Product Review – Revlon PhotoReady foundation

Thanks to Ash, there’s been a lot of mention of foundation around these parts. She talked about her Top 3 and even shared her routine. Since trying and devoting my eternal love to Mary Kay‘s Timewise foundation, I have tried (and liked) Nacara or (didn’t like) Ash’s fave (CG 3-in-1) and then there was that one time we bought Faceatelier Ultra foundation at IMATS 2013.

So, confession time… I’m basically waiting until I get my summer colour back to start using the Timewise again, so during the winter I have not committed to any one foundation. I run out of one, I just try another. I’m a Foundation Free Agent. So the last time I ran out, I decided to try Revlon PhotoReady.

REVLON PhotoReady

What it looks like

So when I went to select a colour, and since it was at Wal-Mart, I didn’t get to test the shade on my skin before purchasing. I thought: ‘well, I’m “caramel”, aren’t I?’, and went with that shade because it looked pale enough to work with my ashen winter complexion and yellow undertone. I threw caution to the wind!

  Revlon Photo Ready (4)

At first I had tried applying with a brush, but I think I shall retire using a brush when applying foundation and stick with my Beautyblender. I love that thing. Peeps, if you don’t have one, add it to your lives!

Overall Impression

When I got home and opened it to get a closer/better look, I went “eep, this looks really light”. Lucky for me I am VERY pale (by my standards) in the winter, so what I thought would have been too light was just right. Sigh – shout outs to winter. I just had to let it “bake” on my skin, then set with my MAC Mineralize skin finish natural in “Give me Sun” OR BareMinerals “Medium Tan” using my kabuki brush and I was out the door.

Chris' faves

I liked the formula, because it wasn’t as “runny” as the Faceatelier and I could use less to get an even coverage. (Not to mention, it’s a fraction of the cost).  I also like that it’s not too heavy or looks caked on my skin. It doesn’t cover completely, and I like that. Like, the coverage still looks natural, you know? There is a shimmer to it that initially left me concerned because shine could never be good for already super oily skin. But I went ahead and gave it a fair chance.

Revlon Photo Ready (1)

Oh yes, it matched nicely and left a great finish! But the real test is how would it hold up after, say, a few hours? I am very oily, after all…

I applied in the morning and took a picture in front of the window: Revlon Photo Ready (2)

And then went about my day running errands with no touch-ups:  Revlon Photo Ready (3)

Pretty impressive! Thumbs up for this foundation. And it costs under $20. Well – at Wal-Mart, Shoppers Drug Mart is another story.

Have you used this foundation? If so, what were your thoughts?


*UPDATE* Due to recent allegations of racist comments made by the Revlon CEO and brought to light, I no longer use this or any other Revlon products.


7 thoughts on “Product Review – Revlon PhotoReady foundation

  1. ooooh I am loving this!! I always experiment with drugstore foundations because (let’s be honest) I’m not buying $30 foundation at Sephora (as much as I love their products!). I have combination dry/oily skin and by the time I get home from being out all day, my makeup starts to wear off (but not as much if I set it with Urban Decay spray). I’m glad the formula isn’t as runny because those require multiple coats and you can’t be a diva on a dime with that 😀

    1. I’m surprised/happy that I like this foundation too! There are soooo many options and it comes down to what works for ya. And this suits the diva in a dime budget juuuuust fine 🙂

  2. I really like Revlon foundations for formula, but I always find the colours aren’t right for me. Also, when are they going to come out with a self cleaning BeautyBlender?! Like, really.

  3. Wow, your skin tone looks completely different to me in each of the 3 photos – maybe it is the lighting? Regardless, I’m glad you said you liked the product and I might give it a try myself. I need to find a new foundation because the BB creams I’ve been using aren’t cutting it these days – my skin looks so blah. I am also a sun baby, and really only love my skin when it has had some sunshine – I hear you when you say you’re waiting to get your summer colour back! Thanks for the review and maybe I’ll give this a go, provided I can find a tester – I’m horrible at trying to guess my colour.

    1. Yeah it totally was the lighting at different times of the day! I tried bb creams as well and feel the same way as you. You should go into Sephora and let them do all the work for you. That is if you don’t mind spending that kind of money! Or just take Ash with you to shoppers 🙂

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