DIY Potpourri

Since the start of spring, I’ve taken to buying more flowers again for my decor again. ‘Twas the season for bright colours everywhere! Here’s a small collage of my floral indulgence:

Flowers theneonleopard

The rose petals remained so pretty and fragrant after I dried them (I never throw them out!) that I decided that it was time to make some potpourri. How hard could it be anyway? I mean, all I had to do was dry the petals. Since it was summer time, I left them in the sun and then cleaned a candle jar:

DIY Potpurri (1)

Then put several drops of pure lavender oil (or your oil of choice – I prefer lavender or jasmine) and keep the jar closed:

DIY Potpurri (2)

So to recap, I used:

  • Dried rose petals and carnations or daisies for colour and variety
  • A re-used candle jar to store dried petals
  • Pure lavender oil

I left it for a full day before opening it again, to give the petals time to absorb the oil fragrance. It smells fab! I keep it in my powder room and it smells great all day. Sometime I close the cap to preserve the aroma and what is left behind lingers long enough to leave the room smelling great. It can be put in a bowl if you have a spot for it, and with the varying colours that also looks lovely!

And there you have it; a quick affordable and old school way to keep a room in your home smelling great.


2 thoughts on “DIY Potpourri

  1. What a nice idea – and simple too! I always have essential oils handy, and the odd dried flower at times – so this is a nice way to prolong their lives. Merci!

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