. Simply put , I don’t feel like either of them would ever put their name on a garbage product.

Sam’s brush line is called Real Techniques. The brushes are all cruelty free and make of synthetic taklon. Each brush is hand cut to allow for precision application.

Soon after Real Techniques brushes launched , positive reviews could be found all over the internet. Makeup artists, bloggers and vloggers were finding that the brushes were affordable, easy to work with and provided a great finish.

Until recently , Real Techniques brushes were difficult to find in Toronto. They could be ordered online from a number of different websites but I really hate paying shipping (and waiting) so I held off.

I recently spotted Real Techniques at my local Wal-Mart and wanted to share this amazing deal. Wal- Mart carries three sets of brushes; Travel essentials ( 3 brushes), the core collection ( 4 brushes) and the eye starter set ( 5 brushes).

All of the sets are $17.99!!!!!!!

This is a fantastic value. If one were to purchase all three sets (which would truly be more than you’d ever need for your own makeup),  it would cost less than some of MAC’s single brushes!!!

I picked up the core collection brush set.

brushes in holder

This Real Techniques set comes with four brushes that can be used to create a flawless base. I choose this set because I really wanted to get my hands on the buffing brush.

buffing brush

Although this brush is made for powders and powder foundation, it also applies liquid foundation beautifully.

The contour brush delicately applies highlighter to contour or create sheer, soft-focus finish.

precision brush

The pointed foundation brush is for use with liquid foundation to build custom coverage.

The detailer brush is precision cut to effortlessly conceal problem areas. It can also be used as a lip brush or for the inner eye tear duct highlight.

concealer brush

All of the brushes are full-sized with aluminum handles. The handles are colour coded so that you will be able to differentiate face brushes from eye brushes at a glance. It is these little details that I really appreciate.

They also come in a carrying case that doubles as a brush stand when folded. I love this case and will be utilizing it for travel.

Brushes in stand

So far , I am really enjoying the Real Techniques brushes. They do a great job of applying product on my face in thin, buffed layers, so that I can build coverage naturally.

closeup buffing brush

They are super soft, and the price is definitely right.

If you are looking for some new brushes that are excellent quality and value , run ( don’t walk) to your local Wal-Mart and scoop these up!

Have you tried the Real Techniques brushes? Planning to pick them up?

6 thoughts on “Real Techniques Brushes- Now in Canada!

  1. They’re here at WAL-MART? Yesss I’ve wanted these! Great review – I think everyone who reads this is going to hit up Wal-Mart so I should definitely run.

  2. Sold! I’m running to Wal-Mart as soon as I can. Thank you so much for this detailed review. I am desperately in need of some new brushes, especially some small ones to do little details and these look perfect. I love that they are colour-coded too – that will come in handy especially on mornings when I am still half-asleep and trying to put my face on. 🙂

  3. I like the collection you got Ash! I love the buffing brush! I have the expert face brush and though it’s good, everyone reading this just wait for Walmart to get it!!!!! ❤

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