Mascara Logs – Benefit They’re Real

As I have mentioned in the past, after an eyelash lift ( or an eyelash perm for that matter), there is an annoying  period of time during which lashes are wonky and jutting out in basically every direction except the one you would like for them to go in. For me, this can last up to two months. It isn’t an issue for someone who regularly gets a lash lift and can just do them back to back. But because I don’t, it can be extra annoying to spend weeks rehabilitating my lashes after just one month of lash bliss.


Anywonkylashes, now that my eyelashes are finally back to their normal droopy, straight selves, I can start playing around with mascara again.

Looking back at previous Mascara Logs, I was surprised to see that I have never reviewed Benefit’s They’re Real! mascara. I can only assume I haven’t written about it due to the trauma of an incident that occurred last year. I mistakenly threw two, new unopened packages of They’re Real! down a trash chute. It still makes me cringe, but I think I’m ready to talk about it now.

Here is what Benefit has to say about the popular They’re Real! mascara:

This breakthrough bestseller reveals lashes you never knew you had! The specially designed brush features staggered bristles that grab close to the root, boosting length and volume beyond belief. The custom-domed tip uses precision bristles to lift, define, and curl even your tiniest lashes. With a glossy, jet-black, long-wearing formula, you’ll flaunt luxurious, silky lashes that won’t smudge, clump, or dry out. True story!

When you read some of the impressive stats, it is pretty clear why this mascara is a top seller. In a consumer panel survey, the following results were reported: – 94% saw dramatic length and volume – 90% saw base-to-tip curl – 94% saw visible lift -100% saw long-wearing results

Sounds good right?

Let’s have a closer look at the mascara. I really love its sleek tube design, you can always count on Benefit for uber cute packaging.

Theyre Real tube

The mascara brush is plastic and features a small round bristled dome on the end of the brush. This is unique as it allows you to utilize the brush in both horizontal ( as you would traditionally use a mascara wand) or vertical strokes to push lashes upwards.

Theyre Real brush

Here is my mascara free eye.

no mascara

As you can see, my lashes are hard to see. I have long, yet super straight lashes so they literally need to be pushed up and out to be visible when looking me straight on.

I apply They’re Real! quickly as I find it dries fast and can clump and flake easily the longer you work with it. After horizontally using the brush to deposit the mascara on the eyelashes , I then use the dome tip of the brush to push the product up to the lash tips and define them a bit further.

This is my eye after two coats of They’re Real!

2 Coats Theyre Real uncurled


Better. But not best. If you know me, you’ll know I don’t stop here. Now, I curl my mascara coated lashes with a heated eyelash curler. You can by a heated eyelash curler, but I find that using a flat iron or blow dryer to heat a traditional metal clamp curler yields a much better result. Just make sure only to heat it for a few seconds and test it somewhere other than your eye first.

Finished lash:

2 coats They're Real curled lashes

I really like They’re Real. I find it easy to work with and long wearing. It doesn’t smudge or flake through the day , yet comes off easily with cleanser. You’ll notice that there is a wee bit of clumping. I find this to be the case once a tube of They’re Real has been open for a while (the mascara I used in this picture is about two weeks old). Many people prefer mascara formulas after they have been exposed to air for a bit, but I much prefer them freshly opened and less thick. The longer the mascara is open, the more clumpage I get.

They’re Real is a higher end mascara, retailing for $29. While it is certainly in my top mascara list, it must be mentioned that there are some drugstore picks that are just as good for a fraction of the price.

If you have tried They’re Real I would love to hear about it below!

2 thoughts on “Mascara Logs – Benefit They’re Real

  1. OMG a heated eyelash curler??!!!! Girl you are one brave soul 🙂 Knowing me, I’d burn my eyes or something (eww gross!) so I would probably choose to live with ugly lashes and rely on my charm and wit for life 😛 I’ve been loving the curved brush on Maybelline’s Clump Crusher and I really like the end result I get with it – that and the fact that it doesn’t break the bank makes me happy!! #firstworldproblemsallaround

  2. I love this mascara. I was introduced to it thank you to Sephora’s (the store!) birthday gift. I liked it so much that I kept the brush to declump my lashes when I use other mascaras. One would call that a… wait for it… *Benefit* #seewhatIdidthere.

    Also – IT’S OUR ***200TH*** POST! YEAH!

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