What can you use the NutriBullet milling blade for?

In case you’re wondering, I still love my NutriBullet ( I first told you about it here).  Judging by the questions I am asked and the popularity of the NutriBullet posts, it seems you all love yours out there too!

One of the questions I get asked quite often is what I use the milling blade of the NutriBullet for. So, I thought I would share some of my favourite uses of this blade.Chris just wrote a great post about her Magic Bullet, which also comes with a milling blade. So, some of these could be tried out in that bad boy as well.

For those of  you who don’t know, the NutriBullet comes with two blades. One has four prongs and is called the extractor blade. This is what I use for most of my blasts (NB lingo for anything made in the bullet) . It is meant for breaking through tough seeds, thick stems and tough skin so it works very well for juices with fresh fruits and vegetables of a variety of textures. I also have no problems adding nuts and ice to blasts using this blade.

The second, 2 pronged blade is the milling blade. The milling blade is ideal for milling grains, chopping fresh herbs and chopping nuts.

milling blade

When I first got my Nutribullet, the milling blade sat unused while I blasted away using the extractor. But, I have found some great uses for the milling blade and I find myself reaching for it more often.

In my original introduction to the Nutribullet, I mentioned that I used my milling blade to make a powder of high protein nuts and seeds. This is still my favorite and most frequent use for the blade.

Nut and Seed Protein Mix

I blast some almonds, flax seeds and pumpkin seeds to create a fine powder. I keep this stored in my refrigerator so that I can add it to smoothies ( it also helps to thicken them) , or sprinkle over meals to increase their protein.

protenmix in bullet

But, what else can this milling blade be used for…

How about creating your own custom spice blends? I have used my trusty NutriBullet milling blade to create tasty blends of the flavours that I enjoy.

Citrus Pepper

This can also be made with dried lemon peel. I blasted some dried orange slices with some peppercorns to make my very own orange pepper. Really tasty on pork or salmon.


Chili Garlic Salt

I have also been experimenting with flavoured salts . here is one of my favourites. I put coarse sea salt into the NutriBullet with some chili flakes.


Then after blasting, I decided to kick it up a notch with some dehydrated garlic cloves.


This is delicious on anything , really. I love it on popcorn!

Custom Spice Blends

The opportunities are endless.

You can throw together any of your favourite flavours. I used dehydrated garlic, corriander seeds and dried onion to create a seasoning blend that can be used on steak, and chicken or in dry rubs and marinades.


So, now we’re on a roll. Are you ready to take it to the next level?

You know how we like our DIY projects at TNL. For a creative and thoughtful DIY gift, just head to the dollar store and pick up some pretty bottles for your new creations.

No funnel? Use a paper towel like I did.

make a funnel

Then , voila!

spice gifts

These are just some of the ways that I have found to make use of my NutriBullet milling blade. Coming up with new combinations, and taste testing them is fun.

What are you milling in your bullet?

99 thoughts on “What can you use the NutriBullet milling blade for?

  1. Hi, I just milled cloves for the first time in my NB, but it seems to have left a residue which I can’t seem to get off on the canister. Any tips to get this off? I feel like I’ve ruined my NB :0(

    1. This happened to me too…oh well…keep using same canister for that kind of stuff I guess. I would like to know how to clean it off also

  2. I grind granulated sugar into icing sugar using the milling blade. Great when you have run out of icing sugar and granulated cheaper than icing sugar in shops

  3. My Nutribullet didn’t come with a milling blade (didn’t know it was supposed to have one. Can l still grind with it?

  4. i just bought the nutribullet –i am about to use it -i have a question -the miller blade do you use it for seeds-and most important thing you dont put water with the seeds -am i right – different to the other extractor

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