June Get it or Forget it


Guess what I’m going to talk about today? Hair care!

Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repairing Hair Mask

Carol’s Daughter haircare products have always received rave reviews, and come to think of it I have never heard anything bad about them. Seeing as it isn’t the most affordable product line and I’d have to worry about shipping, I have not tried anything CD, and then this happened:

Charmsie Giveaway winnerI WON A GIVEAWAY! And just like that, I was thrust into the world of Carol’s Daughter and finally had my hands on the renowned Monoi Repairing Hair Mask:

review Carol's Daughter Monoi Repair Mask (1)This deeply repairing treatment nourishes your hair from the root to ends to undo unwanted damage and prevent it in the future. Strengthening your hair is the only way to lengthen it so you can do whatever you want with it. To really fortify fine, fragile or chemically treated hair requires major nourishment found in the Monoi Repairing Hair Mask. Added to the rejuvenating Monoi Oil is rebuilding Bamboo Water and protective Hydrolyzed Silk. PLUS, No Parabens, No Petroleum, No Mineral Oil, No Artificial Colors.”

Charmsie has always mentioned that this was one of her absolute favourite products and the reviews online were insane. Basically I was amped to try it.

It has the usual texture of a conditioner – thick and creamy – and smells like Heaven. It smells like heaven. Like fragranced heavenly heavenliness only found in heaven. Jasmine and all things floral and heavenly.

review Carol's Daughter Monoi Repair Mask (2)

It contains Monoi Oil that gently conditions the hair all over, Bamboo Water, the strongest plant on our planet, helps reinforce your hair’s structure and Hydrolyzed Silk to help fortify your hair against future damage.

I normally use it as a deep conditioner and sit underneath my Huetiful before rinsing. By the time I was done, the Monoi oil had fully penetrated each hair shaft to do its “thang”. I read reviews on the smell of monoi and it was very mixed. Though it started off very sweet smelling, I noticed by the end it smelled more like what I think the actual monoi would. I didn’t mind the smell since it reminded me of peppermint. It definitely left my hair soft, manageable and moisturized – which is the normal thing after a good weekly deep condition. By the following morning, my hair had maintained the softness and my ends were not the dry/frayed no-matter-what-I-do state.

I continued to use it once a month (I had to ration) until I recently finished it with a heavy heart. It definitely did help with fortifying the hair as it continues to grow with the use of the Manetabolism vitamins while keeping it soft and great-smelling.

This is a definite GET IT!

Pantene Prov-V Advanced Keratin Repair 60-second therapy

June GIFI (3) June GIFI (4)

I found this little gem randomly one day on sale at Shopper’s Drug Mart. Keratin repair, you say? Let’s give it a try. The instructions were simple enough, shampoo your hair and apply the product and leave on for…. you got it….. 60 seconds.

Got a minute? Take 60 seconds to repair your hair. Fast yet potent, this triple-blend nourishing therapy mimics hair’s natural protective layer to leave it smooth and shiny.

June GIFI (5)

Keratin is a hair and skin protein that provides their strength and more and more companies are offering protein treatments that should assist with the strength of the hair follicle. Since I haven’t really used Pantene Pro-V products before, I didn’t expect much from this product, quite frankly. There are so many who claim to do certain things and miss the mark. But I followed the instructions and was not disappointed with the results.

They are 10.1ml “ampoules” (I enjoy that word) and using one is enough since my hair is still short. This is something you’d have to use with some consistency to really see results – they suggest every 2-3 days but since I deep condition my hair once a week, that wasn’t happening. It was hard to wrap my brain around leaving it in my hair for just a minute (lol), but I wanted to make sure I used it the way it was suggested to see if it attributed the results.

As the overall health of my hair continues to improve with the consistent care, it dawned on me that it doesn’t break as much as it used to. I don’t use many protein products since too much of a good thing isn’t good either (I have 2 staples), but I believe that this treatment has contributed to the improved durability of my hair. I have fine hair that can easily break but even passing a [large] comb through my [damp] hair no longer results in little strands flying everywhere!

If you’ve been looking for an inexpensive way to treat and strengthen your hair, I say GET IT!


Philosophy Sea of Love Eau de Toilette and Firming Body Emulsion

This may be my first perfume GIFI. In fact, I am fairly certain it is. Why? Because, I rarely try new perfumes. I have my ride or die favourites and because I’m picky I just stick with them. My everyday regular perfume is Pure Grace by Philosophy. It literally smells like …clean. Soap and water. Fresh linens. You’re picking up what I’m putting down here, right? Just super clean and fresh. There is nothing worse than trying to describe a scent with words, so I will leave the technical description to the professionals: Philosophy’s Pure Grace is, “a soap and water scent, pure grace spray fragrance (eau de toilette) is an infinitely clean fragrance. A pure scent of a veil of water lily with a subtle freshness, the simple, modern tones of leafy greens and frosted musk brings a refreshing finish. Designed to make you feel like you just stepped out of the shower.” Basically, what I said. Anyway, I love the stuff, and I go through it pretty quickly. I really wish Philosophy would come out with an industrial, Costco sized, giant bottle of this stuff so that I didn’t have to get a new one every time I turn around.


Last month as usual, I hit the bottom of a bottle of Pure Grace. So, I headed to the mall to replenish my stock. Pure Grace is part of a whole line of “Grace” scents by Philosophy. There are Amazing Grace Living Grace and a number of other fragrances offered. I have tried most of them and while they are all lovely, none has my heart (and my nose) quite like Pure Grace. So, you would think I would know better. Alas, I was seduced by the pretty summer packaging on Philosophy’s most recent scent, Sea of Love. The Philosophy sales associate assured me that if I loved Pure Grace, I would also adore this as it was like Pure Grace, “but more Summery.” Hmmm. Intriguing. I picked up a bottle along with some of the Firming Body Emulsion lotion. The two products came in a boxed set for $59. Pretty good deal, considering the perfume alone retails for $54.

Philosophy describes Sea of Love as, “Windswept and warm. Sea of Love captures the essence of summer’s caress in a delicate blend of fresh waters, lush floral, solar musks and sun-drenched amber.” It is a pretty, clean scent that to me is reminiscent of salt water and the beach. Very nice. Even my Mom said she couldn’t even tell the difference between Sea of Love and Pure Grace. But my nose knows.

Sea of Love

While Sea of Love is lovely, it smells warmer and slightly heavier than Pure Grace to me. It is beautiful and fresh, just different. While, I will still wear this during the summer months. I will be picking up a bottle of my beloved Pure Grace to accompany it. It is a nice compliment, but not a replacement.

I really like the Firming Body Emulsion. It is a lotion formulated for laying with the accompanying scent for a hydrating, long lasting scent experience. Directions suggest applying a generous amount of firming Body Emulsion to skin with fingertips, and massaging in gently with a soothing, circular motion. Finishing with a spray of the Sea of Love Eau de Toilette provides a lasting, layered scent experience. These products really do layer beautifully. They leave my skin lightly scented, hydrated and soft. It is quick absorbing and light. After only one month’s use, I can’t really speak to the emulsion’s firming properties. Maybe I would notice more with continued use. I didn’t chose this lotion with that in mind, but it would certainly be a nice bonus.

Sea of Love emulsion

This is a tough GIFI. I love Sea of Love, really I do. I just LOVE Pure Grace more. Perfume is such a personal choice and it is so very different from person to person. One thing is for sure, Philosophy has created some really beautiful scents and the quality and longevity of both their perfumes and lotions are excellent. So, if you are like me and you enjoy fresh, clean perfumes then I would suggest making your way to your local Philosophy counter and doing the sniff test for yourself. Once you pick a favourite…GET IT!

MAC ‘The Matte Collection’ lipstick in Whirl

Ok, so I believe the youngins call it drinking the tea. I did it. I drank the tea, jumped on the bandwagon, and believed the hype and all that. I bought the Whirl lipstick from MAC’s The Matte Collection.

For those of you who are smart enough to tune all things Kardashian out from your radar, let me fill you in on why this lipstick has been such a hot ticket. In the last year or so, Kylie Jenner has been rocking a noticeably fuller pout and more makeup. People went gaga for her new look and she repeatedly denied having any fillers or injections in her lips. That plump pout, she claimed, was achieved by over lining her lips with the MAC Whirl lip liner. So, just to be clear, this girl claimed to have gone from this…

Kylie before

to this…


with only this.


Umm… Yeah.

Kylie be like

So of course, the Whirl lip liner flew off the shelves. I sincerely hope it was more due to the fact that Kylie (Itsjustlipliner) Jenner brought some attention to a beautiful deep rose lip colour rather than girls hoping to achieve similar lip doubling results. But either way, it sold like crazy.

Using lip liner as a full lip colour can be really effective in that you get a really precise application, a matte finish, and it does not budge. However, there is just a certain ease that comes with being able to smear on a lippy straight from the tube. So, making whirl a lipstick was rather genius of MAC. The Matte collection actually features a number of bestselling MAC lip pencil shades. Brilliant.


As I mentioned, I really love the Whirl shade. It reminds me a bit of the ever popular Spice lip liner from MAC, but with some more brown and grey thrown in the mix. MAC describes the colour as dirty rose. I think it is such a rich, pretty alternative to bubble gum pinks and white based dead lip nudes that have been popular in recent years.


Whirl also appears to be gorgeous on everyone I see wearing it, regardless on skintone. I though adding this to my collection would be a no brainer kind of win.

Except that I hate it on me.


First of all, I find that the Whirl matte lipstick applies blotchy and is prone to bleeding, so it needs a lip liner. Lucky it has a perfect pairing, but may as well just buy the liner than. Also, in my opinion the colour does absolutely nada for me. I tried to love it. Indoor lighting, sunlight…doesn’t matter. I am not a fan.

Whirl on Ash 1 whirl on Ash 2

I just don’t find that it compliments my skin tone at all and even looks kind of unpolished with no liner. So disappointing. That’s what I get for jumping on the Kylie train, I guess. While I want to try some other shades from MAC’s The Matte Collection, Whirl is not a fave. FORGET IT!

3 thoughts on “June Get it or Forget it

  1. Congrats on the giveaway win, Chris! And Ash, clearly Kylie dreams of having lips like yours naturally! I guess she has to settle for injections. I could use some too tbh, but that won’t be happening!

  2. My hair needs some love, so I will probably try the ampoules of Pantene keratin you recommended (and LOL that you love the word “ampoule” – it gets used a lot in video games). Ash – I tried one of the matte MAC lipsticks and have to say I was also disappointed with the colour, but love it when mixed with other things – try mixing maybe?

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