Product Review – Giovanni Eco Chic Skincare||D:tox System Facial Care

I will preface this post with saying that I have been intrigued about trying activated charcoal on my skin since I heard that there were benefits. So when I first noticed the Giovanni skincare products, I thought that the container was black (which to me was already kind of cool) until I realized it was the product that was black.

Oh? Tell me more, Giovanni.

The 3-step system comes with: Step 1 – Purifying Facial Cleanser, Step 2 – Purifying Facial Scrub and Step 3 – Replenishing Facial Moisturizer (all hypoallergenic). The cleanser and scrub contain “volcanic ash and activated charcoal to extract impurities, rejuvenating skin, removing makeup and its traces without drying skin” and all 3 contain “hand-harvested super-antioxidants of acai and goji berry help recharge and rejuvenate facial cells”.

giovanni dtox cleanser Giovanni dtox (1)

Activated Charcoal & Volcanic Ash – so that would explain the colour. And the smell. It smells like….. volcano? Yeah, I would describe as “ash-like” or “charcoaley” –  anyway it is different from the usually sweet-smelling or fragrance-free products that we normally purchase. I actually really appreciated that – when it comes to skincare, the less stuff in a product the better. I only purchased the cleanser and scrub at Winners for $7.99 each (!) but decided not to get the moisturizer. Why? Simple. I have super oily skin and need to actually read on the label that the product is targeted to combat oil. Otherwise – you no come home wit meh.

The cleanser works into a nice modest lather and wastes no time getting to work. It removes make-up immediately and my skin always has that “squeaky clean” feeling without being completely stripped of any moisture. Combined with the scrub (described as “non-comedogenic” – does not clog pores) my skin is left radiant and even my pores look refreshed. Most times, I work the lather over my face and then work the scrub without washing the cleanser off first (I use the scrub about 3x a week).

Giovanni dtox (2) Giovanni dtox (3)

I especially love how my skin feels since I’ve been using this duo – softer and firmer. I have been using the duo for a few months, and it is by far my favourite cleansing/exfoliating products to date. Now – that is  HUGE declaration that I stand by. My complexion is so radiant and even my pores appear to have been minimized, which makes my skin look and feel even healthier. When I get the occasional pimple, the spot clears within a matter of a few days.

If you’ve been looking to try new skin products that are affordable, I would highly recommend this product line. If you’ve used it before, please share your comments below!

4 thoughts on “Product Review – Giovanni Eco Chic Skincare||D:tox System Facial Care

  1. My skin was doing just before trying this product probably the best it’s ever been now it’s at it’s worst and I only used a one day sample! Thanks for nothing

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