It’s a bird. Its a plane…


To kick off 2013 , you may remember that I participated in the Polar Bear Dip. In that post I talked about how it can be fun and exhilerating to do things that completely freak you out.

Luckilly I do not have a fear of heights but when I saw parasailers 1000 feet above the water on a recent trip to Grand Bend, I though Oh Em Gee!

My next thought was… we have to do this.

So, my friends and I decided to have a parasailing adventure. It was a fantastic experience and we are so glad to have given it a try.

Grand Bend is a beach community located on the shores of Lake Huron in Southern Ontario. It is approximately 3 hours from Toronto. Grand Bend is so much fun with shops , restaurants and a beautiful beach. When I last visited Grand bend, it was the dead of Winter. So, this was very different.

Grand Bend Parasail storefront is located on Main Street, just steps from the beach. When we arrived, staff member Karen was extremely friendly. She told us that it was a lot of fun and even showed us pictures of her 4 year old daughter parasailing. Ok, so if a 4 year old could do it , we could too…right?!

No previous experience is necessary to parasail and with over 15 years in the watersports business, Grand Bend Parasail operates with only licensed captain and crew. Prices were $150 for 2 people and $200 for 3, with discounts offered for early bird fliers from 9-11 am. Our group had four people parasailing , so we decided to go up in pairs. Karen gave us tickets and sent us off to meet the boat on the public pier.

The boat was waiting at the pier when we arrived, and our captain and his assistant introduced themselves. They were friendly and fun , and we had music blasting as we headed out on the water.

Parasailing boat in Grand Bend

We got harnesses on and were instructed to sit on the back of the boat with our legs out in front of us. We were encouraged to sit on the harness like a swing , but with the seat part under the back of our legs. We were warned that shifting so that it is directly under your butt makes for a ride that is …shall we say , less than comfortable.


We began to move up and before we knew it we were in the sky.


This part, is hard to explain. It is really something you have to experience. I really wish that I had brought a camera up with me , as it was a breathtaking bird’s eye view of Lake Huron and Grand Bend.

I was really suprised at the stillness from up above. I thought it would surely be loud and windy but it was exactly the opposite.

para skyhigh

When it was time to come down, we actually didn’t even realize that we were being lowered until we were almost at the boat. Although you can fly off and land back on the boat, our prankster captain dipped us in the water at the request of our friends. That part was actually so much fun!


And just like that we were experienced parasailers!

Grand Bend Parasail

What an incredible experience. Many thanks to Lee and Sean from Grand Bend Parasail for making it awesome. If you are ever in the Grand Bend area, I would absolutely recommend them for a parasailing adventure that you will never forget.


Grand Bend Parasail storefront is located on Main Street, to the right of Dairy Queen in the back. (519) 525-FLY’N(3596)

6 thoughts on “It’s a bird. Its a plane…

  1. I love that you are so fearless! This looks and sounds like a lot of fun and I definitely want to try it! Thanks for another exciting post!

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