How I care for my hair during the winter

Since cutting my locs, it’s been quite the experience getting reacquainted with my hair in the “open” state. It’s been great, but as expected the winter is an added challenge.

I’ve been toying with the idea of wearing wigs or getting braids, but seeing as I’ve never done either I have NO idea where to begin.  So, I just keep asking all the experts around me until I’ve gathered enough information to venture into that new territory. I know some of you might be thinking: “How hard can it be?”. It may seem pretty simple to most, but trust me – it isn’t for me. But when it comes to my hair, I want to ensure I make all the right decisions to enrich our relationship.

Some important things I ensure to do are:

  1. Increase water intake. It can not be stressed enough how important it is to drink lots… and lots… of water – any day, any time, any season. As with skin, haircare starts from within. Your scalp thanks you every time you drink water, so the more you drink it the more grateful your scalp and hair will be. Throw some fruits (my fave combo is lemon/cucumber) in there to infuse your drink and have fun with it if you don’t like drinking water. I also like to dry my hands by running them through my hair – if it’s open in a twist-out, just to give my hair a little drinky-poo as well.
  2. Take fish oil. If you’re like me, you suffer from dry, flaky scalp (not dandruff). I started taking the actual fish oil (yummy :-|) at the recommendation of a naturopath I visited a few years back and noticed how much my scalp improved in a matter of weeks. To compare, I stopped taking the fish oil only to see my scalp start to act up again, so it is a definite benefit. Nothing like some omega-3 to keep the dryness away! Plus there are of course other health benefits. The pills can also be taken, but 1 tsp of the oil is the equivalent of 3 or 4 of the pills. So I suck up and throw the oil back. The only drawback to this, is my already-oily skin tends to be even oilier. So if you tend to have dry skin, the fish oil should also help with that.Winter haircare fishoil
  3. Weekly deep condition. I used to wash my hair every other week, no matter what. In the recent months, I’ve started a weekly regimen of pre-pooing with EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) then co-washing (shampooing only once a month) then adding my choice of masque: either SheaMoisture Raw Shea butter or Cantu Shea Butter deep treatment masques, alternated with Jeunesse Cosmetics Hair Mud Mask. Before rinsing, I sit underneath my Huetiful hair steamer for added care and moisture. With this regimen, my hair always feels soft, full and Carol's Daughter Monoi Repair Mask (4)
  4. Moisturize and leave-in. Where there would normally be a concern about build-up, I moisturize with a spritz of my Jamaican Mango & Lime No More Itch Gro Spray OR a mixture of water with Locsuria Leave-In Conditioner followed by penetrating the hair follicles with some Cantu leave in or a mixture of my oils. Once that is done, I flat twist my hair into a protective style and call it a night.Winterhaircare conditioners  IMG_0482
  5. Head-wrap life. Speaking of protective styles… The benefit of being an accessory junkie is that you end up with a plethora of scarves. Those scarves can then be turned into lovely works of art atop your crown which doubles as a way to protect your hair. I flat-twist my hair, cover with my satin cap and then wrap away! I have gone weeks straight just wearing turban-styled head wraps. And one scarf can be styled in different ways – it’s my favourite look.Chris headwraps

As for skin care, check out our Winter Skincare post from last year. Some products have changed but it all comes down to finding what works and remaining consistent. Leave comments below if you want to share what you’ve done to care for your hair (or skin) during the winter!

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