October Get It or Forget It


 Daily’s Cocktails

Is it too early to discuss cocktails? Like… should I wait til the sun goes down or something? No? GREAT!

Let me explain something to you, dear reader – I love ice. I love cold beverages. Possibly because I’m West Indian, but I will add ice to The Coldest Beverage on Earth and then eat that ice once I have finished that beverage. Eating ice is so wonderful. It could be on the coldest day, it really doesn’t matter; “cold” means ice. If you recall from our August GIFI, I am also obsessed with popsicles. Thankfully I don’t share this love for snow and ice storms – the buck stops at my beverages. I also enjoy a good cocktail – be it with mascaras or beverages. But right now, we’re talking about beverages.

Now that I have painted a lovely picture for you – let’s talk about Daily’s Cocktails. I discovered these gems while I was strolling through the Walmart in Mississippi for some ridiculously low price that always blows my Canadian mind. “I’m sorry, does that say: ‘freeze, squeeze and enjoy’? SOLD!”

Daily's cocktails

So let me get this straight; you freeze it and then take it out of the freezer, open along the serrated line and drink the slushy goodness? No no. I was a little wary and only picked up 2. I thought for sure this would taste like medicine. It would be too sweet or tart or something. I would take one slurp, react in my usual dramatic way about the horrid taste… and then continue drink it (don’t be silly – one simply does not “throw away” alcohol).

But I stand corrected – it was The Best Brain Freeze of Life. It was so tasty and of course refreshing and did I mention TASTY! I really wish that I had picked up more.

It is a great girly drinky-poo for someone who doesn’t enjoy really strong drinks/cocktails. It would be a  good on a hot summer day – you reach into the freezer, tear off the top and go hang out with the rest of your bbq friends. Or at least that is I see the commercial going. And it has a substantial amount in there too! Refreshing and filling. And because I’m now a lightweight, I started to get a little buzz by the end of the slushy happy dance.

Daily's Cocktails

Someone talk to me about this ad…. because I did just what they said:

Daily's Strawberry Daquiri

Me too – I do happy too. I say GET IT!

My PSA – *please do not drink if you are not legal or have to drive* Squeezes and Smooches – Chris.

Compound W Skin Tag remover

I know what you’re thinking – gross. I feel ya homie, I feel ya. I hate skin tags as much as I love ice. So, basically – I despise them. But really – who enjoys them? They’re like specks of annoyance on otherwise flawless skin. And I swear that I am covered in annoyance. The same genes that gave me the great skin, also gave me the affliction of contending with skin tags. They’re the equivalent of a skin gremlin *shudders*.

I used to visit my dermatologist to have them removed by laser, but the way these little jerks pop up I’d have to spend my life savings on removing them. So when I saw that the Compund W skin tag remover was on sale, I took this as my opportunity to try it out.

  Compound W skin tag remover

What a handy little kit it is!

Compound W skin tag remover kit

It is equipped with skin shields to protect the skin around the tag during removal, applicators (they remind me of the eyeshadow applicators no one uses) and of course the freezing formula. I normally don’t read instruction manuals, but since this involved my skin I was all about the instruction life.

Compound W skin tag remover skin shields  Compound W skin ag remover (3) Compound W skin ag remover (4)

The instructions are easy:

  1. Place a shield around the tag by fitting the tag through the hole and sticking down to your skin. (They come in 3 different sizes to accommodate the size of the tag).
  2. Put the single-use-only applicator into the cap that has notches that will eventually fit into the top of the top of the formula.
  3. Line up the notches on the cap with the top of the bottle, and press down for about 3 seconds. (You’ll hear the fizzy aerosol can sound of the formula being released onto the applicator).
  4. Place the applicator on the tag for  40 seconds. It will tingle (maybe even pinch almost) as the skin is being frozen.
  5. Wait approx 2 weeks for that bad boy to disappear.

On my first attempt, I tried on a tag in a discreet spot – you know, just in case it didn’t work and my skin fell off or something. Within the first couple of days, most of it had fallen off leaving a smaller guy there. I thought: “great, it didn’t work”. As the days went by, it literally dried up until the entire thing had come off. It left behind a little spot where it sat, similar to what your skin looks like after a scab falls off. I tried again, and below are pictures of one that was located on my neck:

  Compound W skin ag remover (1)  Compound W skin ag remover (2)

By George – it had worked. If you have the same problem that I do, and have been searching for a way to get rid of them – GET IT!


Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Bow and Arrow

I ranted about this one on my Instagram, so if you follow me there you may know where I am going with this.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks are long wearing, full coverage liquid lipsticks with a matte finish. A richly-pigmented, long-lasting lip color that loves to make a statement. This long-wear lipstick from Kat Von D stains your luscious lips with striking color, from flashy brights to smoldering neutrals. The liquid formula goes on wet for smooth, precise application and then dries to a matte, velvety finish. Once applied, there’s no need to worry about smudging or migrating. The formula is absolutely beautiful. They apply thin and shiny and then set to a beautiful matte look with rich colour.

I have always been on the hunt for a great nude lip stain. However maybe due to the way that stains are formulated, they always tend to be richly pigmented and in dark or vivid shades. So, colour me excited when I happened upon Bow and Arrow at a JC Penney Sephora in upstate New York.

Bow and Arrow on

First, let’s discuss this gorgeous hue. It is a perfect Kylie Jenner-eque nude for my skin tone. It is a beige/pink that I think would be universally flattering.



This colour worked really well for me without even lining my lips, making it an easy go – to everyday nude. I also enjoyed pairing it with NYX Mauve pencil for a sharper line.

Bow and Arrow

When applied in the morning, I can literally go all day without reapplying this lip colour. It wears a tiny bit from the center of my lips after eating, but that’s it! It does not fade, crack, bleed, transfer or dry out my lips.

Basically, I love everything about this product.

Now, you know there is more to the story right? It isn’t just a happy ending where my Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Bow and Arrow and I live happily ever after. Oh, no. This product is…DISCONTINUED. I was really lucky to get my hands on this because alas it is no more.

Don’t you hate it when that happens? It is so very frustrating to get your hands on a product and fall in love with it only to find out that it is discontinued or limited edition. MAC Fondle, Wet N Wild 531B…I’m talking to you.

I wondered if I should even include this product in my GIFIs this month as it isn’t readily available. But I think it is important to get the word out about products you love so that companies can recognize demand. Also, I purchased this recently so this may give you the opportunity to snag one before they are done.

If you are lucky enough to find a Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Bow and Arrow on your Sephora’s shelf, GET IT!

Sephora Retractable Brow Pencil in Midnight Brown

A friend recently posted this gem on Instagram.



Brows frame your face and can make a world of difference in your look. In recent months, I have been preferring to make my brows a bit fuller than I usually do by penciling them in a little more. While I have always used Rimmel’s hazel brow pencil, I wanted to try a retractable pencil for more precision. I can sharpen the heck out of my Rimmel pencil, but nothing beats a retractable pencil for that precise tip that allows me to simulate brow hairs.

At the recommendation of Sephora staff, I picked up the Retractable Brow Pencil in Midnight Brown.

Midnight brown

These retractable pencils create fuller looking, perfectly-defined eyebrows. To dispense color, twist the pencil and the always-sharp tip comes up. Easy-to-hold, it gives you perfect control to create precise hair-like strokes. Use the comb tip to brush brows and blend. Available in four natural-looking colors, each long-wearing formula stays put without smudging. The midnight brown shade of this eye pencil is absolutely perfect for me. I thought that the Rimmel Hazel was fine, but compared to this Hazel pulls a bit red. The midnight brown is not too dark and just ashy enough to be for my hair colour and skin tone. When applied it literally looks like hair. My brows looked as if they were just naturally fuller.

brow with Seohora Retractable Pencil in Midnight Brown

The retractable pencil creates clean and precise strokes and the tapered brush on the other end was so much more effective than a traditional spooly brush at diffusing the colour and tidying my brows. The actal formula of the pencil was creamy and easy to work with. It is waterproof and lasted all day with no problem, but was still easy to remove at night.

This is the best brow product that I have ever tried. However, I will not be repurchasing for one simple reason. IT LASTED ONE WEEK. Yes, you read that correctly. The brow pencil finished in only one week. When I returned to Sephora to question this, staff told me that this is normal and two weeks is usually its max. Umm, not acceptable. The Sephora staff showed me how teeny the actual product within the pencil casing is ( 0.003 oz), and that unfortunately it doesn’t last long.

It is important to note that I also don’t pencil my brows a heck of a lot. I fill them in where they are sparse. How long would this pencil last for someone who was actually using it to build up a barely there brow, 3 days?!

While I absolutely love this product, I am not prepared to drop $16 weekly ( or even bi-weekly) on my brows …so I am going to have to say FORGET IT!

5 thoughts on “October Get It or Forget It

  1. I’m so sad that the eyebrow pencil sucks! I have been looking for a trusty one to add to my makeup family since I started experimenting with eye brow filling. I also find it challenging to find a good colour match for my blonde eye brow hairs. Oh well, the search continues!
    HOWEVER, I am dying to try those Daily’s Cocktails! They totally remind me of a grown up version of those Capri-Sun juice boxes (pouches?). Are they available in Canada?

  2. I wish Sephora had more affordable products – their stuff is great but I’m not willing to drop $$$ on foundation and the like (thank god for IMATS!!!). I do love their brow products but I also picked up the new Maybelline Brow Wand to try so hopefully that will be a more affordable alternative! Those drinks look uber yum!

  3. Because I don’t have Instragram, I didn’t know where the lipstick story was headed until I read it – that is AWFUL! It is such a terrible feeling to know that a perfect shade of something is no longer – I’ve had MAC and Smashbox discontinue 2 of my favourites and I don’t think I’ve quite forgiven them yet…I see Ash also has a MAC grudge. Yay for the at-home skin tag removers! That saves a lot of time, I bet. Thanks for the review ladies!

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