On The Prowl – Delicious Food Show 2013

Free Samples. Delicious Food. Say no more – TNL gals are there.

Off we ventured to the Better Living Centre at Exhibition Place on a rainy Saturday morning for the Delicious Food Show, already excited because we also got vouchers with our tickets ($20 in advance, or less if you can score an online deal like we did). The pink-carpeted venue was already bustling with vendors and patrons excited to share and eat. We were right at home.

Delicious Food Show 2013 - Entrance

We were at first a little (okay, okay… very) over-stimulated and wandered aimlessly not sure what we wanted to try first. So, naturally we got a drink at the Alize booth. After all, what are two girls to do when they have vouchers and too much happening around them?

Delicious Food Show 2013 - Alize  Delicious Food Show TNL has Alize

 The Celebrity guest on Saturday was Food Network’s Chef Michael Smith who had of course drawn quite the crowd for his cooking demonstration, and quite the line to get his autograph! It would have been great to meet him but there was so much food to eat and so little time. We missed Martha Stewart as she was there on the Friday!

Delicious Food Show 2013 - Michael Smith Delicious Food Show Chef Michael Smith

One food we were excited to sample was Cookin’ Greens where we were able to get 3 vouchers for $10 along with an insulated bag. The samples were absolutely delicious; Ash already purchased them and Chris will soon be joining! They’re available at Metro and Loblaws Superstore to name a few places.

Delicious Food Show 2013 - Cookin' Greens

Then… Oh what is this guy with the very fun Australian accent showcasing? GARLIC BUTTER? Do tell us more because we LOVE garlic. So it turns out he has created a device where you grate the garlic on a plate with a serrated surface, then brush it off and the end results is smooth like butter without any waste of product. Great for garlic mashed potatoes and soups. You can even use it for ginger, nutmeg, chocolate and Parmesan cheese. They were usually 1 for $20, but he was offering a BOGO (buy one get one) deal that we took advantage of.

 Delicious Food Show 2013 - Garlic grater Delicious Food Show 2013 - Garlic grater Delicious Food Show Garlic Grater (1) Delicious Food Show Garlic Grater (2)

And then walking along, we saw it… a giant bowl of guacamole being served with nachos. Cue detour.  It turns out it was from El Cantrin Destileria – a Mexican restaurant in the Distillery District. Yummy! (Possible TNL review?)

Delicious Food Show 2013 - Elcantrin

We also had the pleasure of stopping by the Oh! Naturals booth where we met the owner and creator of flavoured banana chips, Rhonda Goldberg (on the right below). She had us try the store-bought processed banana chips and then her product, and there was definitely a difference in taste. It also turns out that she has sweet potato snacks coming in the New Year, and we are really looking forward to trying those.

 Delicious Food Show 2013 - Oh! Naturals Delicious Food Show Oh Natruals Sweet Potato snack

Other booths we stopped by were Olive That who specializes in Artisan Oils and Vinegars, and were they ever delectable! Looks like we’ll be heading to Whitby for some oils.

 Delicious Food Show 2013 - Olive That Delicious Food Show 2013 - Olive That. Delicious Food Show Olive That

We also sampled at A la Carte Cuisine who makes their very tasty gourmet sauces and dressings, and though we didn’t try their items, we took the opportunity to take pics of Kung Fu Tacos and SmashCake Desserts

Delicious Food Show 2013  - A la carte Delicious Food Show Kung Fu Taco Delicious Food Show SmashCake

 There were of course also wine booths, but as expected the lines were beyond ridiculous. Chris tried to line up to use up all the vouchers and quit after waiting a few minutes…. Like bees to honey this was by far the busiest booth!

Delicious Food Show 2013 - Wine booth Delicious Food Show Wine Booth

 Chris also indulged (that would mean purchased because they were oh-so-yummy) in yummy cookies from Sprucewood Handmade Cookie Co and Nature’s Finest Cheesecake , while Ash resisted because she is still going dairy-free. The cookies were 2 boxes for $12 and cheesecakes were 2 for $10. Chris was a happy girl, especially after the cheesecakes (selected mango and lemon meringue) that literally made her knees buckle.

Delicious Food Show 2013 - Sprucewood Handmade Cookie co Delicious Food Show - Sprucewood Handmade Cookies Delicious Food Show - Nature's Finest Cheesecake

Ash also passed on trying Tea India ready-made teas – mainly chai – that are sold in packets because they also contain milk. Chris thought they were delicious. There will be a full review coming on this company as well, as we learned that the history of the company is really interesting.

Delicious Food Show - Tea India Delicious Food Show Tea India

We also stopped by the Ely Products booth where they were giving out samples of Natural Sins baked-dried fruit thins. There was mango, coconut, beet, orange and pineapple to sample and they were so yummy! There are no other ingredients but the really thin slices of fruit and sugar, so they are true to taste and even texture of the fruit. We were sold and purchased a couple of bags at the low price of 2 for $5. Check out their Facebook Page for photos that included TNL.

Delicious Food Show 2013- Ely Products Delicious Food Show - Natural Sins Delicious Food Show -- Natural Sins.

Then there was U-Be-Livin-Smart, the creators of “Karma”ffin (how witty) the “Best of All Nutrient Dense Muffins™ made with Protein, Fruits, Vegetables, and Fibre; Sweet Potato, Avocado, Blueberries, Blackberries, Cranberries, Pomegranate, Raspberries, Orange, Mango, Banana, and Apple”. YUM! The selections were Apple Cinnamon with Chia, Belgian Chocolate with Banana, Orange Cinnamon with Mango and Smoothie Berry Medley with Chia Seed – being sold at 2 boxes (4 muffins) for $10.

Delicious Food Show 2013 - Karmaffin  Delicious Food Show Karmaffins

We decided to save our last stop for an actual meal before we left, and had settled on Buster’s Sea Cove Food Truck after we noticed there was Lobster Roll on the menu. It turned out to be the most popular item at least 90% of the orders. And we now know why, because it was ABSOLUTELY delicious. Stuffed with lobster with a bag of Miss Vickie’s chips and some pickles on the side – it was the perfect way to end another great TNL outing.

 Delicious Food Show Buster's Sea Cove Delicious Food Show 2013 - Buster's Sea Cove Food Truck menu Buster's Sea cove lobster roll

There were dozens of booths that we did not get the chance to visit (you really need the 3 days!), but if you were at the Delicious Food Show, tell us what your favourite was!

6 thoughts on “On The Prowl – Delicious Food Show 2013

  1. I’m honestly not surprised the wine line was as long as it was haha! Michael Smith seems like such a sweetheart and he’s always happy and smiling 🙂 The food adn products looked really good and nothing ends a day on a great note like a lobster roll 😀

  2. Wow, I’ve never heard of this food show before – it sounds amazing! I’m a huge fan of Michael Smith – his cooking shows are so much fun to watch. The cheesecake sounds delicious – and even though Ash had to skip the cheesecake, I’m glad there was lobster roll to the rescue! Thank you for a great review – another fun event added to my list of things to try.

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