Chris has a foundation routine!

Hey sugar crystals!

Remember me? I was the girl who couldn’t be bothered with wearing foundation because I was lazy. Sigh. I even started this feature that has basically gone nowhere because I have been too occupied with eating my words. Here are a few reasons for my word consumption: Mary Kay Cosmetics (my foundation boo thang!), Nacara Cosmetics and Revlon PhotoReady.

So as you can see, I’m in pretty deep and most days I apply foundation when I am getting ready to go anywhere (except for church because as I like to tell myself – God doesn’t judge :-)). Then it hit me – I have a foundation routine. I like foundation. A lot. Me. Chris. The girl who cringed at the thought of “doing all that work”. So, if you’re like me then know that there’s hope. Hope for the ladies who can’t be bothered with foundation.

Enter L’Oreal True Match in C7.

L'Oreal True Match foundation review (4)

My “everyday” morning steps (with added “full throttle” steps for other special occasions):

  1. Wash my face with a mixture of Avene TriXera and a bit of baking soda paste (baking soda and water) working it in circular motions. I also rub it on my lips since the paste exfoliates or use my toothbrush reserved for lip exfoliating.
  2. Let my face air-dry (I never use a towel on my face or hair). 
  3. Put on lip balm or all that exfoliating goes to waste!
  4. Prime using Maybelline baby skin on my cheeks (where my pores are most visible) and Smashbox PhotoMatte on my T-Zone. I apply Embryolisse Lait-creme moisturizer on the other areas (aka chin and outer cheek area). I do not put moisturizer on my entire face because I get so oily.
    • *EXTRA STEP* I moisturize then prime with Milk of Magnesia if I’m going out somewhere fancy shmancy and I’m going full throttle on my face, but it’s not part of my everyday routine.
  5. Fill in and shape my eyebrows – see here. I have changed certain things (products) but the gist is the same.
  6. Apply the True Match foundation in C7 using the Real Techniques sponge (I cover the opening with the sponge then invert the bottle to dispense a small amount) in small swipes/dab motions and let that set or “cook”.

    RT Miracle sponge.
  7. I set the foundation with MAC MSFN in “Give Me Sun!”
  8. Contour my cheekbones using Real Techniques contour brush and dark brown Cover Girl eyeshadow (I also use this shadow to do my brows witha small angled brush).
  9. Apply Rimmel Natural Bronzer or one of my MAC MSFN on my nose, high cheekbones and browbones.
    • *EXTRA STEP* I use MAC Prep+Prime highlighter in “Bright Forecast” on my full throttle applications.
  10. Apply some blush and blend into contouring.
  11. Apply mascara.
  12. Apply lipstick then OOOOH AAAAHHH at how much it completes the look (never fails, does it?!)
  13. Take a selfie.
  14. Take another selfie.
  15. Then another.
  16. Repeat steps 11-13 approximately 10 more times.
  17. Out the door.

Here is what my “everyday” face looks like:

L'Oreal True Match foundation review (1) L'Oreal True Match foundation review (2)

And my “full throttle” face:

L'Oreal True Match foundation review (3)








My overall impression:

I really like this foundation, and will definitely be re-purhcasing. I am not surprised considering that I have shown time and time again that I really enjoy L’Oreal products (except for the lipsticks). True Match gives full, even coverage while remaining matte, lightweight and natural-looking. Granted my skin still gets oily by mid-day but I can’t fault the product for that; I have very oily skin. I do prefer to apply it with the sponge as opposed to a brush; I have become accustomed to applying foundation with a sponge as that is much easier for me, attributing the results I desire.

Now you know the deal – share your comments below if you’ve used this foundation. Or a foundation you’d suggest I try next, seeing as I’m all about that life now!



3 thoughts on “Chris has a foundation routine!

  1. I am so incredibly proud right now. This is a great routine! I found it especially helpful that you shared your full throttle tips too. Bonus points for adding selfie taking to the routine because we all do it!!!

  2. i think I’m going to try this foundation. I have the Loreal True Match Lumi foundation and I am sad to say that I hate it. It moves around SO much even after I put powder to set it. The only good thing about it is that the bottle comes with a pump. Hopefully this one is better. Do you find that it stays put under your glasses? It looks great on you!

    1. Hi Evelina – since I have such oily skin, I usually need a little touch-up with powder and I’m good to go… even where my glasses sit. 🙂 And – thank you!

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