Resto Review – Brunching at Vivetha Restaurant

Brunch is a truly delicious and ingenious concept, no? You get to have all of the yummy breakfast fare, but you still get to sleep in.

I love going for brunch around the city , and I am happy to share a new favourite spot.

Vivetha Bistro is located in the Beaches district of Toronto and has been described as a go to restaurant for food lovers since it opened in 2005. Vivetha’s owner, Siva is originally from Sri Lanka and learned how to cook in Paris. So Vivetha’s menu is diverse and mouth-watering. The restaurant has become very popular for their brunch fare, offered 8 a.m.- 4p.m. daily. I recently headed to Vivetha for a lazy Sunday morning brunch.


Vivetha is a quaint restaurant located on the east end of Toronto’s Beaches district. There is a small patio in the front.


Inside there is a bar , a few booths and tables.

vivetha bar

There is no line up, although there are lots of people dining already. The walls of Vivetha are covered in a rich maroon and modern art. I already see the French influences.

vivetha inside

There is a casual atmosphere and I get the impression that you could not only have brunch, but take your time and hang out with a cup of coffee here. The server seems to know a lot of the customers, so I assume Vivetha has many regulars. This is a testament to their food and quality of service.


We are seated at a cozy booth , and our server is there immediately . We ordered coffee and it arrived promptly. Throughout of meal, the server was friendly and attentive. She was on top of all orders, and seating, even though she appeared to be the only working server.


The star of the show.

Vivetha has a regular brunch menu, as well as a leaflet with specials, which changes every weekend. To be honest, I am a bad reviewer. On this visit,I didn’t even look at the menu brunch items because the specials knocked me off my feet and I knew immediately what I wanted to have. I have since been back and ordered off of the regular menu, also delicious. The first thing to grab my attention was BRIE STUFFED FRENCH TOAST.

Oh. My. Nom.

Brie is my absolute favourite cheese. I had to try this.

As I am known to do, I decided to order something different from my friend, so that we could share. This is the best way to try more from the menu. Plus something like brie stuffed French toast could be rich and cloying for a full meal. We decided to also order special Eggs Benne. It was a tough decision though, as the specials menu also featured an omelet with lobster, crab, shallots, capers and feta cheese.

The French toast was just as delicious as it sounded. It was stuffed with gooey brie and topped with blueberries, banana and roasted cashews. Drizzled on top was a caramel sauce made with Southern Comfort. It was served with bacon and sausage. The dish was fantastic and surprisingly, not too sweet. Although, if I ever ordered this dish again, I would ask to hold the caramel sauce as it’s really not my thing.

Brie stuffed french toast

The fruit and cashews paired nicely with the cheese and receiving both bacon and sausage is a nice perk for indecisive people like me. For only one dollar more, we could have added two eggs cooked any style, but we opted not to do this. Good thing, because this was already more than enough food.

The special Eggs Benne was 2 poached eggs served atop potato pancake layered with crab cake, smoked salmon, avocado and (more!) brie cheese, topped with hollandaise sauce and served alongside a salad and fresh fruit. We asked for the hollandaise sauce to be served on the side.

eggs benne special

This was definitely one of the very best takes on eggs benedict that I have ever tasted. The crab cake was delicious and meaty and it went beautifully with the salmon, avocado and yolky egg. So yummy!

All of the ingredients were fresh and tasty. The specials menu was clearly crafted with creativity by someone who was well aware of delicious food pairings as it featured some delicious combinations.


All of the breakfasts at Vivetha average at about $13. Considering their brunch offerings include high quality ingredients like lobster, crab, smoked salmon, etc, I think that this is a great value. In addition, portions are large and most are pairing with two kinds of meat. Money well spent.

Overall Experience

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience brunching at Vivetha. Staff was warm and friendly, and the food was out of this world for brunch fare. I realize that I may not be as lucky every visit, as a lot of my favourite foods appeared on the weekly brunch specials that are not a permanent part of the menu.

The location of the bistro is fantastic. On the east end of the Beaches strip, far enough from the central area that finding parking is no issue, but still only a few steps away from the water.

Have you been to ViVetha for brunch? What’s your favourite brunching spot?

Vivetha Bistro is located at 2485 Queen Street East (416)686-5688

vivetha menu

7 thoughts on “Resto Review – Brunching at Vivetha Restaurant

  1. I love the concept of brunch – not only do you get to sleep in but it’s the perfect excuse to eat savory foods early in the morning!

  2. Can you believe I’ve never actually been anywhere for brunch? Always breakfast or lunch, but never that heavenly combo you described. This place sounds great, and the food sounds creative and delicious. I like the name of the restaurant too, even though I know that doesn’t have anything to do with with anything. I need to get on this brunch bandwagon!

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