Product Review – Jeunesse Cosmetics Hair Mud Mask

I stumbled on this product on sale at Winners recently in the random items section and was immediately intrigued. I tried searching for more information on it on Jeunesse Cosmetics website but it seems to have been discontinued Admittedly, this wasn’t a brand I had heard of previously, but I couldn’t wait to try the mud. I had been searching for one to do a deep condition.

Jeunesse Cosmetics Hair mud mask (1)

What it looks like

It has the colour and consistency/thickness of smooth mud and a little goes a long way.

  Jeunesse Cosmetics Hair mud mask (3) Jeunesse Cosmetics Hair mud mask (4) Jeunesse Cosmetics Hair mud mask (5)


So many words:

Jeunesse Cosmetics Hair mud mask (2)

What it smells like

Better than mud, that’s for sure (Okay, I know it’s not actually mud). It smells like…. well conditioner. It doesn’t have any distinct fragrance but at the same time it does…. If that makes ANY sense!

How I used it

The first time I used the product, I shampooed, did a protein treatment then deep conditioned then applied dollops of the mask to sections of my hair. After letting it sit in my hair for a few minutes (by few, I mean 30), I finished up underneath my Huetiful before rinsing. I used it again a couple weeks later, after a pre-poo with EVOO then a co-wash and of course underneath the huetiful.

(Poor photo quality thanks to my temperamental phone)

Jeunesse Cosmetics Hair mud mask (6)

Overall Impression

My hair feels SO soft and moisturized, even though it was right after a fresh wash. I couldn’t even keep my hands out of my hair, because I was so impressed by how nice it stretched and even more so by how soft it felt. Even the first day styling results looked great. I am definitely going to use it every few weeks to give my hair that extra special treatment during the winter.

Needless to say, I really like this product and must now go on a hunt to find more before it completely disappears on me. As Ash mentioned in our October Get it or Forget it, why must they discontinue the good stuff? I’d like to say that I highly recommend this product, but I don’t know how accessible it is! If you can find it, try it! And if you find it in Toronto, please let me know!

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