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The sister islands of Trinidad and Tobago are the most southern in the Caribbean, and where I call Home. Like all the other islands, they offer their own uniqueness that draws people in, makes them fall in love and don’t want to leave. The people, the food, the scenery, the culture all encompass what people envision when they wish to visit The Caribbean. What I love most is how the hustle of Trinidad, the bigger of the two islands, is balanced by the serenity of Tobago. And with a quick plane or ferry ride, you can experience both.


I was born in Tobago and immigrated to Canada when I was in high school, so every time I visit it always feels more like a home-coming. I recently returned after 3 [long] years; so while I had every intention to go in with the travel blogger mentality, a lot of the trip ended up being about family.

And the beach, of course.

With that, I didn’t try many new restaurants but there is still no shortage of pictures! And I thought this to be the best opportunity to share some of my favourite pics taken on this trip and my last – it really doesn’t matter because Tobago definitely has not gotten any less beautiful anyway.

And yes – I took these pictures with my regular camera, some even with my phone. No professional necessary with this kind of beauty!

Argyle Waterfall View from Magdalena Grand resort

Pigeon Point Swallows

Little Tobago Mt Irvine at Sunset

YUM – coconut water and jelly! Although I’m still getting used to having to pay for something that I once got for free and in abundance, I am here to support the economy!

Coconut before Coconut after

And when you’re at the famous Store Bay, it is very necessary to make a stop for lunch:


And I always opt for the local delicacy of Curry Crab & Dumpling:

Curry crabI mean, do you blame me? |I wish we’d eaten out more; I always love how the dishes look like they were cooked in your own kitchen.

Lunch in C-ville Lunch at Krackers Pizza



And while you’re at Store Bay, visit my family’s favourite booth to get all your souvenirs. I can’t even begin to tell you how many of their wall carvings and accessories fill mine and my sister’s homes! They’re the sweetest couple ever.

One Love Arts

And I can’t forget to mention the Mystery Tombstone:

Mystery TombstoneIt reads: “She was a mother without knowing it, and a wife without letting her husband know it except by her kind indulgences to him”.


This is only a tiny glimpse into what awaits you so if you’ve been looking for somewhere new to visit, I highly recommend T&T – you won’t regret it. And I apologize in advance because when you visit you will miss it and long to return again and again. It gets the best of us – my sweet T&T!



3 thoughts on “TNL Travels – Tobago

  1. That looks amazing! Please take me with you next time, it’s just so beautiful. I’m getting hungry, thirsty and jelly while looking at the pics 🙂

  2. Beautiful pictures. I haven’t been outside of the US, but I would love to visit T&T – your pictures are breathtaking! Thank you for sharing. Oh and the food…ugh! Looks super delicious!

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