March Get it or Forget it


Dirty Works Berry Berry Detox Mask

Dirty Works Detox Mask 

First of all, the name is “Dirty Works”. Secondly, the packaging is adorable. Essentially, you have Chris’ attention. I read the description to see where they were going with the usage of “detox” and thought for $6.99 how bad can it be?

dirty Works

It is said to draw out all impurities to replenish the skin and give it a nice healthy glow.  To use, you apply a thin layer of the mask to clean skin and let it dry for 10 mins (or if you’re me, that means twice the amount of time because I can’t sit still). Then you remove by splashing your face with warm water or use a warm, damp cloth. I opt to wash my face with warm water then air dry.

Now, you know that Ash and I LOVE to try new skin products – especially masks and stuff. We’re pretty serious about our skincare, and any opportunity to share our views with you is a win in our books. And we rarely find something we dislike, don’t we?

Anyway, so after the first use my skin had a nice, healthy glow similar to the results after using a scrub. I was pleased. My pores are less clogged, too, like it really cleaned drew out impurities as promised. I now use it once a week and love the look and feel of my skin afterwards. Needless to say, it has become a part of my updated skincare regimen.

On top of it all, it is affordable. I love when you find products that do just as great a job as the super expensive stuff .

This gets the Diva on a Dime stamp of approval – GET IT!

Beauty MP Foundation Pumps

We are each going to review the foundation pumps we received from Beauty MP.

BeautyMPfoundation pumps

L’Oreal True Match Beauty MP Foundation Pump

In case you didn’t read my recent review of L’Oreal True Match/foundation routine – here you go! It is basically my go-to foundation because of its light and full coverage. I have re-purchased it and will be looking into a summer shade from that line. But there was one thing – it’s a glass bottle and there’s no pump. I don’t know about you, but I can’t squeeze the final bit of foundation out of the bottle after it’s sat inverted (I must use the last fl oz of anything). I had found a method to distribute the right amount of foundation on my sponge but there is always the risk of spillage…

… That is until we received these foundation pumps from Beauty MP! What a brilliant idea.

L'Oreal True Match foundation pump

They make pumps for various brands that sell pump-less foundations, including MAC Studio Fix. They’re super affordable (in the $6.99-$7.99 range, or even twofers), easy to clean and re-usable. All you do is select your foundation and you will receive a pump that fits the bottle. Brilliant. Depending on the bottle, it may look like the pumps are the same size, but then again there can only be so many varying sizes in foundation bottles, especially considering they’re usually about 30ml.

Who would think that something so simple would make life so much easier. This is a definite GET IT!


Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Bare Dare

Another day , another nail polish review.

Luckily I have pretty strong nails. But there is just something about once I get them all long and nice , one always has to break. It never fails. I don’t hate my nails short, so when I break one it just means its time to file them down  and start over. But , it is still super frustrating. My friend Abby has the worlds greatest natural nails and she recently suggested I try filing my nails oval with a soft point rather than square. I grew my nails out and gave it a try, and she was definitely right. I was able to keep them longer…well…longer. Something about not having the edges to catch on things maybe , but my nails were growing fast and furiously. Yay!

On a long pointed nail , I really only like nude shades on my fingers. So, I picked up Bare Dare to give it a try. It is one of the shades in the new Sally Hansen Miracle Gel line of polishes. They are advertised as the only true two-step gel manicure on the market without the required use of a UV lamp. The line has over 45 shades and claims to be the most cutting edge gel technology.

To use the Miracle Gel, you are supposed to first paint on the colour and then top with the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Topcoat. Then , natural light is supposed to set the products and provide up to fourteen days of wear. If you recall, this sounds similar to the CDN Vinylux polishes  that I have reviewed.

After reading online, it seems that many people achieved good results using the Miracle Gel polishes without the compatible topcoat. So, I decided to just buy the colour and use my own topcoat over it. The Miracle Gel polishes are retailing in Canada for $10.99. This is super pricey for Sally Hansen. For this reason, I wasn’t dropping $22 for colour and a topcoat that wasn’t absolutely necessary.

The Miracle Gel was very easy to work with . It has a wide brush that makes paining a breeze and the colour came out opaque in two coats. Often nude shades like Bare Dare can come out streaky or translucent even with multiple coats , so I was thrilled that it didn’t. The shade itself is a beautiful classic beige nude with no shimmer or frost. My favourite.


I topped the Miracle Gel in Bare Dare with the Vinylux topcoat because I already had it and it supposedly works with natural light as well.

CND Vinylux Topcoat

So, how did Bare Dare fare ( please stop reading for a moment and say that five times fast)? Here is a picture of my nails after TEN DAYS.


Yes, ten days. Also I should mention that eight of those ten days were spent in Las Vegas where I was swimming and sunning and then still didn’t budge. The only sign of wear is that my nails are grown out but that is inevitable ,I’ll take it. Also, my nails are natural with no gels or overlays, so for colour to adhere that well is really something.

I am super impressed with the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel. I will definitely be picking up more soon. Look at all the beautiful nudes I have to choose from. With 45 shades available, I am sure there is something for everyone. GET IT!

Oh and I should mention that about 2 hours after writing this draft , I broke a nail. UGH. Back to shorties for a while.

Beauty MP Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation Pump

Pump up the jam.

Pump it up, pump it up.

I’m really pumped about this product, you guys.

Please know, that when Chris and I talked about this , I was just as excited about the fun I could have with pump wordplay as I was about the actual product.

If you have read about my Top 3 Foundations, you’ll know that I favor Makeup Forever HD , Covergirl 3 in 1 Stay Flawless and Estee Lauder Doublewear. These days, I have been wearing only the Doublewear and it figures, that is the only one of the 3 that comes in packaging without a pump. This is a bummer for many reasons. First of all , I have little to no control of how much product I’m getting when I try to pour a bit out. I usually pour some on my brush and almost always over pour which means wasted product. Also, it’s just not the most sanitary thing to be sticking something into the product you put on your face everyday whether it’s a brush or a finger. It kind of blows my mind that beauty companies havent clued into this yet and are still selling their products in poorly designed packaging, but I love my foundation so I won’t jump ship.

Enter Beauty MP ( Beauty Makeup Pump). They have created pumps tailor made to fit popular foundations such as Loreal True Match, MAC Studio Fix, and Nars SheerGlow. The pumps retail for about 7 dollars, and they ship to Canada and the United States. Beauty MP was kind enough to send us some pumps for our favourite foundations, to take for a test drive.


The Doublewear compatible pump fit my foundation bottle perfectly and screwed on easily. All parts and springs feel solid and work without difficulty. I like the neutral colour and discreet logo. The pump dispenses about a pea sized amount of product with one solid pump. I find I usually use about half a pump for my face, so I love that it is an option. Before receiving my pump, one of my concerns was that my foundation could dry out from the pump hole. However, I was pleased that the pump also comes with a cap to prevent this. All in all this is a great product that does exactly what it’s supposed to.

This is an easy one. Make my bottle of foundation last longer? Keep it fresh? Dispense a controlled amount? This is an obvious GET IT!

5 thoughts on “March Get it or Forget it

  1. I love that colour of nail polish on you! And ten days?? That’s awesome. I may need to try at home gels.

  2. I love that the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish went on opaque after 2 coats – that is very important. I have to keep short teeny-tiny nails, but I do love to polish them, so I will give this a try. My current foundation (MUFE) has a pump, but it is great to know that I can buy these reusable ones for other brands – that information is soooo helpful – thank you!

  3. Do not recommend Beauty MP to anyone. I ordered one pump over two months ago. They gladly accepted my money but have never shipped me the product despite multiple emails, nor have I received an email. Looking at YouTube comments of videos that mention Beauty MP it seems most customers have had the same experience. Beware of Beauty MP – you will not receive your shipment.

    1. Terribly sorry to hear that you had such a poor experience with them! Thanks for sharing your feedback, but we however base our reviews on our experiences, and since we received and like the product that’s what we shared. But it’s really up to people whether or not they want to take the risk.

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