The Curly Soirée

Ever since attending the Toronto Natural Hair & Beauty Show last year, I’ve been dying to attend one of those natural hair meet & greets I always see being advertised on social media (namely instagram!). So when Anya Grant, Founder of I HEART My Hair tweeted me about The Curly Soirée, I knew that I was SO going to be there! It was lovely to meet her!

The Curly Soiree (7)

The cost to attend the event was $30, with part of the proceeds going towards “Beautiful Hair, Beautiful Me” – a program through Children’s Aid Society of Toronto with its focus on hairstyling, education and self esteem. A wonderful initiative, if I do say so myself.

Described as Toronto’s edition of the Koils by Nature‘s International Natural Hair Meet-up Day (INHMD),the evening started with a Q&A meet & greet with YouTube personality Natural Neiicey, who talked about her hair journey, from how/why she started to what she does to care for her hair. On top of the endless opportunities to network, there were refreshments, a candy station, vendors set-up (who also provided prizes) Mango Coral Empire and Mika Lishauna of Lishaunaturals), several raffles/giveaways, a Hair Workshop presented by Shauna Edwards from Natural Mystics Hair Studio, performances by the oh-so-talented performer and youth advocate Domanique Grant (who also hosted the event) and a fashion show titled “Fro Meets Fashion” presented by My Afro Fashion.

And speaking of raffles, yours truly was also a winner! I got the INHMD tote bag and goodies.

The Curly Soiree (9)

T’kehya, one of the I Heart My Hair team members, has taken on a great initiative to bring more awareness to the demand for natural hair products north of the border. By getting as many naturals in the city to fill out the lovely survey (link below), she hopes to make waves (pun not intended!) to companies in the States who carry the products we normally have to travel to get or order online and pay shipping fees. If you’re a Canadian naturalista – or know someone who is – take a few moments to fill it out: More Natural Hair Products In Canada!” Petition (English|French) and spread the word!

It was a great evening of a room filled with beautiful Toronto naturals! The energy was amazing as the air was filled with sisterhood. I left having made new friends and looking forward to helping Anya and all the other naturals keep alive the ever-present natural-hair community right here in our city.

Great job to the I HEART My Hair team! Looking forward to the next one.

Here are some photos from the event:

The Curly Soiree (10) The Curly Soiree (2) The Curly Soiree (1)

  The Curly Soiree (3) The Curly Soiree (4) The Curly Soiree (6)

The Curly Soiree (5) The Curly Soiree (Natural Neiicey)

The Curly Soiree (11) The Curly Soiree (8)

7 thoughts on “The Curly Soirée

  1. This looks like an amazing event. I think Beautiful Hair, Beautiful me sounds like a fantastic initiative. Great that this event raised money for such a unique and relevant cause.

    1. It was an amazing event, indeed. It was definitely a nice change from the usual things I attend. I even came away with some new friends and that’s always a plus 🙂 Beautiful Hair, Beautiful Me really touched my heart and you know how I feel about volunteering!

      1. Hey Babe! Thank you so much for this event write up… we’ll definitely highlight this went the next even comes around. Kisses xo!

  2. I love this whole concept – celebrating sisterhood and natural beauty, so important! I love all your pics, and you are beautiful and glowing in all of them 🙂

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