Product Review- Lime Crime Velvetines

Disclaimer- This is a review of the Lime Crime Velvetines. NOT a review of the company, or their staff. I realize that Lime Crime has been the subject of some controversy lately. I know that TNL readers are more than capable of making their own, informed decisions about what and what not to purchase so I present my unbiased review of the product itself.

Back to our regularly scheduled review.

Do you ever discover a product and wonder how you made it to this point in your life without it? Well, I reach for my Lime Crime Velvetine in Red Velvet so much that I most definitely feel that way.


If you have ever seen me or my Instagram (@ash_tnl) you are well aware that I love me a red lip. I used to be a ride or die nude lip gal but I quickly realized that nothing adds colour and a healthy radiance to skin like a red lip colour. I still love nudes, but particularly in photographs I find that they just wash me right out.

Part of the reason that I love nude lip colours so much is because they are pretty foolproof and low maintenance. Red lips, on the other hand can require a bit more patience and care with the application and reapplication throughout the day. They also come off on anything and everything which anyone who has ever seen my coffee mug can attest to.

Lime Crime Velvetines are a game changer, ladies and gentleman. No more constant touchups and lipstick crusted coffee cups for this gal.

A bit about Lime Crime Velvetines, they are cruelty-free vegan lip colours. Their rich, highly pigmented formula glides on for a velvety look. The liquid lip colours dry to a luscious matte finish.

As I mentioned, my go-to lip is the Lime Crime Velvetine in Red Velvet. It is a perfect blue red that I can wear with or without a lip liner. The Velvetine is a very thin liquid consistency that dries and sets as a velvet matte. Once this stuff sets it doesn’t move, except from the very middle of my lips after eating. It truly is a very, “set it and forget it” kind of product which makes a low maintenance red lip for long working or on-the-go days.

Liquid lipsticks are very popular these days with many brands coming out with their own versions. I have a few that I really like (Sephora, Kat Von D) but Lime Crime Velvetines are my very favourite because of my dear Red Velvet colour and the fact that they are not drying in the least. Some liquid lipsticks can feel like sandpaper when they set but Lime Crime really got the formula spot on with Velvetines. I have never had any problems with them drying out or staining my lips. Just be sure to apply in a very thin layer. I find that when I get overzealous and pile it on, the product can goop up on my lips. A little goes a long way with the Velvetines and you don’t need much for a beautiful colour payoff.

Lime Crime Velvetines retail for $20.00 but unfortunately cannot be purchased in stores here in Canada. They can be ordered from Lime Crime’s website with a flat rate $7.00 shipping fee for the entire order. It is well worth it to combine an order with some friends to get your hands on some Velvetines. The only challenge you’ll have is ensuring your colour of choice is in stock as popular shades are often on back order. You can have Lime Crime send you an e-mail when your hue of choice becomes available.

Red Velvet is my absolute holy grail, G.O.A.T ( greatest of all time) Velvetine colour and I wear it all the time. But , I also own a couple more shades.



…and the super popular Cashmere:


I have enlisted the help of team TNL to show you some of the other popular Velvetine shades!



Pink Velvet:




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