TNL Photoshoot Fun!

We decided that it was high time to get some updated pictures for the blog and our social media.

Which reminds us; are you following @theneonleopard on Twitter? Have you liked us on Facebook at Yes? Ok, good.

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So anyway, yes…pictures. Luckily our friend Karuna Duggar of Tigerfly Design and Photography offered to help us out. Karuna is the graphic design superstar behind our amazing logo!

The Neon Leopard logo

Great, right? So, on a beautiful Sunday morning in Toronto, we headed down to Cherry beach and had a blast at our first photo shoot. We thought we would share some pics from our amazing day!

Prep time!

© KARUNA DUGGAR  | Tigerfly Design & Photography |

Ok let’s go!

So, those who know Ash, are aware that heels aren’t exactly her forte. But, she powered through for the sake of good pictures. Even Chris, who is way more comfortable walking in heels had some shaky moments. Lesson learned = heels and piers are not a good match.

© KARUNA DUGGAR  | Tigerfly Design & Photography |

The wind was a bit of a challenge but Karuna made it work.

Here is our amazing photographer…

Karunaof Tigerfly Design and Photography

…and some of our favourite shots.

© KARUNA DUGGAR  | Tigerfly Design & Photography |© KARUNA DUGGAR  | Tigerfly Design & Photography |

It is a miracle that we managed to keep straight faces through this shoot. Oh, wait, no we didn’t…

© KARUNA DUGGAR  | Tigerfly Design & Photography |

Chris was less than impressed that she was expected to jump on a rock. We are pleased to report that no one ended up in Lake Ontario.

© KARUNA DUGGAR  | Tigerfly Design & Photography |

We want to thank Karuna so very much for her time and hard work. We had an amazing time and are thrilled to have some great TNL pics!

© KARUNA DUGGAR  | Tigerfly Design & Photography |

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14 thoughts on “TNL Photoshoot Fun!

  1. Fantastic pics! SO happy no one fell in the lake! LOL! Ash, I can’t tell you how proud Ia m of you for wearing heels! *tear*

  2. Soph: I said the same thing about Ash!!!!! Chris: girl you look fierce as always!!!
    Cute pics and I can’t wait to hear more about your adventures!

  3. Hey ladies! You both look absolutely fab! I am such a chicken and feel like you ladies are standing a little too close to edge of the pier & jumping on the rocks would be totally out of the question for me! LOL Loved the pictures though, your photographer did an awesome job! 🙂

    1. Try being that close to the water in heels! AHHH! We didn’t fall in yay! Thanks so much for commenting Crystal 🙂 don’t forget to subscribe and like us fb too! – C&A

  4. Lovely pics! Karuna is a great photographer and you are both beautiful models, so it was a great combination. I love that Chris wore a neon dress and Ash wore a leopard-print one, and the jumping pics are wonderful. I could feel the happy, enthusiastic energy blasting out of your photographs.

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