New Feature: #TalentedinToronto – presenting Keina Morgan

GAH! Another new feature. It’s amazing how much we have/want to share with our readers. We’re so grateful and happy that so many of you keep coming back, and even spread the word. We can’t say THANK YOU enough!

On that note, how’s about a nice segue into our 100 Days of Happy Challenge post? Have you checked it out yet? Are you doing the challenge? We’ve been at it for almost 2 months and still going strong!

Okay, okay onto our new feature…. shall we?

So this year alone, we have had the pleasure of meeting (or already know) so many talented and business-minded women from right here in the city, that we want to showcase their talent here on TNL. There are so many hard-working female entrepreneurs (affectionately known as entreprenHERs) that it was just the right time to introduce this feature. We have to support local, folks!

If you recall I recently talked about Anya Grant’s (founder of IHEARTmyhair) annual event The Curly Soiree, and in it mentioned that I came away with new friends. Fast-forward a couple of months and there I was attending my first natural hair workshop, Curls Now Understood, the first of a series of workshops presented by Keina Morgan. I was mostly excited about this because since removing my locs, I have been trying different products and methods plus reading up on tips and how-to’s that would best suit my hair.

Keina Morgan presents

Due to a fluke in the registration, it ended up being a small intimate, evening with just 5 of us. Complete with snacks and wine, it was like an evening with girlfriends. Keina talked to us about our curls and their versatility, all while brushing off what the natural hair community has come to know as the typical classification of “hair types”. By the way, those still confuse me.

Then Anya, who is also the International Brand Ambassador for Alikay Naturals (WOOT!), talked with us about their products and their purpose/benefits. We also tried products from Earthtones Naturals, Lishaunaturals, more local natural hair talent. Keina asked each of us to pull out a strand of our hair (teeny ouch) so that we could compare.  I always thought of my hair as fine, but it’s course and slightly dense so yay!

Curls Now Understood (3)

Keina also had 2 volunteers with different hair types to demonstrate methods to achieve the most defined curls. Her intention to have us right along side her from beginning to end, and we even got to get in there and help with the styling.

Model #1 was Judith, who had naturally loose curls:

Curls Now Understood (2) Curls Now Understood (4) Curls Now Understood (5)Curls Now Understood (6)   Curls Now Understood (12)

Model #2 was Kimoy, who had very thick hair that curled beautifully:

Curls Now Understood (8) Curls Now Understood (9)

Curls Now Understood (13)

Then I got a nice treat when she asked if I wanted my hair styled as well! Don’t have to ask me twice

Curls Now Understood   Curls Now Understood (10)

I got tips on how to achieve a wash n go, a style I thought for sure I’d never be able to rock. But that comes from not understanding my “hair type”. Presenting my first wash n go, y’all:



Curls Now Understood (16)Curls Now Understood (17)

Now, if you’ve checked out our Hair-apy section, you’d see that I’ve only ever done twist-outs with different products, and my curls have never been so defined. I’m so happy I attended this workshop, because this is now my go-to hairstyle of late!

I also scored lovely products from sponsors: Alikay Naturals and Lishaunaturals. More reviews to come!

Curls Now Understood swag

If you’ve been looking for someone to help you with your natural/curly hair, the lovely Keina is located at 81 St Clair Ave E and she can be reached at 647-887-3284.

Curls Now Understood (14)




6 thoughts on “New Feature: #TalentedinToronto – presenting Keina Morgan

  1. Keina knows her stuff! The after-photos are all great, with beautiful, defined curls (or twists in your case!). Thanks for sharing and I will let my curly-haired pals know.

  2. Hey Chris you did a review on the nacara product and I have been trying to purchase it but I can’t. I went on their website and i couldn’t figure out a way to purchase it. Pls help

    1. Hi millie! I’m sorry you haven’t been succesful with ordering, but I’m even more sorry because I don’t know what else to tell you! If you are in Canada, it is based in Montreal and I have seen it at select Shoppers Drug Marts here in Toronto. I would suggest leaving them a note on their “Contact Us” page, and hopefully they reply. Thank you for checking us out and best of luck.

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