TNL’s appearance on Daytime Toronto

 If you follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), then you’d know that November was a super exciting month for your TNL gals. Just when we thought that things couldn’t get any better, they did.

We made our first TV appearance on Rogers TV Daytime Toronto! This – by far – has to be the highlight of all the things we’ve done so far. We were nervous but moreso excited leading up to the actual day, and then there we were arriving at the Rogers TV location only to be told that we’d be up FIRST on this live show. From waiting in makeup until we were called to be mic’d and then sitting on that couch with host Val Cole, we were so thrilled and extremely proud of ourselves.

TNL.Daytime TO (1) TNL.Daytime TO (2) TNL_DaytimeTO

Many of you asked to see the interview (thank you for sharing our excitement!) and with a huge thanks to our trusted and tech-savvy friend Val, we can now share the interview with you from our YouTube channel!


8 thoughts on “TNL’s appearance on Daytime Toronto

  1. so proud of you guys!! this is a great accomplishment for TNL and i’m sure this will lead to better and bigger things for you girls ❤

  2. OMG THIS IS AWESOME! I think both of you did such a fantastic job on TV and you both looks gorgeous! Very proud of my TNL Gals!

  3. How wonderful! You ladies looked beautiful (as always) – and both of you were so poised and professional. Congrats! I thought the host did a good job of asking just the right questions to get you ladies to talk about how varied and exciting the blog is, and I appreciate how excited and enthusiastic she was. Thank you for sharing with your adoring followers 🙂

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