Product Review- Glam Glow SuperMud Clearing Treatment

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Chris just did a great review on her current favourite facial product, the Ren Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask. So, I’m going to talk facials too!

My bestie Diana and I have had some truly epic facial nights. These don’t just consist of slapping on a facial and hanging out. Oh no, facial nights are extensive. We begin with cleansing, then do some kind of exfoliating scrub, followed by two or three separate masks, a Biore pore strip and moisturizer. Great for our skin, and so relaxing.

 Once, while masking, we got creative with some lipstick and eyeliner …and this happened. HA!

Recently, my friend made DIY red clay masks for Chris and I to try. Really great on our skin after spending some time in the sauna.

red clay masks

 I also recently even gave a Montagne Glacial Spa Clay fabric mask a try. This mask is truly stunning!

cloth clay mask

 So basically, I really enjoy using masks to keep my skin healthy and radiant…and I have tried a lot of them.

 For the last few months, I have been hearing a lot about the Glam Glow mud masks, especially on YouTube. I have seen glowing reviews for both both the YouthMud and the SuperMud masks.

  A friend of mine purchased one of the Glam Glow masks and casually mentioned that it cost $69.

 Umm, I’m sorry …what? Do these masks make your pores ooze gold or something? I headed over to Sephora to investigate further.

 Yup. Affirmative.

 It is $69 for a measly 1.2 ounces of both of the Glam Glow masks. How cow!

 What I love about Sephora, is that their staff are always willing to prepare samples of any products in the store, so that you can test drive them before making the commitment and purchasing.

 So, I headed home with a sample of the Glam Glow SuperMud to give it a try.

 Its amazing. I loved it, but just couldn’t bring myself to drop that much money on a teeny jar of face mask.

Fast forward to Christmas… Santa brought me Glam Glow Supermud. Huzzah!

 So, let’s talk about the product.

 From the website: Glam Glow was created & founded by Glenn & Shannon Dellimore for exclusive behind the scenes use in Hollywood’s Entertainment, Music, Fashion & Award Industries used professionally pre makeup for camera ready skin. Created for men & women of all ages and all skin types, proudly made in California, USA and available in 52 countries. A major Beauty Award Winner, voted ELLE Magazines No.1 Beauty Obsession with rave Consumer Reviews, Best Seller Stamp & Winner of the Hottest Product. Branded as Sexy, Innovative & Fun, providing amazing efficacy with immediate results as a Quick-Fix Treatment. Featuring Proprietary active-mud delivery systems with Patent Pending TEAOXI™ technology.

 The SuperMud was clinically developed by dermatological chemists to help fight all common skin concerns including breakouts, discoloration, black and white heads, razor bumps, and in-grown hair. Powerful, skin-clearing mud visibly draws out dirt and congestion while a proprietary six-acid blend dramatically brightens and softens skin. It works to magnetically draw out dirt and pores with Activated-X Charcoal, leaving skin smooth and healthy-looking.

Glam Glow box

 Although I really love the esthetic of the Glam Glow packaging, it is very misleading and wasteful. This chic and stylish box contains an itty bitty 1.2 ounce jar of actual product.

Glam Glow packaging

The actual product is just that teeny jar with the star on it.

Glam Glow jarGlam Glow mud

 The mud itself is thick and chunky with green tea leaves. It smells minty and fresh.

 I apply a very thin layer of the Glam Glow mask on my face. I find that a little goes a long way, which is very good considering the price of the product.

Glam Glow mud

 It feels cool with a slight tingle. I have read quite a few reviews where people say that both Glam Glow masks actually burn when applied to their skin. Having tried both, Id say that the YouthMud definitely tingles more than this SuperMud, but neither burned or irritated my skin.

The mask dries extremely quickly and you can see this as in darkened in colour on your skin. I use cool water to rinse it off. The green tea leaves act as an exfoliant when rinsing.

 After the Glam Glow SuperMud, my face is clean and radiant. My pores are smaller, especially on my nose. I notice new radiance in my complexion up to two days following the use of the mask.

 I also use the Glam Glow SuperMud as a spot treatment. It stays put overnight, and really works to shrink and dry out breakouts.

 I would recommend the Glam Glow mask to anyone who has oily skin like me. I could see it being a bit drying for those with dry skin, especially in the Winter months. So, if this is the case I would stick to using it as a spot treatment.

 I still think that the $69 price tag is unreasonable for ANY face mask, but this is one of the best that I have ever tried.

 Have you tried the Glam Glow mud treatments?

11 thoughts on “Product Review- Glam Glow SuperMud Clearing Treatment

  1. OMG I just love this post… I know the mask is uber expensive but I will tell anyone to try a sample esp if you have dry skin. For those with dry skin, they just came out with the hydrating mask and I hear it’s the bomb!!!! I have oily skin myself and prefer this mud that you are writing about. Glam Glow also has an exfoliating treatment but it’s very tingly and kinda feels like your skin is being burned alive. Again, maybe try a sample before splurging on that too.

    I took the plunge and splurged on this with a gift card and I haven’t looked back. A little goes a long way and it really helps with pores and acne scars! Love love love masks!!! ❤

    1. Thanks Vanna! I am very curious about the new hydrating one. I may give it a try while its still Winter because I sure don’t need any extra hydrating in the Summer!

  2. Great review. I’ve been hearing about Glam Glow too, but I can’t drop that much money on a face mask. I would feel differently if you at least received 3 or 4 oz of the product. Glad you like it so much! Maybe there are dupes 🙂


    1. I completely agree! The price tag would not be so bad if the product were at least a bit larger. I am officially on the hunt for a dupe. Stay tuned ;P

  3. Can we add your pic in the Montagne Glacial Spa Clay fabric mask on our “About TNL” page? PPPPPLEEEEEEEEEEEASE.

    while you mull that over – I shall head on over for a sample of this mask. I love masks!

  4. Great Post Ash. Like yourself, I have very oily skin so this would be the perfect product to try. Because it’s so expensive, I may just it first before buying it. If I love it then I’m all in! Love yaaaaaaaaa!

    – Bestie

  5. The price isn’t THAT bad if you consider that with weekly used it can last up to almost 6 months. That being said, I love this mask sooooo much.

  6. I just bought it recently off Amazon. It’s the same thing. However, It’s 20 bucks cheaper on Amazon than Sephora. So I suggest you look there first after you have tried your sample from Sephora. The only sad thing is you don’t get Sephora points.

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