TNL Travels – Quartier Dix30, Brossard QC

If you’re from or visit Toronto and are familiar with Shops at Don Mills, wait til you lay eyes on Quartier Dix30 in Brossard.

Brossard, Quartier Dix30 (1) Brossard, Quartier Dix30 (2)

Hôtel ALT

The hotel is located on a far end (the yellow area) of Quartier Dix30 but can be noticed from any spot because of its height. Check-in was an absolute breeze and the attendant provided me with a map of the area. The single-occupant room was nicely laid out but the kicker for ME (it really doesn’t take much to make me a happy girl) were the tiny pictures painted outside each room underneath the room number. Because they were two of my favourite things (a dog and a pair of glasses), I felt like it was personalized. But then I turned on the TV, and saw it displayed my name. I did get a kick out of the soaps and moisturizer that were bolted down, yet the Keurig was not! All in all, I enjoyed my stay here – that bed was SO comfortable.

Brossard - Hotel ALT (6) Brossard - Hotel ALT (1)Brossard - Hotel ALT (4) Brossard - Hotel ALT (5) Brossard - Hotel ALT (3)

Now onto the actual Quartier Dix30 itself where there are shops and restaurants on top of shops and restaurants. There were stores we love like Marshalls, H&M, Holt Renfrew, a Cineplex, Wal-Mart and basically everything in between. I didn’t get to indulge in any shopping due to a late day and the stores closing at 6PM – but MAYBE that was for the better…. N’est-ce pas?

  Brossard-Quartier Dix30 Brossard -Quartier  Dix30

For lunch, I went to Casey’s Dix30 with coworkers and had Asian Calamari (Fried calamari strips, chili garlic sesame sauce, red and green peppers, green onions and peanuts with ranch dressing) with a side of poutine.

Brossard - Casey's (2) Brossard - Casey's (1)

I tend to forget everything else on a menu when I see there is calamari, because I love it so much. I’d never had it like this, though. There was a LOT going on, but the it was a nice spin on a great dish especially with the garlic sesame sauce adding a sweet kick on top of the salty ranch. I don’t know if I’d order it again, simply because I like my simple fried calamari. The poutine was HUGE and I was stuffed at the end of this meal. Yummy poutine!

I had dinner at Elixor Restaurant, after spending about half an hour trying to decide where I’d go. Setting

When I’d first walked in, I asked for a booth….  only to follow the hostess around the corner to see that the entire restaurant is laid out with booths. It was dimly lit, with gorgeous light fixtures and gave the feel of a high-end, very expensive restaurant. There was music playing quietly (but loud enough for the staff to sing along – HA!).

Brossard - Elixor-Dix30 (8) Brossard - Elixor-Dix30 (2)


My server, Lucinda, was very sweet and attentive, giving suggestions when I asked for favourites. She returned frequently to ensure I was okay and had enough to drink. I also noticed the manager was out of the floor and stopped by some tables – including mine. He was very engaging and offered his help selecting dessert, since he’d come at the end of my meal.


I indulged in a mango bellini… which was way more champagne than mango lol. But I wasn’t complaining – it was delicious.

Brossard - Elixor-Dix30 (3)


I was still stuffed from my poutine and calamari lunch, and the menu was very extensive. I thought it best to try something in each category – appetizer, entrée and dessert. You know – for your sake… of course.


Avocado Rolls (Bite-size avocado, red onions, cilantro and oven roasted tomatoes. Fried in a crispy oriental wrapper and served with a tangy sweet & spicy cashew dipping sauce).

Brossard - Elixor-Dix30 (4)

If you think this looks ab-so-lute-ly delicious – well that’s because it was. It was so stuffed with avocado that I didn’t even notice any other ingredients. The fried exterior added a nice crunchy contrast to the soft filling, and that dipping sauce was simply heaven on earth. I literally wanted to drink it. Everything together was the PERFECT (and filling) appetizer.


I decided to go with a  salad because I was so stuffed from the app and still recovering from lunch. The menu has various sections: pastas, burgers, seafood, steaks, platters, lighter meals etc. It was stressful trying to pick something!

I settled on the Indochina Salad (Marinated chicken filet, tossed with a mixed salad, red onions, red and yellow peppers, cucumbers, crispy wontons, mango, avocado, plum dressing, roasted cashews and sesame seeds).

Brossard - Elixor-Dix30 (5) Brossard - Elixor-Dix30 (6) Brossard - Elixor-Dix30 (7)

The salad was huge. Ginormous. Trop grand. Delicious. Because there were so many ingredients, there was something different to enjoy with each and every bite. This was me during the meal: “MMMM mango…. Oh yummmm avocado… oooo these crispy wontons are even better than croutons… this dressing is great” and on it went until I finally finished it. I have never taken that long to finish a salad, though! You definitely get your money’s worth here.


I was convinced to order dessert to go, and the manager came over and offered his assistance based on what I liked and didn’t (no chocolate or raspberries, please!). I settled on the Blueberry lemon cheesecake. The whipped cream looks smooshed in the picture because I forgot to take a picture before closing the lid. It tasted just as delicious, fear not.

Elixor Dix30 blueberry lemon cheesecake

It wasn’t tart and had nice chunk of blueberry mixed in with the lemon flavour. It was a decent-sized slice too.


I found the prices comparable to other great restaurants, and considering the portion sizes they were great deals. The bellini was $7.95, avocado rolls: $10.45, indochina salad: $14.65 and cheesecake: $7.95.

Overall Experience

From beginning to end, I enjoyed a nice quiet meal at this restaurant and would highly recommend visiting if you’re in the area. It was a relaxing setting and all your needs are taken care of. I was really impressed with portion sizes. That’s how a restaurant gets people to come back – don’t just serve great food, serve great food in good portions.

Elixor Dix30 is located at 9330 boul. Leduc, Brossard, QC 579-720-9330. Brossard - Elixor-Dix30 (9) Brossard - Elixor-Dix30 (1)

10 thoughts on “TNL Travels – Quartier Dix30, Brossard QC

  1. This has made me very hungry indeed! And I think that the setting sounds incredible!
    (And thanks for sacrificing for us and trying so much deliciousness! 😉)

  2. Magnifique! Thank you so much for this great destination suggestion. The presentation of the food was so lovely, now I want to eat my computer screen 🙂 Merci!

  3. The food looks so yum and I never met a bellini I didn’t like 😛 The lighting and the general ambience looks so classy and perfect for a lovely dinner! Great review 🙂

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