Resto Review- Off the Hook Gourmet Fish and Chips

Are you ready to hear about a Fish and Chip spot that is Off the Hook?

Sorry. That bad joke was just so obvious that it was begging to be made.

For reals though, I had been hearing about Off the Hook Gourmet Fish and Chips for quite a while. It sounded like their fish selection and organic options set them apart from similar shops. So, I headed down to this little gem to see (and taste) for myself.

Off the Hook Gourmet Fish and Chips


Off the Hook is just a hop, skip and a jump from Broadview Station at Broadview and Danforth. It is easy to get to by both transit and car ( as it is not far from the highway), and I even found free parking on a side street close by.

The resto itself is very small and easy to miss. It is quaint and inviting, with a small number of tables.

Off the Hook Gourmet Fish and Chips

Off the Hook Gourmet Fish and Chips

The front of the restaurant features a counter with fresh ingredients, the deep fryer right behind. As I have mentioned in previous reviews, I really like when cooking areas are visible to the public.

Off the Hook Gourmet Fish and ChipsOff the Hook Gourmet Fish and Chips


Our server greeted me as soon as I entered Off the Hook, and led me to a table in the back area of the restaurant as he said it was warmer there. This was much appreciated during the Toronto super deep freeze that we were experiencing. Perfect weather for comfort food. He was attentive and helpful throughout our meal, although he was not a man of many words.


The Off the Hook menu features some menu staples like chicken fingers, burgers, soup and salad. They also have an array of delicious sounding poutine options (House Poutine is sweet potato fries with brie!).  However, the star of the show here is obviously fish and chips, and that was the reason for our visit.

We started with an order of 2 crab cakes.

crab caked from Off the Hook Gourmet Fish and Chips

These yummy fritters featured fresh crab meat, red bell peppers and scallions served with garlic aioli sauce and fresh lemon. We thought that these were delicious, but I could see them being a bit salty for some taste buds.

The fish and chips dinner at Off the Hook is all about decision making. First, you choose between halibut, sea bass, red snapper, rainbow trout and mahi mahi.  To help, the menu describes the taste and texture of each type of fish. For example, red snapper is a white, firm sweat meat fish with a mild flavor. This is definitely helpful.

Off the Hook Gourmet Fish and Chips

Now on to batter options. Oh yes, there are batter options. Fish can be prepared with organic house batter, Cajun batter, gluten-free batter, or it can be grilled.

Next, do we want fries or onion rings? Easy, fries. But wait, Cajun fries, regular fries, sweet potato fries, or maybe poutine?

The next order of business is to choice one of Off the Hook’s signature dipping sauce. Choices are tarter, lost in the sauce (garlic), go green pesto, mango salsa, curry mayo, cucumber cilantro, jalapeno ranch, walking wasabi, chipotle mayo, and sizzler xxx.

Last but not least, the choice between creamy coleslaw or vinaigrette. I loved that this was an option as I can’t stand creamy coleslaw!

So, I made my picks (anyone who has ever been to a restaurant with me knows that this no easy task) and created this delicious meal.

I had grilled red snapper (with Cajun seasoning), Cajun fries and vinaigrette coleslaw. I rounded this meal out with delicious coconut water.

Off the Hook Gourmet Fish and Chips

The fish tasted very fresh. It was cooked perfectly, moist and flaky and was seasoned perfectly. The fries were chunky and obviously made from fresh potatoes. They were served sprinkled generously with Cajun seasoning. Coleslaw was tart and zesty. I loved that it was crunchy and fresh. No one likes soggy coleslaw! The cucumber cilantro sauce tasted like tzatziki sauce. The cool sauce was an excellent complement to the Cajun seasoned fish and fries.

My friend had halibut with organic house batter and regular fries.

Off the Hook Gourmet Fish and Chips

Although I did not partake, Off the Hook features beer on tap from local breweries. There are also organic beer options.

beer at Off the Hook Gourmet Fish and Chipsbeer  at Off the Hook Gourmet Fish and Chips


Our crab cakes appetizer was $12. You can also order one cake only for $7.

Depending on the type of fish that you choose, a fish and chips dinner will set you back between $12 and $14. For fresh, high quality, generous pieces of fish, I think that this price is entirely fair. It is a tad pricier than most fish and chip shops, but the variety and quality is quite highland so I feel it’s worth it. They even made sure to stick a “gourmet” in their restaurant title, to let us know that it is a cut above.

 Overall Experience

I really enjoyed Off the Hook. I found my fish and chips dinner to be tasty and fresh and the restaurant itself was cozy and comfortable. I particularly loved all of the fish, batter and sauce options and will definitely return to try them all!

 Off The Hook Gourmet Fish and Chips is located at 749 Broadview Avenue (416) 465-4356.

4 thoughts on “Resto Review- Off the Hook Gourmet Fish and Chips

  1. MMM! I love good quality fish and chips. The choices between the dipping sauces and fries are really good – variety is the best! I definitely agree that there’s probably cheaper places in town but I think that $12-$14 isn’t exactly overpriced either. I’m glad I read this after lunch or I’d be super hungry from all the pictures 😀

  2. Sounds wonderful! Many of my favourite places to eat are not far from Broadview Station – there’s just something about that neighbourhood and food. They also tend to have extensive beer and alcohol selections that are not always the standard elsewhere. I love the idea that you can customize your meal so much. I especially love that there is so much Cajun seasoning floating around. Thank you for a great review!

    1. You really can’t go wrong with cajun seasoning! I feel like that little lady in the Frank’s hot sauce commercial, “I put that *BLEEP* on everything!”

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