What can you use the NutriBullet milling blade for?

In case you’re wondering, I still love my NutriBullet ( I first told you about it here).  Judging by the questions I am asked and the popularity of the NutriBullet posts, it seems you all love yours out there too!

One of the questions I get asked quite often is what I use the milling blade of the NutriBullet for. So, I thought I would share some of my favourite uses of this blade.Chris just wrote a great post about her Magic Bullet, which also comes with a milling blade. So, some of these could be tried out in that bad boy as well.

For those of  you who don’t know, the NutriBullet comes with two blades. One has four prongs and is called the extractor blade. This is what I use for most of my blasts (NB lingo for anything made in the bullet) . It is meant for breaking through tough seeds, thick stems and tough skin so it works very well for juices with fresh fruits and vegetables of a variety of textures. I also have no problems adding nuts and ice to blasts using this blade.

The second, 2 pronged blade is the milling blade. The milling blade is ideal for milling grains, chopping fresh herbs and chopping nuts.

milling blade

When I first got my Nutribullet, the milling blade sat unused while I blasted away using the extractor. But, I have found some great uses for the milling blade and I find myself reaching for it more often.

In my original introduction to the Nutribullet, I mentioned that I used my milling blade to make a powder of high protein nuts and seeds. This is still my favorite and most frequent use for the blade.

Nut and Seed Protein Mix

I blast some almonds, flax seeds and pumpkin seeds to create a fine powder. I keep this stored in my refrigerator so that I can add it to smoothies ( it also helps to thicken them) , or sprinkle over meals to increase their protein.

protenmix in bullet

But, what else can this milling blade be used for…

How about creating your own custom spice blends? I have used my trusty NutriBullet milling blade to create tasty blends of the flavours that I enjoy.

Citrus Pepper

This can also be made with dried lemon peel. I blasted some dried orange slices with some peppercorns to make my very own orange pepper. Really tasty on pork or salmon.


Chili Garlic Salt

I have also been experimenting with flavoured salts . here is one of my favourites. I put coarse sea salt into the NutriBullet with some chili flakes.


Then after blasting, I decided to kick it up a notch with some dehydrated garlic cloves.


This is delicious on anything , really. I love it on popcorn!

Custom Spice Blends

The opportunities are endless.

You can throw together any of your favourite flavours. I used dehydrated garlic, corriander seeds and dried onion to create a seasoning blend that can be used on steak, and chicken or in dry rubs and marinades.


So, now we’re on a roll. Are you ready to take it to the next level?

You know how we like our DIY projects at TNL. For a creative and thoughtful DIY gift, just head to the dollar store and pick up some pretty bottles for your new creations.

No funnel? Use a paper towel like I did.

make a funnel

Then , voila!

spice gifts

These are just some of the ways that I have found to make use of my NutriBullet milling blade. Coming up with new combinations, and taste testing them is fun.

What are you milling in your bullet?

99 thoughts on “What can you use the NutriBullet milling blade for?

    1. Absolutely! I actually used to use a coffee grinder for my nut and seed mix before. Coffee in the NutriBullet is very close to a future post I am working on. Keep your eyes peeled for it. Thanks for reading!

  1. I use it to grind dried egg shells to a powder to add calcium to my tomato plants. Eliminates rot at the bottom of the fruit just before it ripens.

    1. Thank You so very much Karen, great info, I use crushed egg shells in my garden to keep snails and slugs at bay,but what a great way to feed my tomato plants their calcium… I’m happy gal !!!!

      1. I heard that mussel and oyster shells also work well for this. So, the next time you have a seafood dinner..hold on to those shells! Thanks Suzette!

    1. Hi Judy, I wish I could say I made them myself, but I bought them at the health food store. I am all about shortcuts!

    2. I made dehydrated garlic by accident. I had mashed down some fresh garlic using the end of a ‘chef’s’ knife. I used some of it in my cooking, but I just left the rest of it out and it dried out. I said to myself, I think I could make dehydrated garlic granules out of it!

  2. I love the milling blade. When I first started baking with almond flour, my shipment hadn’t arrived yet from Amazon, but I did have a bag of blanched almonds. Pancakes rescued for that morning. It also makes a great seasoning blend – parmesan cheese, garlic, black peppercorns for homemade salad dressing. I NEVER buy the yucky bottled stuff any more.

    1. I sometimes mill granola and use it in place of flour in protein pancakes. Mmm… thank you so much for the salad dressing seasoning suggestion. I will definitely be giving it a try, it sounds delicious. Thanks for reading and commenting , Marcia!

  3. Whole Chia Seeds in my morning NutriBlast was giving me diverticulitis issues. The milling blade grinds the Chia Seeds into a fine powder and no side effects in my gut. I also am transitioning into being Gluten Free, so milling nuts, rice and garbonzo beans is great in the milling blade.

    1. This would be a great tool for gluten free living. I know it must be so difficult to find and prepare appropriate foods! Thanks, Noele

  4. Grind up wild rice from health food store and coat my chicken breast in them before they go in olive oil..fantastic

    1. That is SUCH a great idea. I would never have thought to try that. I will definitely be giving this a try. Thanks so much for sharing Jolene!

  5. BRILLIANT!!!!!!! I Have asked NB about grinding up cinnamon sticks we use a lot of it too. Thank you for all the info

    1. I’m going to give cinnamon sticks a try. If you find out the answer before me, please come and share with us! Thanks Lisa!

    1. Mine sat unused at first too. Then I became determined to find uses for it…not I can’t stop! Thanks for your comment 🙂

  6. I make a great salad dressing–avocado, almond milk, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, cayenne, pepper and sea salt.

    1. I’d love to know your proportions. I am always on the watch for a salad dressing as I cannot have sugar. Thanks.

      1. Dressing:1/2 avocado, 1/2 c non-dairy milk, 2 tbsp lemon juice, 2 tbsp honey, 1 tbsp cider vinegar, 1 tbsp olive oil, 1 tsp dijon mustard, cayenne pepper and sea salt to taste. You could probably use stevia in place of the honey.

      1. To be honest I just add everything to taste. I don’t measure I just throw what I like and hope for the best. So far I’ve been lucky 🙂

  7. I was reading that flax is not absorbed and utilized by the body in its whole form so I mill mine with the milling blade and scoop it into my blast.

  8. I make homemade foot scrub with moisturizer. Mill Wild Rice up to a grainy powder and then add 1 egg, 1/4 cup of olive oil and 3 tbsp honey. Rub and massage deadskin off heels and whole foot with this great exfoliater and skin feels baby smooth when done. Rinse lightly with water.

  9. Love these ideas. My husband and I have just started using our Nutri Bullet today. For me, to lose weight and deal with a couple of other health issues. for my husband mostly to control cholesterol and lose a bit of weight. So here goes !

  10. What are the measurement for the protein powder? I’m looking to use the NB for weight loss and a homemade protein powder would be great and cost effective as well. Love the spice mixes as well, need to try that 🙂

    1. Absolutely, but Idf only pusle them in a couple of quick bursts, unless you want them totally ground up.

  11. Hey great post I hope ur still out there! Do u think its safe to grind American ginseng roots into power using the milling blade?

  12. Do you lose any nutriants out of the seeds if you mill them and do you have to use them up in a certain amount of time ?

  13. I am curious about this myself. I mill chia and flax as I have read that flax will travel through your body unused in whole form. I have milled chia and flax in my fridge that has been in there for a few months.

  14. What’s the hardest or strongest ingredients you can use the milling blade for, eg. Ice, clam shells. Etc?

    1. Hi Shelley! Good question, I will give it a try and let you know how I do. I am certain it will work though. It is pretty good at grounding up almonds for almond flour so I imagine results would be similar.

      1. I just tried this to make cornbread and it broke off little pieces of plastic into the corn meal. I’m so sad my milling attachment is broken!!!!

  15. I would say yes to ice, no to clam shells. Yes to wheat for flour but why? Stay away from wheat. Yes to popcorn but I don’t know what the result will be. Secondarily, the popcorn is likely GMO.

    1. Thanks for this! As obvious as it is, I never really thought about popcorn kernels and GMOs. I have been avoiding corn because of all of the GMO talk. I didn’t even think about my one of my favorite snacks! I am now going to start looking into organic popping corn and reading the labels more carefully.

    2. If the wheat is from Einkorn or Spelt, I would not say to stay away from it. I will use the NB to grind these grains for my breads.

  16. Some brilliant ideas there. My milling blade is sitting in the cupboard doing nothing. I fancy milling nuts and seeds to make a powder to add to my drinks. Its just a case of knowing how much to add to your drink then, compared to full ( unmilled ) nuts and seeds.
    I would do the salt thing but I dont have space for a dehydrator unfortunately.

  17. Hello all, firstly thank you for all these wonderful ideas, I got my nutribullet a week ago, made the usual healthy shakes, but last night as my wife is away I made a curry paste.. I was so pleased with it I wondered if any of you are interested… I put a few dollops of low fat yoghurt, a chilli seeds removed, turmeric about two teaspoons, mustard seeds, caraway seeds, two cardamons, a clove, a swig of tamarind paste, garlic cloves x2, and a large handful of fresh coriander, and blitzed it in the nutribullet.. I added it to some slightly seared chicken strips and cooked gently for about 30 mins adding a little water.
    I was happy, it’s good to experiment.

    1. Kevin, did you chop you hunger with the nutri bullet or can that be done? I want to make Ginger beer helps control blood sugar inflammatory diseases etc. Did you manually chop your Ginger?

  18. I just got my NB for Christmas (thanks Dad!!) and I’m so excited to try the milling blade. I had to be sure grains could be used because my SO makes a mean loaf of fresh bread, so we’ve been trying to get creative. I know the grain, oatmeal, nut and seed powders will enhance the savory breads significantly, and thanks to your suggestions, some dried fruit powders will make some delicious sweetbreads! As a foodie, cook, gardener and health fan, thank you ALL for your brilliant suggestions! I can’t wait to get back in the groove of delicious daily green smoothies~

  19. Hi, has anyone tried to grind dry soybeans or corn kernels using the NB??? Can both the milling and extractor blades work? Cheers!

  20. Hi, could you use it for dried fruit like dates? I’ve just burnt out my old blender/food processor and wondering if the nutribullet could fill the gap

  21. Thank yo u for taking the time to share, I had no ideal what that blade was for, now I use it a lot , you should have your on blog. I would follow, thanks again, love the reciepts. Roxie from Pa.

  22. Hot pepper shakers are hard to find so I dry out hot peppers such as scotch bonnets in the oven at 150f for 10 hours until crispy dry then mill in the bullet. The only thing is to wear a mask when opening the bullet as the fumes might make you vomit. I did the first time. No heat, just a reaction and I love hot spices in the 500,000 Scoville range.

  23. In nutri bullet Which blade should I use to ground beef or chicken or lamb…and should I put water or can I grind it dry ???

  24. In the UK 900 Pro version you dont get the milling blade you have to buy it. Ive ordered one now to make my own flour and flaxseed mix

  25. I’m ordering a milling blade now – I didn’t get one either. I want something to grind spices and wondered if I could use my nutribullet. Thanks for a great post! I’m looking forward to trying some of the recipes mentioned above too

  26. This was so helpful! Thank you all so much. My husband purchased the Nutribullet over the Thanksgiving holiday for me and I absolutely love it! I Google searched uses for the milling blade and came across this site. I’m so happy that I did. Enjoy!

  27. Hi

    I’m planning to buy one. .Just wondering if it will help me make curry base of onions ginger and tomatoes.

    Please let me know if anyone has tried that. ..

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. Hi Poonam, I don’t see why not. I really like it for mixing things quickly and easily. If it works for soup, Im sure it would be good for sauces! Let us know how it works out. Thanks for reading!

  28. Thanks all for the great ideas! I used my milling blade for the first time last night and made cauliflower rice. It turned out awesome! Just cut the flowerets off, put them on the Nutribullet until it gets to the consistency of rice, put a little coconut oil in a pan, seasoned the rice with cilantro, a little salt, pepper, and minced garlic; then heated it a few minutes. I paired it with sautéed spinach, red and yellow peppers, green onions and black beans on the side.

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