Resto Review – Hey Lucy

What do you do when the restaurant you planned on going to is closed until dinner hours – which is another almost two hours? Well you drive along Bloor until something else catches your eye – that’s what. This was the perfect opportunity to stop in at “Hey Lucy”. It’s always been one of those places that I’ve noticed and wondered about but never went in for one reason or another.


The restaurant was spacious, with the bar to the rear. There was FABULOUS zebra-print seating and beautiful chandeliers. There were booths as well as bar-style seating (as well as a patio) and the washrooms were located in the basement.

Hey Lucy Setting      Hey Lucy Setting


The staff was friendly from entry, and our first server was super honest. When I say honest, I mean he actually talked me out of my original order (Wood Oven Roasted Chicken, stuffed with broccoli, roasted red peppers, portobello mushrooms and goat cheese on a bed of fettuccine tossed with baby spinach, cherry tomatoes and snap peas in a light lemon herbed alfredo and served with seasonal vegetables – sounds amazing, right?!) because he said the cook on duty doesn’t do a great job at making the chicken nice and juicy. I really appreciated that. He was also more attentive than the server that took over for him, although you didn’t notice because someone was always tending to your table. He did make for a more personal experience, which I look forward to whenever I go to a restaurant. (I’m one to chat with servers – hey you’ll be handling my food, I need to feel you out).


Appetizers (hooray for half-priced apps!)

I ordered Fried Calamari (with dried chili, sea salt, lemon and a side of tzatziki). Now, I LOVE calamari and I’m always inclined to order it whenever I see it on a menu. I did enjoy how hot and tasty this was with the kick of dried chili. I also liked having tzatziki sauce to dip it.

Hey Lucy Fried Calamari

Ev and Mike ordered Wood Fired Garlic Bread with Cheese and Bruschetta and raved about how tasty they both were. They shared their apps and it’s a good thing they got a second item! They loved them.

Hey Lucy Bruschetta and Garlic Bread


I ordered Chicken Primavera (grilled zucchini, roasted red peppers, grilled onion, sun dried tomato, spinach and broccoli lightly tossed with tri colour fusilli, basil pesto and olive oil) – I would have enjoyed it more had it arrived hot (I had to ask for it to be reheated), but it sure was chock-full of great veggies and huge chunks of chicken so that made me enjoy the meal anyway. Because of the olive oil I did find that I had to add some salt to taste.

Hey Lucy Chicken Primavera

Ev ordered Lucy’s Mac and Cheese (double smoked bacon, cherry tomatoes and a four cheese alfredo) and really enjoyed it, finishing off her plate with no issues or complaints.

Hey Lucy Mac n cheese

Mike ordered Sausage Supreme Wood Fired Pizza (chili infused Italian sausage, pepperoni, bacon and mushrooms with house tomato pesto sauce and shredded mozzarella) and he was surprised he finished the entire plate – that was how much he enjoyed it.

Hey Lucy Sausage Supreme pizza


The apps were half priced and my pasta meal was $18, while the mac n cheese was around $13 and pizza around $15 – all the prices were reasonable and the portions were decent.

Overall Experience

My one complaint about this experience, was when Ev asked for water and was forgotten. When the hostess came by and she ordered water again, and it was promptly brought for her…….. Only it WASN’T water but hot vinegar. Ev in the midst of the conversation wasn’t paying attention and unfortunately took a sip by the time the hostess sped back realizing her error. It was hot vinegar used to clean the utensils, and she did apologize but I thought something should have been offered to her to make up for her (lack of a better term) sour experience. A free dessert, maybe? I’m fairly certain other resaurants would have done something. You served me hot vinegar, homie.

Anyway… There are 3 Hey Lucy locations; we went to the 440 Bloor St W location and there is also one at 295 King Street West and the other is located at 229 Carlton Street.

11 thoughts on “Resto Review – Hey Lucy

  1. This food looks delish! I’m glad to hear there’s some honest wait staff still out there who aren’t looking to sell you whatever you want but who instead want to give you a great experience 🙂

  2. I really like the Hey Lucy on Queen West. The Wednesday martini night is epic. I can NOT believe they brought hot vinegar. That is inexcusable. They really should have compensated you guys for that in some way. Yuck.

    1. I don’t think I’d return to the Bloor location anyway, just based off how the evening ended. But I’d like to try another location, I was thinking the King one!

  3. Hey Lucy on King St. is one of my favourites, but I also liked the Bloor St. location when I was there last. My favourite menu item is the Mac and Cheese that your friend Ev ordered. I’m also not a fruity-martini type of gal, but I turn into one easlily when they have the 1/2 price martini night – there are so many good ones to try. I’m glad your experience was a good one, despite the hot vinegar incident – I totally agree, they should have offered something as compensation.

  4. I was upset to read about the vinegar 😦 I agree with everybody but that was a huge mistake and should NOT have happened. PERIOD. I do enjoy Hey Lucy too and I hope that they read this and reach out to you. Just my two cents 🙂

    1. It was very disappointing that the waitress didn’t take that chance to rectify the situation. I’m not going back there simply because of that!

  5. I was JUST about to ask if the one on King West still did Martini Wednesdays – THOSE were a hoot and a half. We had a gang of us who all worked in the area, and we religiously ended up there on Wednesdays. The smoked salmon and lox dish was my favourite – I can still taste it!

    1. Maybe I’ll try them out sometime in the summer. But if there’s vinegar involved and it’s not on fries… I’m over this franchise.

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