On The Prowl – Aqua: A Symphony of Music

“Since 1975, Griffin Centre has been delivering services to people who thought their needs didn’t count.”

If the name Griffin Centre sounds familiar to you, it’s because it’s Chris’ favourite not-for-profit organization to volunteer with and she also wrote all about this year’s Annual Fundraising Boat Cruise.

Another big fundraising event  for Griffin Centre is the Aqua: A Symphony of Music that usually takes place in November. Your TNL gals had the pleasure of attending this year (their 3rd annual), which was an added thrill for Chris who usually only gets to see the Griffin Centre gang once a year.

GriffinCentreAqua (3) GriffinCentreAqua (1)

As usual, we were totally excited to get dolled up, and it would appear Chris was subconsciously trying to show her support by wearing Griffin Centre blue.

GriffinCentreAqua -TNL

So, you’d think the excitement would cap at getting dolled up for the symphony, right? Well, the evening started with a wine and cheese reception and Chris soldiered it out for TNL since Ash is still dairy-free. We had white wine (sponsored by Greenlane Estate Winery) which was great; we are not ones to complain about wine – ever! There was also a silent auction for attendees to bid on some lovely prizes that were donated by generous sponsors, and we can’t forget the candy station sponsored by Sugar Fix Candy Station.

Griffin Centre Aqua wine n cheese Griffin Centre aqua - silent auction

We’d have taken a picture of the wine station but, well, our hands were full – you see.

Griffin Centre Aqua

The show was held in the auditorium at St Michael’s College School, Centre for the Arts and the performance was put on by the Toronto Symphony Youth Orchestra (TSYO), conducted by Shalom Bard, whose passion for music was displayed as he described one of the composer’s pieces (Dmitri Shostakovch: Symphony No 10 in E minor) in great detail, down to what notes denoted tragedy while others represented his initials. Unfortunately, that particular piece was cut short due to time constraints (he may have gotten a bit carried away!) and that was a bummer, because we were really excited to listen to the piece for the notes he pointed out.


 GriffinCentreAqua (2) Griffin Centre aqua (1)

The entire evening was absolutely fantastic, and also a nice swtich to the type of posts we have been sharing with you guys. The TSYO was beyond amazing displaying limitless talent and we wouldn’t have minded one bit if we got to watch them perform all night. We left the event very pleased, and it was completed with a goodie bag on our way out. Griffin Centre really does think of every little detail when showing their appreciation for all the support they receive. The greatest part was seeing the venue buzzing with so many who support an organization that provides a much needed service.

If you are interested in donating to Griffin Centre, please visit their donation page. Any amount you give never, ever goes unrecognized!

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