On the Prowl – Sushi Kai

As you know – we love sushi; but the great thing is that we’re not alone in this love affair. So, whenever we get the chance to try a new sushi restaurant, we are doing this solely for the purpose of reviewing it for you. Really. We make this sacrifice the greater good of our readers. It’s okay – no need to thank us.

Chris obtained a discount through a program at work; for $20 it included 2 dinner meals, 3 lunch meals and one take-out order ($30 value) for 50% off (not including Fridays). That’s a pretty sweet deal if we do say so ourselves.


Though unassuming, the interior is rather spacious. As we sit for an after work meal,  restaurant was empty.  But, a crowd slowly crept in and there was  soondecent number of patrons there to enjoy dinner. There restaurant lacks any real decoration other than a display case at the entrance, but it is quite clean. The washrooms are at the rear, down a long hall behind the kitchen.

Sushi Kai interior


The staff is friendly as is usually encountered when at a sushi restaurant, answering questions or laughing at our jokes when it calls for it. This is good because we’re pretty hilarious, if we do say so ourselves. They are patient and accommodating, even after presenting a coupon for a 50% off meal.


The selection is vast. Eep. We started with a salmon sushi pizza, and Ash doesn’t usually “do” sauces (not even remotely a fan) but decided to try it. She ended up liking it though the pizza is drizzled with spicy mayo. Yay Ash! The salmon on top tasted fresh and yummy.

Sushi Kai salmon sushi pizza

And here we have sake. If the meal is going to be half off – you might as well have sake!


We had a chuckle when we came across this on the menu. Because, ladies only eat veggies, right?


Ummm no. We choose a meal for two that was a bit more…varied. The fish was fresh and tasty, tempura light and crisp. It was delicious.



 The regular prices of items on the menu are comparable to most sushi restaurants, but there always seems to be some kind of discount to take advantage of. There is even a points cards on which you can collect “sushi points” to get a free item off the menu (for eg 10 sushi points: 1 Free Special Spicy Salmon roll). There is actually currently a Groupon offer for $20 for a $40 sushi meal for 2 or more people.

Overall Experience

We liked our experience at this restaurant and can say with certainty that we will be returning. It is at a convenient, central  location, food is high quality and value is excellent. We have never had a bad experience here and would highly recommend it.

Sushi Kai is located at 168 Eglinton Ave E (just east of Yonge), (416) 481-8181.

Sushi Kai exterior

Leave your comments below if you’ve been there and what you thought! Or come back and let us know if you dine there after reading this review!

10 thoughts on “On the Prowl – Sushi Kai

  1. I love this review 🙂 I’m very attached to my fave sushi places because I know what I’m getting and I want to make sure that I’m not getting ripped off but this place definitely looks like it’s worth a try! I love that you guys are sharing the wealth with us I would have never checked Groupon 😛

  2. I really enjoyed this restaurant. I went a few months ago and thought that the service was great, although it isn’t a very fancy place the food was delicious. I’m glad you girls got a chance to go.

  3. Yay! Another sushi restaurant to try! Thanks for the review and for the tip about Groupon – what a fabulous deal – so generous! I’ve walked or driven past that place many times but never tried it, so that is going to change now.

  4. I absolutely love this place. It is my old neighborhood; it is a hidden gem in the city. The spicy salmon rolls, gyoza dumplings and sushi pizza (salmon or tuna) are supee yummy.

  5. Sushi Kai is my absolutely favourite sushi place! I go there all the time and recommend the Dynamite rolls. Plus there always seems to be groupons available for it; so you get great food at a great price point 🙂

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