Yummy Cauliflower Crust Pizza

As I always do, let me start this foodie post by letting you know that I do not cook. I do enjoy cooking or claim to have any kind of knowledge or skill when it comes to this activity. But, I get by using tips and tools that I pick up along the way. I often share these on TNL in hopes that others could benefit from them too. Of course, being somewhat culinary challenged, I do what works for me. It may not work for you. That’s why I love no fuss recipes that require little to no precision where you can just throw in what you like. I received a comment on my Soup in the NutriBullet post from a reader who found my soup too bland and garlicky. Feel that way? Add more spices and less garlic. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Until I miraculously acquire some serious cordon bleu skills, my food posts are ideas and things I have enjoyed. Please do play with them to make them work for you.

Cool? Cool.

That being said, I feel like I am super tardy to the cauliflower crust pizza party. I have been hearing about this for the longest time and it honestly just sounded too daunting to be bothered with. I finally got my butt to the grocery store and loaded up on the required ingredients so I could give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised at the delicious results, so I thought I would share my recipe.

I have been hearing people everywhere say that a cauliflower crust is so delicious that you just can’t tell it is not real pizza dough. Let’s get one thing straight, you can tell. It is delicious… maybe just as delicious as a traditional carby crust. But, you can tell.

Overall I loved the fresh, light taste of the pizza. I didn’t feel weighed down after eating it but it was still filling. The cheese made the cauliflower crust flavorful and tasty, helping to mask the cauliflower a bit.

So, here’s what I did:

I grated half a head of cauliflower into a big bowl using a cheese grater and mixed it with about half as much grated mozzarella cheese (if you’re looking for precise measurements, it isn’t gonna happen here folks).


I then added egg whites to the mixture, the equivalent to two eggs. The real deal cauliflower crust pizza recipes ask for whole eggs, but I didn’t have any. So egg whites it is. I then added some sea salt and oregano to the party. Then, it is time to get down and dirty with it and knead the whole shebang into a dough of sorts. The mass will be quite chunky but workable.

egg whitesoreganosalt

If you have a pizza pan or stone, good goody for you. I do not, so I formed my “dough” into a circle on a cookie sheet sprayed with some coconut oil to prevent sticking. I placed this in the oven at 375 degrees for 15 minutes.

crust before

This is where the magic happens. How yummy does this look? The crust will turn a golden brown and crisp on the edges. Like a crispier pizza? Leave it in longer.

crust finished

Once my crust was this beautiful work of art, I removed and topped it with basil tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, spinach and dried chili peppers. Then I popped it back in the oven for ten minutes until the spinach was wilted and cheese was melted.

And here we have it, my cauliflower crust pizza. Of course I had to pair it with a glass of vino.

pizza final


This modified pizza was absolutely delicious. As I mentioned before, I could definitely tell the difference from a traditional pizza crust, but I wouldn’t say that was a bad thing. It was just less heavy and starchy. I have seen about a million versions of this recipe. Some variations are to microwave and squeeze all moisture out of the cauliflower first, use more or less egg, or add some almond flour to the crust. I am sure playing around with them could possibly yield an undetectable crust, but I was happy with this.


This pizza was easy and yummy and I think I am going to add it to my cooking repertoire as one of my go-to meal ideas. If you have tried a cauliflower crust or just have an amazing pizza recipe that you love, please share it with me in the comments and I’ll give it a try.

Buon Appetito, friends!

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