TNL Travels – Beach bummin’ it around Sydney!

This is a continuation from TNL Travels – Sydney, NSW, Australia. The next stop? Why, the Beaches of course!

*WARNING – this post is loaded with pics*

It was approximately a 30 minute bus ride to Bondi from the hostel where we were staying, which I didn’t mind because it was a chance to take in more of the beautiful Sydney as we drove along. Then we finally arrived:

Bondi Beach, NSW, Australia Bondi Beach, NSW, Australia

Bondi Beach, NSW, Australia Bondi Beach, NSW, Australia

Bondi Beach, NSW, Australia Bondi Beach, NSW, Australia

We stayed there long enough to walk around a bit, sit and have lunch, buy a smoothie and spill it all over my possessions then smell like guava. Good times, had by all.

Bondi Skate Park, NSW, Australia Bondi Skate Park, NSW, Australia Graffiti art, Bondi Graffiti art, Bondi Smoothie stop

And then off we went to Circular Quay to jump on the ferry over to Taronga Zoo. Now, a ferry ride over to the zoo *obviously* meant more pictures of the Sydney Opera House.

Sydney Opera House, Sydney Sydney Opera House, Sydney Sydney Opera House, Sydney Sydney Opera House, Sydney

We arrived at the island, and jumped on the bus to the zoo and here we go again with the gorgeous architecture:

Taronga Zoo Taronga Zoo

We paid for our ticket and the guide at the entrance asked if we wanted the quick tour. Okay! He pointed to the left: “Australian animals that way” and then to the right: “The rest of animals that way. Enjoy!”. Oh…. lol okay then. We went to the left to see the Australian animals because why else would we be at a zoo in Australia? I was FINALLY going to see kangaroos and koalas YAY.

Let’s start with the Emu that was strolling around like it owned the place:

Emu at Taronga Zoo, NSW, Australia

And then onto the wallabies, who seemed very uninterested in everything:

Wallaby, Taronga Zoo Wallaby, Taronga Zoo Sleeping Wallabies, Taronga Zoo Sleeping Wallabees, Taronga Zoo

And then we saw a sign that said “Koala” and made a bee-line and we saw one – asleep. Sigh:

Sleeping koala

Okay, that’s cool. No problem you’re still cute. But we did perk up when a volunteer told us we’d have more luck in the koala area, so we continue walking around. Then we saw the Kangaroo sign and I thought: “yes, this is it”.

Three flights, four timezones and twenty four plus hours of travelling, and THIS…. THIS is what I get:

Sleeping Kangaroo, Taronga Zoo

NO REALLY. Oh but look, there’s another one and he’s hopping around *quickly grabs camera and turns around to….*

Tired Kangaroo

Ok no seriously guys – you planned this, didn’t you? Forget you guys! I like elephants anyway. Oh look, Elephants *side eye to lazy kangaroos*

Elephants, Taronga Zoo Elephants, Taronga Zoo Elephants, Taronga Zoo Elephants at Taronga Zoo

Another lovely view of Sydney Harbour:

View of Sydney Harbour from Taronga Zoo

We stopped and said hello to more of the animals (I love zoos!) and naturally most were being lazy (you will notice a pattern):

Seals Pelicans Sleepy tiger Sleeping Lion DSC02833 DSC02835 Meerkats, Taronga Zoo Goats at Taronga Zoo Giraffe, Taronga Zoo Giraffes, Taronga Zoo

Oh, here are the koalas. AWAKE!

 Koalas, Taronga Zoo Koalas, Taronga Zoo Koalas, Taronga Zoo

We found them just in time because the zoo was about to close . I told myself that because we had arrived in the afternoon all the animals were tired and didn’t receive the memo announcing my arrival to visit them. It made me feel somewhat better. We stopped in the gift store (laughed at some of the odd animal shaped tea sets) and then hopped on the cable car back to the ferry, on which we took in the Sydney Harbour Bridge at sunset. Another great day in Australia – despite the lazy animals.

Cable car ride at Taronga Zoo CAble car ride to ferry, Taronga Zoo

Sydney Harbour Bridge Sydney Harbour Bridge Sydney Harbour Bridge

The next day, we hopped on the bus down to Circular Quay to take the (crowded, sheesh) ferry over to Manly. It was gorgeous of course.

Manly, Sydney Manly, Sydney Manly, Sydney

Our plan was to walk to Manly beach and take in Shelly beach on the way. We also ended up at Collins Beach nicely tucked away as well before continuing the trek. And when I say trek, I mean trek. (Don’t mind the ankle tensor bandage standing out in my pics).

Collins Flat Beach Trail to Collins beach Trail to Collins beach Collins beach, Sydney

Collins Flat Beach

Collins Beach, Sydney  Trekking to Manly Beach

Endangered Bandicoots sign, Manly

We made it to an Manly history information centre (whose actual name I seemed to have forgotten) and decided to stop in and ask for directions to Manly Beach. The lovely volunteer said we’d see a metal trail to follow on which we couldn’t possibly get lost and that we’d come upon a hole in the wall and keep going. Okay, not bad, so after a bite we headed off to the trail.

Trail to Manly beach Trail to Manly beach On the Trail to Manly beach On the Trail to Manly beach

Until eventually we came to a hole in the wall… literally. So, he wasn’t kidding?! And here we were like: “oh haha ho ho, a hole in the wall he says. This guy…”. But we actually had to go through the hole to continue on the trail:

Manly Scenic walkway Manly Scenic walkway

It was actually busy as we walked along, with not even 10 minutes going by before we saw another someone or a group. We definitely could not get lost with all these people around. We took in more of the trail and several diversions to take in the view of the beaches:

Manly Scenic walkway Manly Scenic walkway Manly Scenic walkway Manly Scenic walkway Manly Scenic walkway

Manly Scenic walkway

 We finally made it to Shelly Beach which was crawling with families enjoying their holidays

 Shelly Beach, Sydney  Shelly Beach, Sydney  Shelly Beach, Sydney  Shelly Beach, Sydney

 From there we were able to continue on a laneway towards Manly Beach:

Shelly Beach, Sydney laneway to Manly beach

Manly Beach, Sydney

After this, we stopped into a restaurant for a bite (review to follow) and headed back to the hostel. All in all, I had a wonderful time in Sydney and we saw a LOT. I could have shared more pics, but instead I’ll just share more posts. Don’t forget; I also went to New Zealand.

Stay tuned! Thank you for sharing my experience. If you’ve been to Sydney (or live there), share your favourite part to visit in the comments!

3 thoughts on “TNL Travels – Beach bummin’ it around Sydney!

  1. Love these pictures! I love the pictures of the animals – you got pretty close up!! I totally want a baby of all these animals haha they’re so cute!

  2. I have a weird obsession with chubby babies so if they were a little more chunky I’d probably be sold haha!

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