Resto Review – The Waterfront Dining Bistro Bar

It’s always nice to try out a restaurant for the first time, especially when it comes with good reviews. I had planned to meet a friend for dinner, and at her suggestion we ended up at The Waterfront in Pickering since she’d been there before and loved it.


I thought the restaurant was smaller than it first appeared, until I noticed more tables on the other side of the bar! The bar was at the front as you walked into the main area and you can’t go wrong with a bar greeting you. There is also a patio which was closed due to the colder weather but considering it’s on the water it would be nice to have a meal out there in the summer.

 The Waterfront (Pickering) (2) The Waterfront (Pickering) (7) The Waterfront (Pickering) (8)


We went to the restaurant on a quiet Sunday evening, and our waiter was very patient and attentive. As usual we got to talking and kept forgetting to order, so he had to return a few times until we were ready.


We started with the Saganaki Flambé (Lightly Dusted, Pan Fried Served With Lemon) and the Waterfront’s signature Spinach & Artichoke Dip (Prepared In House Served With Grilled Naan Bread). Both these dishes were quite enjoyable; cheese in any form is good so fired up and served hot with some bread was a great way to start the evening. The dip was also rich and very flavourful with a great blend between artichoke and spinach. I was really looking forward to our entrees after enjoying the apps so much.

The Waterfront (Pickering) (6) The Waterfront (Pickering) (5)

I ordered the King Club Panini (Grilled Chicken Breast Topped With Bacon, Lettuce, Monterey Jack Cheese Tomatoes Creamy Guacamole Served On Vienna Stick) and asked that they hold the bacon. I was underwhelmed by the sandwich, actually. It was just another sandwich with nothing memorable, and there was barely any guacamole, if any! That was a bit of a selling point for me (as guacamole usually is), so I was hoping for more.

The Waterfront (Pickering) (9)

Mel ordered Mussels And Frites (Steamed And Served In Your Choice Of White Wine Garlic & Herb, Rich Tomato Marinara Or Light Curry Sauce Served With Fries And Lemon Aioli) and substituted for Sweet Potato Fries. She offered some to me, and I am glad I took her up on her offer! They were so tasty and really made up for my boring meal. If you like mussels, I highly recommend this location’s.

The Waterfront (Pickering) (1)


The meals were at comparable prices (my sandwich was $14 and the mussels were $12) so you wouldn’t be breaking the bank to enjoy a meal at the Waterfront.

Overall Experience

Overall I had a good time at the Waterfront and would return to try something else. If at all, I’d most likely wait until the summer so I could take advantage of the patio and view.

The Waterfront is located at 590 Liverpool Rd S.

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4 thoughts on “Resto Review – The Waterfront Dining Bistro Bar

  1. I’m really surprised that the mussel dish was only $12 – that won’t break the bank at all! This seems like a great place to eat in the summer at night; I totally agree with you – cheese in any form is a-ok with me 😀

  2. Too bad you were underwhelmed by your panini, but I’m glad the mussels were good or you would have had to show them how it’s done, since you are an expert! Thanks for the review – It’s nice to know of places to go where you can enjoy a waterfront atmosphere without having to drive for hours.

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