On The Prowl – BPM Krew

So let’s talk music…

Oh but not just music – a live band. Is there anything more fun than taking in a live performance? Yes, taking in a live performance of all your favourite hits mashed up!

Our dear and talented friend Karuna of Tigerfly Design & Photography – who designed our logo and is the reason behind TNL Photoshoot Fun – has been inviting us to see her friends BPM Krew perform but we couldn’t quite work it into our schedules… Until that fateful Friday a couple weeks ago when they performed at The Ballet on Ossington – what a great little venue!

The Ballet on Ossington TNL at the Ballet

BPM Krew is a Toronto-based live mash-up band – they perform a medley of songs similar to what a dj would do on a turntable. And with that, their tagline is: “We Replace the DJ”. How clever! We showed up at the venue early enough to have the pleasure of being introduced to the band by Karuna and they were just as fun as in the Youtube video we’d watched.

Meet the band: Cat (vocals), Julia (one of the female vocals who rotates performances), Josh (bass), Eddy (keyboard), Michael (electric guitar) and Jeremy (drums). (Some photos are courtesy of the Ballet – the entire album can be seen on their Facebook page).

Cat and Michael of BPM Krew BPM Krew Jeremy of BPM Krew

They are young, talented, full of energy and from the time they hit the stage they had the crowd moving. Just think of every popular song this year and we’re *pretty* sure they performed it. From Bruno Mars to Beyonce to hip-hop to dancehall – there was a flavour for everyone. Even if you were tired or your feet hurt (like Chris trying to look cute in heels) you were moving. Don’t worry, Ash represented really well and danced the night away!

BPM Krew at The Ballet. BPM Krew @ The Ballet

Can we just say that we have been sleeping on this band?! Replaced the DJ they did, because they rocked the house! Each song flowed well into the next with Cat and Julia effortlessly showcasing their vocal talent (and dance moves!). Each member held their own and they sounded great together, with no one instrument overpowering the other.

They took a break in between performances and we couldn’t wait for them to get back onto the stage to continue. And just when they thought they were done, there was a chant for an “encore” at which point they performed their very first mash-up. By the time the night was over, we already knew we’d be going to watch them perform again.

BPM Krew performs at various locations or events (including weddings and prom nights if you can book them) all over North America. We highly recommend checking them out – support your local talent!

7 thoughts on “On The Prowl – BPM Krew

  1. Yet another great blog! They’re definitely a unique band, and their talent is beyond impressive! They perform at the Bier Markt-Espanade September 13th & 14th night!

  2. Me too, love these guys (and gal)! They have a unique and cool concept and really cater to a crowd who wants to dance the night away to all their favourite tunes. I would definitely see them again! Thanks for a great review and pics 🙂

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