Chris’ Love for Lipstick in Purples & Deep darks

If you recall from my first post about my fave lipsticks, I started with my favourite reds and berries in my lipstick collection. Now it’s time to move on to the purples and the darker shades. These are so necessary during the winter.

Now, I love purple. Like a lot. No, really. I will find any excuse to incorporate purple into my life. And in case you’re wondering – yes Prince is my all-time favourite artist.

Purples&deepdarks (1)

Purples&deepdarks (3)

Purples&deepdarks (2)
L to R: CG Embrace, Rimmel Royalty, Pout about it Enchanted, MAC Boyfriend Stealer, MAC Cyber, Wet n Wild Vamp it Up/ Front: OCC Lipstars in Pretty Boy, Rx and Black Dahlia

Cover Girl “Embrace” – please just buy this. It is one of the THE most beautiful colours I have ever seen. It lasts ALL day to the point where it stains your lips. I love when a lippie stains.

Purples&deepdarks (4) embrace

Rimmel “Royalty” – it’s a nice subtle pinky/purple that can work with almost any skintone, which is a huge feat for a lipstick shade. Because I like my lipsticks to make a bold statement (the brighter the better), I like how “nude” this looks on me.

Purples&deepdarks (5) royalty

Sportsgirl – Pout About It “Enchanted” – I discovered this brand while visiting the store “Sportsgirl” in Sydney and I really wish I’d picked up more colours! So pigmented – I love it.

Purples&deepdarks (6)sportsgirl

OCC “Pretty Boy”/”Rx” Liptar mix. When OCC introduced “Belladonna” last year I became obsessed. New purple? Must have! Then while at the OCC counter at IMATS recently, the salesgirl felt my pain at hearing Belladona wasn’t available and showed me that mixing Hoochie and Rx achieved a dupe. Done. Sold. I purchased Rx knowing I had “Pretty Boy” (another vibrant pink) at home. Say no more, where do I pay?

Purples&deepdarks (10)rxprettyboy Purples&deepdarks (11)rvprettyboy

And special mention goes to Afrobella’s MAC “All of my Purple Life” Lipgloss – you can wear this by itself and it adds so much colour to complete your makeup look.

Purples&deepdarks (13)allofmypurplelife

The Deep Darks

My interest in lipstick took an interesting turn by accident after I’d purchased some darker coloured lipsticks and started doing ombre looks.

MAC “Boyfriend Stealer” – this is part of the Archie’s Girls collection and I really (admittedly) mostly bought it because of the packaging. Okay – and it’s purple. It isn’t very pigmented and you have to apply a couple times before your desired results.

Purples&deepdarks (7)boyfriend stealer

MAC “Cyber” – oh how I longed for this shade. It’s a much more pigmented version of “boyfriend Stealer”.

Purples&deepdarks (8)cyber

Wet n Wild “Vamp it Up” – is a dupe for Cyber I find. So if you don’t want to dig too deep into your pockets, this is a lovely alternative. In fact, I prefer it much more than Cyber (eep!) because the texture is so rich and it’s much, much deeper. And crazy dark! Everytime I wear it, I get compliments.

Purples&deepdarks (9)vampitup

OCC Black Dahlia – beautiful, rich, dark, burgundy. I really like OCC liptars for the richness in colour.

Purples&deepdarks (12)blackdahlia

MAC “Cyber” and “Candy Yum Yum” plus OCC “Black Dahlia” – hooray for ombre! I love this combo, and thought I’d share it. For the love of lipstick, of course.


So tell me about your favourite purples and deep darks!

8 thoughts on “Chris’ Love for Lipstick in Purples & Deep darks

  1. You like purple!? This is almost as shocking as when I found out you liked lipstick. I mean it’s not like you made everyone wear purple on your birthday once , or anything. Oh wait… 😛

  2. I am back from being a little MIA on these! I love a good lippy but it’s hella hard to find one that works with my skintone. I’m loving some of the lighter ones – I feel like the darks just won’t work with my complexion. I was so scared to buy the black OCC tar at IMATS lol you’re definitely braver than me 😛

    1. It is definitely a challenge trying to find a colour to match your skintone BUT it’s also about your comfort zone. I, for example, don’t care and would wear it lol. So good to have you back – we love your comments!

  3. All of these colours look so beautiful on you! Oh what I wouldn’t give to have luscious-er lips. Because mine are totes non-existant. Also, when I was first scrolling through your photos and saw the blue/pink combo I thought “oooooh lordy, she’s gone mad!” but it looks great smushed together!

  4. Love this post! Your lips are so beautifully shaped and full – perfect palette for lipstick! My favourite deep dark lippie of all time is MAC Media. I have another new favourite too, thanks to you – Wet n’ Wild Cherry Bomb – it is in my purse at all times. I love that you affectionately call lipsticks “lippies”, and that last pic of you in the statement necklace is so gorgeous.

    1. YAY I’m so glad you love Cherry Bomb, I totally thought it was a Seph colour :-). And thank you for the compliment – I do love a good lippie. They make me so happy!

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