August Get it or Forget it

Can you guys BELIEVE that summer is pretty much over? We hope you had a great one – we sure did!


I will call this one The Lipgloss Edition!

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Plumping Gloss

Okay, you don’t have to say it…. I had zero business buying any type of lip plumping anything. But here’s the thing – it was on sale and I did it for you guys, really. NO REALLY! And as with Soap & Glory – the packaging was adorable and it’s called Sexy Mother Pucker. Come on guys.  #bloggerprobz

Anyway, I digress. So I bought a lip plumping gloss. There.

Aug2015 GIFI Lipgloss (1)   Aug2015 GIFI Lipgloss (5)

The gloss goes on nude and just adds shine. So the “SUPER COLOUR” that’s broadcasted on the box meant diddly in my case. After a few minutes of wear, it begins to tingle as expected with lip plumping products (don’t judge me, ok?). It did make me go “oooo tingly” and instictively pucker up a bit but other than that…. nothing. This product is regularly in the $12-$14 range (meaning: I wouldn’t have bought it) and I got it in the Shopper’s Drug Mart clearance section for $5. But for that regular price, please march into a Sephora and make it rain. I didn’t even take pictures of me wearing it.

I’m not really sure what I was expecting. Do my lips look bigger? How would I know if the plumping is…. plumping? Do these things actually really work? Guys, I have questions. So, many, questions. I also have one answer for you: FORGET IT.

Hikari Cosmetics Lip Gloss in Salsa

Aug2015 GIFI Lipgloss (2)

Had it not been for a friend of ours giving this product to us, I wouldn’t know anything about this brand. HIkari is a new cosmetics company; from their site:

Hikari Cosmetics was founded on the principles of delivering glamorous, sophisticated makeup to women around the United States at a reasonable cost. We may be an up and coming brand, but we plan to take the makeup world to the next level of high-class! From our high-shine, vivid lip gloss collection to the perfect eye color combinations we have something for every woman to fall in love with.

Because they’re new, they only have a handful of items in each beauty category; for example, there’s only 1 blush and 8 lipgloss shades. The lipgloss I have – Salsa – is a fun reddish-orange that is quite pigmented. It goes on thick and glossy, almost with the consistency of a lipstick and can last until of course you start to eat or drink. I was quite impressed. They’re $13 a pop, which for me is a bit steep for a gloss. But all in all, they show potential!

 Aug2015 GIFI Lipgloss (3) Aug2015 GIFI Lipgloss (4)

This is a GET IT for me!

Short and sweet, and over to Ash!


September. Already? Sheesh. Well, I am pleased to be in the season of birthdays, dark lipsticks and pumpkin spice err’thing. Looking back on August, it was such a whirlwind that I did not try many new products but there are a couple of things that stood out and I’ll be sharing for this month’s GIFI.

The Body Shop Lip Roll-On

First up, I have recently been rediscovering The Body Shop. They have some really great products and I am officially addicted to the Vitamin C line of skincare, which I have talked about before. Also, they have stellar sales. Who knew? If you wait to stock up on staples, they seem to offer an incredible buy three, get three free promotion every season. The only issue is that it seems they can sell out of popular stuff. I visited three stores and they were all sold out of my Vitamin C moisturizer. So I headed online, where they offer free shipping with a $75 purchase (and only $5 shipping with a purchase over $50). I needed a measly few dollars to get to the $75 mark and that is how I discovered the Lip Roll-On.


The Lip Roll on is a 100% natural oil that promises to leave lips feeling soft and smooth without feeling waxy or tacky. The oils used to formulate the product are ethically sourced using community fair trade soya oil.  This oil comes from organic, non-GM soya beans, grown in southern Brazil using traditional farming methods free of harmful pesticides and fertilizers. The beans are hand-harvested and pressed to extract the oil. The fair trade oil provides a regular income for the Capanema farmers in Brazil. Trade has helped to finance a training program for the co-operative’s 350 members, giving them new skills in organic and sustainable farming and water preservation.

I picked up the Lip Roll-On in berry and rose. I wish I had gotten my hands on the mint flavour as it is usually my favourite, but it wasn’t available when I made my purchase.  The scents are subtle and pleasant and they really have no taste at all, which I appreciate.

The product comes in a cute glass tube with a roller ball applicator at the top.


The klutz in me wishes that these weren’t housed in breakable containers, but I haven’t dropped them yet, so all is good. They contain 10ml or product and retail for $6 CAN.

What caught my attention first about the Lip Roll-On was first, that it is 100% natural, which is really great. But also, the fact that it is a lip oil. Oils are all the rage right now and I have seen them make positive changes to my skin, so I was looking forward to trying on my lips. I don’t have dry lips, but like to keep them hydrated because I wear lipstick daily.

The oil is a thin light oil that is not quick to absorb. It has a nice shine but this disappears pretty quickly on the lips.

IMG_20150908_073545 IMG_20150908_080540

I don’t think this would be a great product for wear over or under lipstick as the oil really does feel like straight up oil on your lips and would break down any pigment in a lip colour. For that reason, I have been using it mainly as a night treatment or during makeup application to prep my lips for stains or other drying colours. What I can’t get used to is the feeling of greasy lips. It may just be personal preference, but I like a balm or creamy product that absorbs. I can’t get past the feeling that I just had some greasy takeout and need to wipe it off my lips. Also, I don’t feel like it sticks around very long. It sits on top of my lips for a while and then I think when I talk, eat or move around too much, the oil says peace out and vamooses.

While a lip oil sounds pretty cool in theory, I found that for me, it just isn’t practical. I will continue to use these, but when I finish, I think I will be reaching for a trusty chapstick instead. Give them a try if the oily lips thing is up your alley but for me, they are a definite FORGET IT.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in How Nude

I always have nail polish on, and I am always on the hunt for good formulas and shades. I am particular about what I like (oh, and I am also anal about fingers and toes being the same colour, if you care). I have reviewed a number of nail polish brands on TNL and even when I find ones that I love, I still can’t stop trying new stuff. So when I stick to one brand, one shade actually…to the point that I actually finish a bottle and repurchase, you know its love. Oops, GIFI Spoiler.


I am entirely in love with the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polishes. They come in an array of 45 beautiful shades, paint like a dream and do not require a UV lamp to process. This is similar to the CND Vinylux line that I have talked about before, but I prefer these for a few reasons.

Firstly, the Miracle Gel polish come with a large, wide flat application brush.


This makes all the difference to me when I am painting my nails, as I have a wide nail bed. As I mentioned, the polish cures in natural light, so there is no need for a lamp. Sally Hansen says that the Miracle Gel is a twostep process where you first paint on the colour and then top with the Miracle Gel topcoat.


Here is a secret…the Miracle Gel polishes are kickass even without the topcoat. You don’t need it. But, you may want it, as the topcoat makes your non Miracle Gel nail polishes kickass as well. You still with me?

So the miracle gel formula is a winner that we know. But the star of the show here is not just the Miracle Gel line but a particular colour called Bare Dare. It is without a doubt my very favourite nail colour of all time. The perfect nude! What I absolutely love about the Miracle Gel line, is that it contains some truly gorgeous nude shades (my favourite!)

Look how gorgeous!


(Swatches from Sally Hansen Miracle Gel website)

From left to right: Birthday Suit, Bare Dare, Cream of the Crop, How Nude, Tanacious, Truffle Shuffle

I own most of them. Love them all, but Bare Dare is without a doubt my fave. But really, I love how there is so much selection of just neutral shades! There is surely something for every skin tone in this line.

Bare Dare is a milky tan colour that is actually close to my own skin tone. It is creamy with zero shimmer. It paints very easily, with two coats yielding a perfect, streak free, opaque nail. It is a super easy colour to work with. I can paint my nails quickly and without precision and still get great results. Easy peasy lemon squeezy and all that jazz.


The best part, this stuff stays put. I never get chips! I change it because it has grown out (my nails grow like weeds) but never because of chips at the tip.

I love the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish and I ADORE the colour Bare Dare. In case I haven’t completely spelled it out for you yet…GET IT.

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