KISS imPRESS Press on Manicure

What comes to mind when you think about press on nails?

I think about that episode of Fresh Prince of Bel Air when Will is stuck in the basement with a girl and he realizes that everything about her is fake. “Stuck in a basement, sittin’ on a tricycle, girl gettin’ on my nerves. Goin’ out of my mind. I thought she was fine. Don’t know if her body is hers.”

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check it out HERE.

So, yeah. When I think of press on nails, I think of Tisha Campbell ripping them off and giving them to Will. Not good.

I have decent nails and have never really been interested in fake nails of any kind since high school. I recently watched April Kalloo’s review on the KISS imPRESS Press on Manicure though, and I have to say …I was impressed. April’s nails looked fantastic…and natural. What really piqued my interest was the fact that she said that the nails have lasted her up to 14 days! That is unreal.

I am headed on a beach vacation in a few weeks and I wanted to give these a try. I find that nail polish always chips on vacay, and it would be nice to not have to worry about packing remover and polish for touch ups.

From April’s video I could clearly see how natural and fantastic these nails looked on. However, I was still skeptical about the lasting power of the press ons. So I decided to purchase and review a set, pre vacay.

I picked up a set of the shortest imPRESS nails in a dark oxblood colour on sale for 5 dollars at Rexall. I noticed that these nails also come in patterns, which are about a dollar more than the solid shades.

The KISS imPRESS nails come in adorable packaging that looks like a bottle of nail polish. This is not only cute, but really handy, because you can put your extra nails back in that and store it amongst your nail polishes afterwards. It contains 24 nails in 12 sizes, a mini nail file and prep pad.

imPRESS Press on Manicure Set

When I was ready to apply my press ons, I trimmed all my nails down. This is optional, but I didn’t want my own nail to show at the back of the press on. At this point, I attempted to choose the right size for each of my nails, so that I could lay them out and begin application.

Houston, we have a problem.

Here is my thumb with the largest size nail in the set on top. Apparently, my nail beds are way too long for the short size of these nails, even after trimming them down to the start of my fingers.

So, I returned these nails. I was going to exchange them for the medium length at Rexall, but I was not a fan of the colours that they had in stock.

I found my oxblood colour at Target in a larger size for 7 dollars. I could tell immediately that this would be a better size for my long nail beds, so I bought them up. However, when I got them home I noticed something fishy on the package. Can you spot it?

For toes?!

Ummm… Who’s toenails are that narrow?

Who’s toenails are that long?

I decided to give these a try anyway.

The application of these was extremely quick and easy. I began by laying out all of the sizes that I would be using.

Then, I wiped the enclosed prep pad over the surface of each nail in order to remove any oils and help the glue to stick better. The nails each have a little plastic tap that you peel off, exposing the glue, then you simply stick them on.

It was easy and fast.

I found the final look to be a bit long for my liking, so I filed them down and softened the square edges a bit.

I think the imPRESS nails look incredibly natural and polished.

Finished imPRESS nails

My only issue is that some of the sizes were too narrow to cover my nails on the sides completely. You truly can not notice this unless you are really looking closely but I worried that this might affect the lasting power of the nails.

Not wide enough

So, lets see how these suckers do.

*Update 1* Ok, so I have now had these nails on for 7 days! They have not budged at all, I am definitely imPRESSed. All of my friends and family was suprised to learn that these weren’t my natural nails. They said that they looked incredibly real and did not even notice that they were a bit narrow until I pointed it out. It was so nice to have nail colour all week that did not chip or fade. My nails literally look freshly manicured.

imPRESS manicure 7 days later

7 days is amazing as far as I’m concerned. But just out of curiousity. let’s see how long these last. I am gettin a bit sick of the colour but I’ll press on (pun intended).

*Update 2*

So after an unbelievable TEN DAYS with these looking like a flawless manicure, I removed them. They were actually still going strong. but , because my nails had grown out so much, the bottom of the press on had moved up and my hair would get caught underneath when I was combing or styling it.

I dont know what kind of miracle adhesive these nails have on them, but even though they still weren’t budging, they came off quickly and easily in under a minute.

The imPRESS nails did no damage whatsoever to my natural nails.

This is absolutely a RAVE review. KISS imPRESS has certainly changed my opinion of press on nails. I will be trying out more patterns and colours in the future!

Have you ever tried KISS imPRESS Press-On Manicure?

12 thoughts on “KISS imPRESS Press on Manicure

  1. Wow, this sounds great and I can’t wait to try it! I’m especially interested in the patterned ones, because it’s so hard to create nice designs on myself with both hands. My left hand turns out nice (because I’m right-handed), but the other hand…well…not so much. This sounds like it’s really easy to use, and very reasonably priced too. Thanks for the great, detailed review!

  2. These sound great and simple to use, plus no drying time and they lasted through a vacation which is the best way to ruin a mani fast! I think I’m going to try these out!

    1. These nails are so great for a quick vacay mani, Sophia. I lost a thumb a few days in but I think that was because I used the wrong size. I had packed the extras so I just popped on a new one and they lasted the whole vacay long. And we`re talking spending lots of time in a chlorine pool and salt water sea.

      Seph, the patterns are really cute and Ive seen girls use just one of the pattern nails for an accent nail. Doing that would make a pack last ages.

      Thanks for your comments , lovely ladies!

  3. Ash you inspire me not only in things health related but in beauty-your own included!!! I went out and bought some HOT PINK nails and the application was easy!!! Lets see how long these nails last me!!! Thank you so much TNL. Yolo baby!!!

  4. I tried these and loved the natural look, too! I am amazed that you were able keep them on for 10 days!

  5. I’ve also had success with these nails. They’re the first set of false nails that actually take long to come undone which is great bang for your buck! I’m so sorry to be MIA with all the TNL posts but I’m back and I will get on top of things again!! I love the black flowers with the glittery centre and I also like these nails because you can try different nail polish colours without buying polish and realizing you hate the colour or it doesn’t go with your skin tone! Keep up the fabulousity ❤

    1. Hi Erica! Thanks for commenting, hope you had a great trip. How great are these nails? I am so glad I tried them out!

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