On the Prowl- Watching Big Brother with the Cast of Big Brother!

Here at TNL, we love Big Brother. So, we were beyond excited when Big Brother Canada debuted and we got to watch fellow Canucks in the house.

Then we were even MORE excited when we got to attend a live eviction taping. Eeek! Click here to read all about that.

So , now…just imagine if you can, how excited we were when we had the opportunity to meet the Toronto based members of the Big Brother Canada cast, and watch the first episode of Big Brother 15 (US) with them, and some other superfans.

For any of you who may not know, Big Brother is a reality television show in which a group of contestants – known as houseguests – are locked in the Big Brother house and under surveillance 24/7. There are a variety of challenges and competitions and the last remaining houseguest is the winner.

The first season of Big Brother Canada was a ratings hit and garnered attention worldwide because of a dramatic finale that had jaws dropping.  On May 2, Jillian was crowned the Big Brother Canada winner, with our favourite houseguest Gary being runner-up. Gary would have won, but houseguest Topaz mistakenly voted for Jillian, resulting in a 4-3 win for Jillian. Oh, the drama!

On June 26, Big Brother Canada houseguest Liza as well as (host of Reality Obsessed and the Murtz Show) Murtz Jaffer, hosted Canada’s first cast viewing party. Lucky attendees were given the opportunity to mingle with the cast of Big Brother Canada, take part in a live interactive cast interview, and watch the premiere episode of Big Brother 15. Awesome!

Tnl meets bbcan

For those of you who know Murtz Jaffer, you are familiar with his signature pose. We got lessons straight from the reality television expert himself, instructing us to make “duck lips hardcore”.

How did we do , Murtz?


The event was held at a secret location, revealed only after tickets had been picked up. When we arrived, we were happy to find lots of other BB superfans. These are our people.

Big Brother Canada cast members present were Topaz, AJ, Liza, Kat and Aneal.

The event started off with a casual interview by Murtz and questions from the fans. Here are some interesting tidbits from the Q&A:

  • Liza said that she fell in love on the show. She would love to be in a relationship with Peter, but the distance is difficult. Although she does respect his game play, she does not feel that Emmett is a good person. She approached the game as she approaches life, by getting close to the guys.
  • AJ’s advice for people looking to be cast on Big Brother Canada is to go for it and be yourself.
  • Topaz’s advice is to be outgoing and bubbly.
  • The cast members are still not allowed to talk about production in any way. All agreed that every single staff member involved with Big Brother Canada was positive, encouraging and supportive.
  • Liza thinks that the Big Brother 15 US cast member that reminds her most of herself is Kaitlyn, but a producer told her that Kaitlyn is more tomboy , less slutty.
  • All of the cast members were really excited about meeting Dan Gheesling. They said he was very friendly and gave great advice.  Ladies man AJ was most excited to meet Dan’s wife, Chelsea Gheesling because she was beautiful!
  • Topaz said that she really regrets the mistake she made, but  there was a lot of pressure in the studio with the lights on her and remembering to deliver her “150 %” line. She said that people are generally really nice and supportive in person; most of the mean comments come from online and that doesn’t bother her since people are hiding behind their computers.
  • Kat wishes that she had stayed in the house long enough to participate in more competitions as she is very athletic. She said it was frustrating to be voted out first because there was no one to talk to yet that shared the experience.
  • Everyone said that, in person, Talla is exactly as she appeared on camera – only magnified. Can you imagine, that was her personality  toned down?

Aneal arrived late at the event , so unfortunately he did not participate in the Q&A. But we did get this great shot of these two cuties.


So, what did we think of the houseguests?

Liza- Pottymouth! Really down to earth and friendly. Outgoing and opinionated.

Topaz- Ok, so we may have been a little angry at Topaz due to our glitter love for Gary. But, she was so nice and friendly that it melted away when we had a chance to chat with her. She has gorge Rihanna eyes! Bathroom photo shoot, anyone?


AJ- He was funny and friendly. He didn’t wiggle his eyebrows or speak in the third person, but we were thrilled that his infamous purple vest made an appearance. Form doesn’t matter!

Kat- She is beautiful! Blonde and super tan ( from softball, she says) she was friendly and approachable. Watching the show , Ash was sure she recognized her from real life. So, Kat tried to figure out where they had met before. Still a mystery!


Aneal- Agian, because he arrived after the questions, we didn’t get to hear much from him. But, he was happy to pose for a pic and looked like a cutie patootey in his bow tie!

TNL and BBcan

It was an incredibly cool experience to watch the premiere episode of Big Brother 15 along with other BB fans. The collective oohs and ahhs and laughter at the new houseguests was so much fun. We wish we could watch collectively every week!

In case you’re wondering about our initial thoughts, Chris likes Andy and Ash’s fave is McRae.

Also, can we please take a moment to acknowledge David’s hair?

It looks like it is going to be a great season. Let us know who your initial Big Brother 15 pick would be.

Let the Big Brother Summer begin!

3 thoughts on “On the Prowl- Watching Big Brother with the Cast of Big Brother!

  1. Nice read. I’m glad you came around on your feelings about Topaz. I don’t think the level of anger directed towards her could ever surpass the level of sorrow in her heart over what happened.

    1. She was extremely friendly and kind at the event. Sometimes as viewers, we get caught up and forget that we are watching real people who make real mistakes too.Thanks for commenting, Joy! -C&A

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