Ipsy Glam Bag Review

I have managed to avoid the whole beauty box craze except for a brief trial of Luxe Box in the past. Don’t get me wrong, I think they are a great idea. It’s just, we often get the short end of the stick here in Canada and end up paying the big bucks for shipping.

When I decided I would be trying a beauty box service, I decided to go with Ipsy. There are a few YouTubers (Spellcheck just loves when I use that term) that I really like who are affiliated with Ipsy and I am impressed with some of the brands that have appeared in past boxes.

Ipsy was created by YouTube sensation, Michelle Phan.

The Ipsy website says: With infinite beauty product combinations in the marketplace, choosing the best items for your needs can be a challenge! Michelle and her team of stylists have selected products they love, for you to try. Each month, subscribers will receive a beautiful Glam Bag with deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products. Members can watch and play along with the stylists with the same products that they are using.

An Ipsy Glam Bag subscription is advertised at $10.00 a month, with free shipping. This is the price in USD. It ends up being about $16 for us Canadians, shipping included.

When you decide to join Ipsy, you are required to fill out a quiz so that they can get an idea of your personal style and products that you may enjoy trying. The questions are fun and straightforward. I actually found the short quiz to be fun, it took me back to my Seventeen Magazine days.

Ipsy quiz

My first Glam Bag arrived in the second week of June. Ipsy was great about communication when the bags were being prepared and shipped. The package came in a cute metallic pink bubble envelope. It’s so much fun to receive pretty mail that isn’t bills. Huzzah!

A word of advice- don’t look up Ipsy Glam bags for the current month online. Learn from my mistake. Chances are, you will see lots of amazing products and get excited only to find that your bag contains none of those. I saw girls online that received the cutest leopard print cosmetic bag, salt spray, black liquid liner and truth serum wipes. AMAZING. Did I get any of those things in my bag? NOPE.

Here is what I did receive:

Rebecca Minkoff cosmetic bag

Rebecca Minkoff bag

Ok, so this bag is cute. Very pretty, very summer. However, it is not the leopard print, fluorescent zipper (NEON LEOPARD!) cosmetic bag I fell in love with when I had a peek at some June 2014 glam bag spoilers online.

NYX Butter Gloss in Éclair


I. Love. This. I talked about my love for this product in my last Get it or Forget it picks. I have since acquired one or two (or 5) more butter glosses because they are just that wonderful.

Carol’s Daughter Sacred Tiara Styling Creme

Carol's Daughter Sacred Tiare

I was actually quite happy with this, as I have wanted to try Carol’s Daughter products for some time now. This protective blow-dry creme contains such beneficial ingredients as jojoba, coconut, shea and oil. I have put this in my hair before blow drying and I found that used very sparingly it can definitely add softness. However, my favourite way to use this product has been to smooth flyaways when I pull my hair back in a bun. I love cremes for this as they get the job done without being drying or sticky like a gel.

Ofra Eyebrow Pencil

Ofra Brow PencilOfra brow pencil in universal shade

This is a dark brown eyebrow pencil. The colour is called, “universal shade”. Depending on how lightly you use it, and how you prefer your brows this could potentially be rather universal. However, since I prefer a more subtle, lighter look (especially since I lightened my hair) this is just too dark for me.

Realtree For Her Perfume

Realtree For Her Perfume

Unfortunately, this vial of perfume arrived broken. It does not spray. I contacted Ipsy’s customer service department to let them know and they literally responded within minutes. They will be sending a replacement, but noted that depending on availability, it may not be the same product.

Nicka K Shimmer Eyeliner in Blue

Nicka K Shimmer Eyeliner in BlueShimmer Eyeliner in Blue

I will likely never wear this. I am more of a neutral, classic colours kind of girl so I was disappointed that my quiz did not reflect that. Especially, considering the fact that some girls received black liquid liners in their glam bags.

My response to this first Ipsy Glam bag is a resounding, “Meh.”

It was ok, but I am not sure I would say it was worth the price tag. I appreciate the variety in products (hair, fragrance, cosmetics) and their quality. I am just not sure it is worth it if the products are not well suited to me. I understand that the nature of subscription boxes is that some months will be better than others. Luckily, you can cancel your Ipsy subscription at any time. So, I am going to give it one more chance and see if I am more impressed with the next glam bag.

Click here to give Ipsy a try. I would love to hear all about your experiences with Ipsy and other subscription box services!

7 thoughts on “Ipsy Glam Bag Review

  1. Not too bad but not great and they really should have sent that bag to you. I do like the shimmer liner and think you should try it out…:P

  2. I am going to try this! I love receiving things in the mail.. and I figure even if I don’t love the product .. I can always pass it on to a friend!

  3. I love Michelle Phan – too bad this first haul was not up to expectations. I hate when things are labelled “universal” (unless it’s an electrical adapter), because there is rarely a one-size-fits-all option for most things that lives up to that claim. Anyway, I hope the next one wows you!

  4. That ipsy pouch is what first caught my eye actually! I love the NYX lip butter but aside that… meh. Have you tried Vain Pursuits btw? I’d love to hear what you have to say!

    1. I loved the pouch as well! I’ve been toting it around with me everywhere actually. What is Vain Pursuits? I haven’t heard about them before but am curious!

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