Product Review – Milani Cosmetics Brow Tint Pen (& eyebrow pictorial)

Well, what girl isn’t a sucker for the word “new” on a beauty product? And since I like trying to find new ways to do my brows, it was only fitting that I tried a brow tint pen…. Or at least this is what I’ll tell myself to make it okay to purchase and try it out.  I normally use eyeshadow (usually CoverGirl dark brown) and I’m pretty content with my method, but it’s good to switch things up. Again – this is what I’ll tell myself.

I’ve been receiving requests to do a brow tutorial, which I still find so bizarre because I am no professional. But since there has been interest (for which I am eternally flattered), I will tie it into this post.

What It looks like:

Milani Cosmetics Brow Tint Pen (1) Milani Cosmetics Brow Tint Pen (2) Milani Cosmetics Brow Tint Pen (3)

How I used it:

I usually fill in/shape my eyebrows before I apply foundation, so that I can clean it up on the top at that time. I tried at first with filling in just with the pen, but I did not like the results because they weren’t dramatic enough. 

I start with my lovely, scant eyebrow, brushed into one direction using an eyebrow brush. OR you can wash and use the brush from a discarded mascara.

               Eyebrow tutorial (2) - brush

 Then I used the brush to shape and fill in:

Eyebrow tutorial (3) - with brow pen

Since this wasn’t dramatic enough for me, I then tried by adding it to my normal eyebrow routine replacing a dark brown eye pencil (which can sometimes be to harsh) and liked the results MUCH more.

I will do a complete tutorial here:

I usually start with my lovely, scant eyebrow, brushed into one direction but since I already started with the pen, I’m going to continue from the eyebrow that had only brow pen fill-in because I did this all in one step. Normally, I start from my bare eyebrow and then fill in with CG dark brown eyeshadow using an angled brush:

 Eyebrow tutorial (4) - apply eye shadow Eyebrow tutorial (5) - apply eyeshadow

I clean up the bottom part with Vasanti V12 concealer, applied with a small square brush:

Eyebrow tutorial (6) - apply concealer Eyebrow tutorial (7) - apply concealer

I then apply my foundation (Makeup atelier in #11) and clean up the top of the eyebrow

Eyebrow tutorial (8) - apply foundation Eyebrow tutorial (9) - apply foundation

At this step, I use the brow pen to fill in the areas the shadow wasn’t opaque enough in, and also to make the edges neater and more precise.

Eyebrow tutorial (10) - apply brow pen Eyebrow tutorial (11) - apply brow pen

Le voila – my eyebrows are done! Apply some mascara, complete with fall out (cleaned afterwards with a q-tip)!

Eyebrow tutorial (12) - finished Eyebrow tutorial (13)

Overall Impression:

It turned out that it wasn’t a wasted purchase as I initially feared, since I found a method that works for me. I would repurchase this item (which costs $7-$8CDN at the Superstore). Because the tip is fine you could fill in with precision without overdoing it (or having to worry about sharpening a pencil!), and the texture was very smooth and lasting. If you are going for a more “natural” and subtle look, using this pen alone would work nicely.

Have you tried this product? If not, what do you use to fill in your brows?

7 thoughts on “Product Review – Milani Cosmetics Brow Tint Pen (& eyebrow pictorial)

  1. The very first things I noticed about you when we first met were 1) – your lipstick (which was Cantaloupe as I recall), and 2) – your stunning, perfect eyebrows. I really appreciate this tutorial, because my eyebrows are the one thing (technically two things, haha) for which I have not nailed down a go-to, works-every-time routine. I have a love-hate relationship with them. I had been filling them in with a small angled brush and a dark charcoal-black colour from Quo cosmetics for the longest time, until recently when I saw a tutorial from Sokolum on YouTube in which she used multiple colours to fill her eyebrows in, so then I tried two colours and Iike it better. Now I dab my angled brush in Blackout and then Snakebite (both colours from the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette) and it is a more natural-looking colour – but I still don’t have the perfect shape and technique down yet! I love your advice of applying foundation afterward, and using concealer to make the lines really clean and precise. I will look for this Milani product and see if I can make it work. Thank you so much Chris!

    1. Yes I remember when we first met, and you complimented my eyebrows! Thank you so much for that Seph! 🙂 And Sokolum has killer techniques, eh? You sound like you have a good routine going, but if you try the milani pen let me know your thoughts!

  2. This pen looks like the answer to my prayers!! I’ve tried using shadows (which I hate) and the retractable pen from Sephora (which is good but doesn’t have enough product in it and for the price, it’s not a good buy). I’m currently using the Anastasia Brow Pencil which I really like but I’ve tried to avoid using it because I’m scared if I sharpen it too much the tip will pop out!! I love the precise tip on this and your brows definitely look natural 🙂 I don’t necessarily need to fill in my brows but my face just looks more put-together when my brows are filled in! I will definitely keep an eye out for this – do you know if it’s available at Shoppers or Wal Mart?

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