Toronto Food Truck Festival with a TNL twist

This is a tale of what some might see as an epic fail, but here in TNL World we are so open to anything that we expect the unexpected.

The Toronto Food Truck Festival was held at Woodbine Park a few weeks ago on what started out as a beautiful hot sunny day. We’d spent most of the day at the beach after a wonderful brunch at Vivetha, with plans to head to the food truck around dinner time. However, as we walked there, the sky got progressively darker. Oh, maybe it’ll hold up, we hoped. So as we walked along Queen St, several people passed us with dishes that we knew they could have only gotten at the festival. Oh yah – it was about to go down!

And like that, there it was on the horizon…

There was live music to accompany the hustle and vibe of the festival, as patrons lined up much like the trucks were to partake in one of the dishes.

As is normal when we attend food events, we strategize with our friends. There is usually a plan of attack of who would go where and then we reconvene and share. It’s flawless, really. Chris decided to hit up Fit to Grill and try out their Hickory Sticks poutine, where she received service with a smile! It was also absolutely delicious.


So… Remember the dark skies we mentioned? You can see them when you look at  our pictures above. Well – they meant business. But… What are you to do when there is a storm brewing and churros to be eaten?

Give up? You tough it out, that’s what.

So on that note, friends, that’s all we can share with you. Why, you ask? Well, because we got caught in a torrential downpour – literally. Shortly after Chris got her food and returned to meet the rest, the rain came down in sheets. And it just kept on giving. And giving….. AAAAAND giving. Did we mention that we didn’t have umbrellas? Well of course we didn’t, what would be interesting about THAT story?

Here we are about an hour before:

Toronto Food Truck Festival Chris & Ash

We are however happy to report a couple things: we waited it out huddled underneath the awning of a food truck (which did absolutely nothing, mind you!) and once the angry cloud passed, we skipped along drenched to our cores to get our dulce de leche churros! Also, most of the food trucks were also at The Ex, so if you missed the festival you can still catch them there so hurry!

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