Resto Review – Tea time at Ruelo Patisserie

Do you ever feel like dressing up on a Sunday afternoon and stepping out for tea and gossip? It’s not just me – right? OH, well…. how about when you get a good groupon that you couldn’t pass up? See, I knew you’d agree.

Ruelo Patisserie is the perfect place to fulfill this daydream. So recently a friend and I did just that; we got dressed up… on a Sunday afternoon… and stepped out for gossip over tea and cappuccinos. There are two locations – Richmond Hill and McNicoll – so we went to the McNicoll location since it was closer. It’s a little unassuming from the front (located in a plaza) and we had both (separately) passed it when we arrived at the address and had to backtrack!


The inside made up for the front, though. It is such a cute little spot! I’ll just show you the pictures:

Ruelo Patisserie (10)

Ruelo Patisserie (12)  Ruelo Patisserie (11)


After presenting my groupon and being seated, the server brought a tray of teas over and left me for a few minutes to select one of the great smelling teas I’d like with my order. It was much easier for my friend, because she is a coffee lover and selected the cappuccino. Once we ordered our beverages, she went off to make and return with them and then lade one more trip our way to deposit our tray of delicacies in between us. We were basically left to enjoy at our own leisure; she returned once and my friend ordered another cappuccino because she enjoyed her first so much. The server never did come by again although it would have been nice if at the end she had offered us some water. Don’t get me wrong, this didn’t take away from the experience at all.

Ruelo Patisserie (1)


Here’s a breakdown of the deal (2 of everything):


  • Scones with Devon cream and Kusmi jam
  • Mini danishes
  • Mini Atlantic smoked salmon sandwich on a scone
  • Italian prosciutto wrapped grilled pepper
  • Mini shrimp salad sandwich served on a crispy crouton
  • Daily quiche
  • Macarons, crème brûlée, and two daily desserts

And to drink…

  • Coffee or Kusmi tea


Ruelo Patisserie (2) Ruelo Patisserie (3)

Everything was delightful from beginning to end. Everything. The scones were nice and soft, the salmon was tasty and was a nice pairing to it, the quiche was delectable, the shrimp salad had mango in it… like I can’t deal with the memories of tastiness… everything was great. I’m not even a fan of chocolate and enjoyed the chocolate mousse dessert. Speaking of dessert, when we got to the dessert tier we both realized that we’d never had a macaron before! Leme tell you…. This was a great introduction into the World of Macarons and we look forward to many more.

Ruelo Patisserie (7) Ruelo Patisserie (4)

Ruelo Patisserie (8) Ruelo Patisserie (6)


Ruelo Patisserie (5) Ruelo Patisserie (9)


The Groupon was $27.50 for Tea for two (a $51.98 value) which is a pretty sweet deal considering how much we enjoyed the food.

Overall Experience

We loved the experience and left feeling satisfied; we would definitely return. If you’ve been looking for a nice quiet outing, this should seriously be considered. Keep an eye out for the groupon – it pops up every so often! It also turns out that they have cake-making classes there as well.

Ruelo Patisserie is located at: 463 McNicoll Ave in Toronto (we went to this one) at 416-486-1800 or 550 Hwy 7 E. Unit C73 in Richmond Hill at 905-762-1500.

Ruelo Patisserie (13)

6 thoughts on “Resto Review – Tea time at Ruelo Patisserie

  1. This looks wonderful! I like how bright the place seems too. I pass by a little store that sells macarons all the time, and have never actually bought one to try – I’m glad you said they are so yummy, I will have to try them now. I love the presentation of the menu on the chalkboard and the tea selection looked so plentiful. Thanks for such a lovely review. I see tea and treats in my future, and hopefully some gossip too 🙂

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